Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stop The ACLU Cartoon, Disaster Cross, In Progress

ACLU wants New Orleans parish to remove memorial cross

Click above to view larger image.

ACLU wants parish to forget cross - The Times-Pacayune

A sketch of this weekend's Sundays Funnies toon for Stop The ACLU, drawn on the back of a supporter postcard.

Here's another postcard image which is also serving as our safe site image for today. This cartoon can also be seen on What Would Jesus and the Worldwide Faithmouse page.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mike Whalen, Pro-Life Candidate From Iowa

Mike Whalen, Republican candidate, First Congressional District, Quad Cities, Iowa
Click above to view larger image. Largest.
Thanks to for adding faithmouse to their front page. Touched By Christ Ministries has added faithmouse to their cartoon page. Thanks to Barb at SFOMomFridge for adding links to the cartoon as well.

Worldwide Faithmouse

I've created a safe, dialogueless, non-political faithmouse cartoon site. Here's the first cartoon, which is actually the first panel of a two panel cartoon, but I think it serves well as the cartoon of the day-

In the second panel the bowl overflows with POWER OF CHRIST, an image which should make for an effective cartoon on its own.

I've decided to ask Jereme at What Would Jesus Download to change his link to this safe site. Since Jereme's free open source operating system Ubuntu Christian Edition is attracting a good amount of international attention, this serves both my interests and those of his visitors. There isn't a worldwide Christian cartoon understandable in any language, so let's create it.

I've always tried to maintain an open attitude towards those who criticize the cartoon, and I've tried to post work for various audiences and purposes. For those who haven't abandoned visiting the site during my wilder experimentations, but would like a safer, non-controversial faithmouse cartoon to link to, thanks for your patience. Here's the link-

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Heart Of America

Iowa first congressional district race, Democrat Bruce Braley, trial lawyer

Click to view larger image. Largest.

Thanks to Sven Svenderson for posting the Ave Maria 2006 toon on Dave and Amanda's it'sthegreats MySpace page. The satirical Landover Baptist Church has posted a recent sparklie with the comment that 'faithmouse is the only proper cartoon for Christians'. About a year ago I contacted Landover Baptist and offered them the use of my cartoon on their home page; they have yet to accept my offer. Our local alternative City Pages has included the cartoon in their list of Minnesota blogs. Lord Barneth on states that 'faithmouse is pretty good'; Gustard in response posts a cartoon from 2003 and fails to concur.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Heart Of America, In Progress

Heart of America restaurant, Iowa 1st Congressional district race

Iowa First District Race Could Signal Trend For 2008 - Fox News

A cartoon in progress on the subject of the 1st Congressional district race in Iowa, where Republican and House of America restaurant founder Mike Whalen is running against Democrat and trial lawyer Bruce Braley.

Democratic Underground has a thread linking my financial failings to the Bush economy. In this same thread you can also find this Howard Donkey toon from last year-

Howard Dean / Howard Donkey

Reminds me that I need to finish that Howard Donkey Catholic Outreach Director cartoon begun a few weeks ago.

Anightwlkr's friends page is one of the places where you can find the recent Hello, Fingers toon via the Stop The ACLU feed.

And now, some gratuitous faithmouse Google rankings-

#1 Christian editorial
#1 Catholic cartoon
#1 conservative Christian cartoon
#1 pro life cartoon and cartoons
#1 anti abortion cartoon and cartoons
#1 prayer cartoon

And my personal favorite-
#1 crazy conservative Christian cartoon

faithmouse logo design

Friday, August 25, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Hello, Fingers

Jesus Painting Stolen, ACLU lawsuit, West Virginia Bridgeport High School

Click cartoon to view larger image. Largest.

A cartoon in progress for the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

Thanks to SouthparkMexican for posting one of last year's 'A faithmouse Christmas' toons to a thread on The Salt Lake Tribune's Trib Talk. Cathy_of_Alex has added faithmouse to her blogroll at The Recovering Dissident Catholic. Just discovered this post of an older Shield of Faith toon by psalm27sjb at her StumbleUpon page.

Thanks to Alan Keyes' Renew America for posting the Ann Coulter Mouse cartoon on their homepage.

Ann Coulter Mouse

Ann Coulter cartoon
Click cartoon above for larger image. Largest.

An Ann Coulter cartoon I've been carting around in my head for the past year. The drawing of Ms. StarMole and Faithmouse on the left was actually scanned directly from a drawing on a postcard, which is available to anyone who would like to make a donation to the site.

Thanks to Pookie18 for posting the The End, Again cartoon on his Todays' Toons thread at Free Republic. Major-_-turnon in his Poe News forum posts Reasons why I love Dan Lacey, Part 1. The Bible Flyer cartoon has shown up on the St. Blog's Parish aggregator. Spix et chicho in this Hipinion thread believes that 'Dan Lacey's mind operates on a plane of thought a million lightyears away from normal human beings'. Yes, that is a problem.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Something Awful goon cartoon, Pi Kappa Lambda Beta Theta

Click above for larger image. Largest.

The cartoon above was sponsored by some very kind 'goons' at a forum called Something Awful.

Faithmouse is now on a tip-jar format. New cartoons are posted at the level of $100 in donations, although I'll very gladly accept any amount. For any donation above postage I'll be happy to send you an original drawing on the back of a postcard, similar to the example below-

If you would like to have faithmouse mention your blog in the online cartoon, I'll be happy to do that as well.

Your support helps to keep a Christian, Pro-Life cartoon online. I've gotten myself stupidly in debt over the course of developing and promoting faithmouse during the past seven years, so your purchase is a substitute to my working a second job, which would effectively keep me away from the cartoon.

If you search faithmouse in Google, you may notice that the cartoon has quite a bit of exposure of the internet. Faithmouse is perhaps the only Catholic editorial cartoon in the world, and regularly appears and/or is linked on many secular news sites and forums. Individual cartoons also regularly appear on a large number of blogs. The cartoon is personal and sometimes surreal, which I believe helps to keep it entertaining.

I hope you'll consider supporting faithmouse by purchasing an original drawing.

God bless, and thanks

Support faithmouse via Paypal.

Horntotingmania has given faithmouse an extended analysis on her livejournal. As a result, her comments have reappeared on a number of friend sites. Acutewit has included the John Paul II / Pope Benedict XVI lawn care cartoon in this crewcial thread.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

G.K. Chesterton Exercise

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Cartoon sponsored by Elizabeth at Daily Inklings.

Not to say that I have any info that the Pope is actually a fan of Schnappi. On the other hand, I also can't think of anything that from prevent him from being a fan of the endearing German children's cartoon character.

The Schnappi song.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bible Flyer

faithmouse Christian sparklie, Bible Flyer

Click above for larger image. Largest.

A sponsored cartoon in progress; should make for a nice sparklie. I'm planning on adding a trail of glittering crosses in the contrail.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The End, Again

A quick cartoon addressing current speculation that the events of August 22nd may usher in the end of the world.
Should have this finished sometime before the end of the world.

August 22 Shiite doomsday cartoon
Click cartoon for larger image. Largest.

Finished cartoon. Looks like I beat the deadline. Thanks to Spero News for their post of today's cartoon. Mark at FastBlogIt has also posted the toon, as has Dave on the appropriately named Dave's Place.

Jereme at What Would Jesus Download is attracting a good amount of world wide attention by the way of his Linus For Christians and his latest release of Christian Ubuntu, which is a free, open source operating system geared towards Christians. The traffic which he is receiving is impressive and includes a wide and growing international spectrum of visitors. I know this because Jereme runs the livefeed for my cartoon on his site, and I try to keep a good eye on my stats.

Because of growing international interest in his work, I've decided to try something different and make a dialogue-free cartoon feed for his site. Here's the address-
I only have the one 550x350 version of this regularly updating cartoon currently available, but if anyone would like to show a smaller version on their site(s) I would be happy to create a size for their use.

Beast In The Machine

internet addiction cartoon

Click cartoon above to view larger image. Largest.

G.K. Chesterton Exercise, In Progress

Preview of cartoon in progress.
Pope Benedict Quotes GKC - Blog Of The ACS
The American Chesterton Society

I'm inspired by the support and comments of last week, so I've thrown about twenty irons into the fire.

In one of the storyline panels from a few months ago I touched on Timothy's probem with addiction to the internet. Like to make some time to expand upon that this week. It's a subject which crosses religious and political affiliations, and should yield some entertaining and perhaps recognizable images.

Timmah420 has given us a link and post at his Remain Calm, Buy Ducktape. Jay Stephenson has returned from his vacation and has posted last week's Stop The ACLU cartoon as the most recent Sunday's Funnies post. Tailrank and a number of other sites are displaying the cartoon via Stop The ACLU's livefeed. Thanks to Amergina for adding the faithmouse feed to her Live Journal site.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Real B16 and Vatican Kitty

Found this photo on Yahoo News of Pope Benedict XVI and his personal assistant Georg Gaenswein; the real B16 and Vatican Kitty.
I'm finishing that Chesterton toon started a few days ago. Should have that up on Monday.

Fiestamouse-Panel Two, And A Gaybear Page

About two years ago I promised Gay Patriot that I'd put together a page of Gaybear cartoons. I've discovered that a sure way to suceed at never getting around to doing something is to put it on a to-do list.

I've gathered and posted a quick page of Gaybear cartoons, in no certain order, which includes mainly older toons from series both completed and abandoned. At some later date I'll get around to organizing this page a little better, but at least I finally have something for people to look at. The page also includes a related few Fraud Fits cartoons-Fraud certainly deserves his own page as well.

Long time visitors may remember some of these cartoons from the former html site. Since redirecting traffic to my blog a few years ago, many of these older cartoons have fallen off the map. Even I have trouble finding them.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fiestamouse, In Progress


Click image for larger image.
Cartoon in progress, sponsored by a goon at SA.

Sparklie and Such

No post yesterday as I spent time drawing and feeling very thankful towards those who have come forward to sponsor three new cartoons. Sponsors can have their name or blog mentioned in a new faithmouse cartoon, in addition to receiving a postcard featuring an original drawing. $100 pays for a new cartoon, but any donation above postage is much appreciated.

Donate with Paypal. faithmouse (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thanks to CatholicGOP at Faith and Country for adding faithmouse to the blogroll. Fellow cartoonist Spike has given our fund raising drive a very kind Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before post at her Iron Circus. Kingfish trapped under ice has added the recent Mel Gibson toon to the end of this thread at

Click above to view larger image.
Sparklie version of a previous cartoon.

Click above to view larger image.

I've started the thank-you postcards for those who have sponsored cartoons. Pencil seems to work the best. Here's one for our first donor, Elizabeth at Daily Inklings.

Click above to view larger image.

A new B16 / Vatican Kitty cartoon (the latter seen here skipping rope) on the subject of the Pope recently offering a variation on Chesterton's 'Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly' during a German interview.

Click above to view larger image.

Rethink of the Sword and Shield idea. Ditched the light saber and replaced it with a sword made of flowers and vines and entwined with a banner proclaiming Christus Rex.

Panel from a cartoon in progress featuring a new character named Senator RINO. Haven't been drawing that many political cartoons as of late, but some subjects are just too hard to resist.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thanks For The Donations, A New Cartoon, A Better Idea

Click to view larger image. Larger.

I've already received a few hundred dollars in donations, which I very much appreciate. The donations inspired me to finish the toon above, which I actually started about a year ago. Should make for a great sparklie.

Paul at Thoughts Of A Regular Guy has given the cartoon a post, as has Ray at our own Stella Borealis. Thanks to Elizabeth at Daily Inklings for her post as well. BrianNM on his junk page has collected an archive of some of my past work to this point, which reminds me that I'd like to get around to posting a page of some of my earliest B series cartoons. A hat tip to Agent#1 for posting a link to the Mel Gibson TEQUILA! toon on ClanBob Forums. Pookie18 at his Today's Toons thread on Free Republic has included the Thumbs Up For The U.K. toon. The folks at Something Awful have a few creative observations regarding my financial difficulties. No hard feelings, I guess I've asked for it. Mcgroarty on the SA board has posted the in-progress version of the Madonnna's True Confessional Tour cartoon, which is one of my past favorites. Here's the finished version, which was posted a few months ago on this site-

the madonna's true confessional tour

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

I think my error with the pledge drive was in making the progress bar too long. I don't know how to make a true progress bar which responds to real time donations, so my progress bar is just a picture of a progress bar which I created in Photoshop. I'll probably get rid of it soon, both because it bums me out to look at it but moreso because I have a better idea for raising funds to pay for faithmouse...

I've long noticed that other web comic artists such as Charlie Trotman who draws Templar, Arizona and a number of other excellently illustrated cartoons has what might be referred to as a pay-for-cartoon system. Charlie asks for donations, in her case $100, and when she has that amount donated by her fans she draws a new cartoon. Let's do that.

I've already received a few hundred dollars in donations (thank you!) so two cartoons are paid for, the one above and the one I need to finish below. Donations are now being accepted for cartoon number three.

I'm mailing out thank-you postcards to those who have already contributed to my stupid crisis. If you make a donation and allow me your address, I'll do the same for you as well, only it will include an original cartoon drawn on the back of the postcard (please send more than .01 as someone has recently contributed, as postage is now .34). George Herriman used to do the same for his KrazyKat fans, something I recently discovered from the Fantagraphic Krazy Kat collection 1933-1934.

God bless, and thanks again!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Please Help Keep Faithmouse Online

If you've been a fan of this cartoon anytime during the past seven years, a time frame which encompasses both this current blog and the Geocities and sites which preceded it, you know I don't discuss personal finances or ask for money. The first and last time I ever did so was for the First Annual Blogs4Life conference last January in Washington, D.C., which I personally attended with the help of some online sponsors. I drew Pro-Life Neverborn cartoons for supporting individuals and blogs, which I signed and distributed both at the conference and the following March For Life. Before attending the conference I ran these same cartoons both on this site and as the 'live' image which I send out to the many faithmouse affiliates which display one of the six URL's for the daily cartoon. I also added these completed cartoons to my page of Pro-Life cartoons (ranked #1 on Google and in many other search engines). This turned out to be a good deal for everyone, and I still very much appreciate the support.

The fool who has drawn faithmouse for the past seven years is in debt and needs to find a second job just to keep his head above water. It has come to this, a week where I clearly see that I can't make my bills, to admit that I've pushed my own personal resources as far as they will go and can't afford to draw the cartoon any longer. My wife has foolishly stood by me in my quest to develop the cartoon and make it a success, and now after many years of sleepless nights I'm in danger of ruining us both.

The cartoon is very heavily in debt. It's an amount which has accumulated during seven years of pouring everything I have into the cartoon, of paying for and doing whatever is necessary without hesitation to keep the cartoon alive. If you consider the impact this cartoon has had, of the many sites which regularly post and discuss this primarily Pro-Life cartoon, it's an amount of money which wouldn't seem outrageous for any start-up operation or media enterprise to expend. However, faithmouse isn't a media conglomerate; it's just one cartoonist with a computer in his bedroom , a drawing pad under his arm wherever he goes, and a quixotic belief in the merits of an ongoing artistic project.

I know that I sometimes surprise my own fanbase with my cartoons and choice of subject matter and my willingness to post on sites which are anything but conservative. Whatever my methods, I hope you can see they've been successful. Links and references to what is primarily a Pro-Life cartoon continue to grow, far beyond the Pro-Life community. Faithmouse is the only Pro-Life and Pro-Christian editorial cartoon which is given the time of day in the secular online world, mainly for its artistic and entertainment value. I've always maintained that faithmouse needs to be a fluid personal and artistic expression before attempting to being anything else, otherwise it's just another soapbox. The world is already crammed with soapboxes.

Fans of this cartoon may also be surprised to know that I've never submitted faithmouse for syndication. I've always felt that syndicates would have a built-in bias against a Christian, Catholic, Pro-Life cartoon, so I've instead focused on improving my own skills and popularizing the cartoon online. Again, I believe my efforts have been successful, but there's only so much a vast media enterprise of one can do.

I'm a believer in faithmouse; I hope that you, as a fellow believer, will consider helping to keep this cartoon alive. Free Republic regularly holds freeper drives for larger amounts of money a few times a year and is successful at raising those funds, so perhaps this will work for faithmouse as well.

Except for some customized cartoons, original artwork, and mention on the faithmouse blog, I can't really offer anyone anything of value in return for their donations. However, you will be helping to keep a well exposed Pro-Life and Pro-Christian cartoon online. I have many more chapters in mind for this cartoon; I hope you'll help me to create them.

I understand that most of my visitors probably don't have the resources to support this project. I kindly ask our online family to pour the resource of pray into this cartoon. God will do something, I'm certain.

In the meantime, except for finishing the most recent cartoon, faithmouse will now pause.

Thank you, and God bless,
Dan Lacey
New Market Township, Minnesota
faithmouse (at) yahoo (dot) com

Monday, August 14, 2006

Shield Of Faith, With Light Saber

shield of faith with light saber

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Another go at that new logo I've been diddling at. See below for revisions of yesterday's Stop The ACLU toon and the devilcat sparklie.

Thanks to Aditya from New Delhi, India for using the Jesus Enters Jerusaleum image as the column background on his HI5 site. Pookie18 has posted the recent Neverborn Badass cartoon on his Today's Toons thread at Free Republic.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Family Resemblance, In Progress

Stop The ACLU cartoon

Click for larger image. Largest.
For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

I'll have the first version of this cartoon posted by 11 A.M. Sunday.

Thanks to Nissa at Fun With Esperanto for creating a lesson from the most recent B16 / Vatican Kitty toon. I really am overdue for a new B16 cartoon.

I've decided to create some sparklies of my characters to post on my new MySpace page. Here's my first try at a sparklie, incorporating the devilcat character from the recent Tequila toon-

I used devilcat for the first sparklie because the cartoon was recent and somewhat arresting. The next sparklies will show faith using POWER OF CHRIST.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Faithmouse MySpace Page

faithmouse on MySpace

Inspired by the recent posts of the cartoon on a number of MySpace pages, I decided to kickstart my own MySpace page, which I created about a year ago and quickly forgot about. There isn't much on the site yet (please email me if you know how to make a MySpace comment box transparent) but by visiting the page you can hear the original faithmouse sing and play our cartoon's theme song Sing Praise. Nifty to have a theme song.

The MySpace page will make for a nice repository of small, downloadable images for avatars and cell phone backgrounds. It may also help to bring the cartoon to web surfers outside of our normally traveled channels. Now and then I've found inspiration for a cartoon during a MySpace visit, so I may learn a few new tricks there as well.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Thumbs Up For The U.K.

Thank you, Great Britian / United Kingdom cartoon, from the United States of America

Click for larger image. Largest.

A great big thank-you to our friends in Great Britian for foiling the liquid explosive terrorist airline plot. This cartoon's for you.

If I could kiss the United Kingdom on the lips, I would.

Thanks to Barb at SFO Mom for posting the above cartoon. Pro-Life Victoria will be using the What About MY Rights? cartoon in a future powerpoint presentation. Moderator Conservamom at Abortion Debate is using the Badass cartoon as her avatar. Cathworld is displaying the Badass toon as a recent bloglight. Thanks to hey-streethawk for posting the Hunter S. Thompson cartoon on his hey-streethawk: MySpace page; as a result the toon has appeared on a number of friend sites as well. Tim Long has added our link to his Freeper info page.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Mel Gibson tequila cartoon

Click cartoon for larger image. Largest.

Updated version of Thursday's cartoon. I'll try to post a color version of the above Mel Gibson 'tequila' cartoon sometime over the course of the next day or three.

atheist cartoon

Click cartoon for larger image.

Drew this cartoon on the fly for Mickey at Hipinion, who requested an atheism cartoon, so I quickly sketched an idea of what atheism 'looks like'. It features a character I came up with about a year ago and never got around to putting down on paper; a goodnatured, atheist owl who lost his legs in the service.

I have this weekend's Stop The ACLU toon in progress, which features a new character as well.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Badass For Life

Neverborn cartoon, badass for life

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Anarchist Cookbook at Cannabis' gangsta oriented MySpace Cannabisplanet has posted the Bad Ass For Life cartoon above, as has Ray at our own Stella Borealis: Catholic Northland Roundtable . Now that's a diverse audience. Thanks to EthicalGOP at Conservababes for posting the Bad Ass cartoon as well.

A hat tip to Alan Keyes' Renew America for posting the recent Devilcat Thanks Mel Gibson cartoon. The Right To Exist cartoon appeared recently on Truth And Action via their Pro-Life Blogs newsfeed. Barsom's MySpace page is showing the We're Going To The Hunter S. Thompson Suicide Party! cartoon. Mike aka HSN on his MySpace Glory To The Hynotoad page displays the Canada Day toon as evidence Americans aren't as bad as some people say they are. Melban's Live Journal Foobar State Of Mind displays the most recent Can't Get Through To The ACLU via the Stop The ACLU feed. Misty posted the For All You Do, This Thanks Is For You cartoon on Greg's MySpace page.

Received this email from Jereme-

Hi, I have been displaying your cartoons on my site for quite a while. I have recently updated the look of my site and have decided to use your cartoons as the main feature of the home page. I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful content. You can check out my site at God Bless-


TEQUILA! In Progress

TEQUILA!  A Mel Gibson/Devilcat cartoon

A Mel Gibson/Devilcat cartoon, in progress.

I'm completing this cartoon online over the course of the next day or so in this Hipinion forum. Also trying to dig out an older Gaybear cartoon to finish and post at this thread on Portal Of Evil.

Visitors should know that the above links and a few others on this site aren't child safe. I go wherever people enjoy the cartoon. I have a reputation for never preaching, flaming or snarking at anyone in response to my work-anytime, anywhere, ever; although I'm always happy to explain a particular cartoon or line of thinking. This is because, even though faithmouse is decidedly Christian and conservative, I'm personally much more flawed than my critics and faithmouse is meant to be art.

This arrangement has created some odd bedfellows for the cartoon, but I hope well-intentioned visitors who feel that a Christian cartoon should be a certain way can look past that. I draw whatever intrigues me. After all, if I'm not interested in faithmouse, why should you be?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Can't Get Through To The ACLU

Click above for larger. Largest.

A Stop The ACLU / Neverborn cartoon, in progress.
For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.
Tailrank displays the toon above via Stop The ACLU's feed, as does V.R.W.C. Agent Network. Faithmouse stats says that Fatherhood Forever is showing the Right To Exist cartoon, but darn if I can find it.
The recent Eviction Notice cartoon appeared a few days ago on Feministing. Thanks to Pharmacists For Life International for posting a recent Neverborn toon. A Neverborn toon from a few years ago which desperately needs a redraw has found its way to this Bolt2 forum.
As for the 'I wanna find that abortion cartoon on Newgrounds now' comment on the Bolt2 forum; I've also always felt that faithmouse would make for an entertaining animated series (Newgrounds is largely a flash animated cartoon gallery). Many times when I draw a cartoon I feel that I'm isolating a single image from a much longer animated storyline. In my fantasy world where all this happens I'm holding out for the right to write the scripts.
While we're on the subject of entertaining, I've decided after a few long thoughts to bring back the character of Gaybear. I suspect this will be a disappointment to those who applauded the Gaybear to Francis transformation, but the new ex-Gaybear Francis is as dull as dishwater and I can't think of a darn thing to do with him. He made better points for Christianity when he was both Gay and Christian and the whole gang loved him regardless. This is an artistic and an entertainment decision rather than a theological one, which I shy away from anyway just because I don't feel I'm qualified. Faithmouse is art which runs on a track parallel to my beliefs, but not necessarily so.
I thought up a few scenarios to bring back the character, but the end result of all of them would be to 'revert' ex-Gaybear to Gaybear, and I think that would sing false. The much prolonged storyline for this year of 2006 has Timothy A. Bear waking up after a two year sleep on a Squealy mattress to find that his world has changed dramatically: Gaybear has become Francis by way of devotion to the blessed Virgin, Augustine the Cat has become a priest, Atheist Ms. StarMole is a liberal Catholic, and Faith has married Blackbear and has six children, four of them adopted. The 'new' and current faithmouse storyline, which I originally created because I was depressed and decided to end the cartoon with all the characters possessing at least a little happiness, has its own internal dynamic, which I feel would be broken if I turned about and put part of it into reverse. Now I'm sort of interested to see where it goes.
The time-kink I've discovered in my own storyline is that missing two year period. A lot took place during and before that time, so I'll just draw that missing time. This is the period when Timothy still worked in the casino and thought of Faith as his girlfriend, when Faith was still crusading for truth and justice and had yet to meet her future husband Blackbear, when Augustine the Cat was still analyzing all things theological and had not as of yet heard his calling to the priesthood, when Gaybear still thought of himself as a homosexual and Ms. StarMole was our villain, which she really can't help but be. Neverborn remains Neverborn-even when he's pre-Neverborn in the womb, he's still Neverborn. The difference in all of this is that you the visitor already know the future of the characters, and of course there's the slow addition of all of those 'liberal' toons I made the commitment to introduce into faithmouse after the Something Awful hoo-too-do of a few months ago.
The final element is something I call POWER OF CHRIST, an encompassing theme I've flirted with here and there in the past but haven't committed to making a leading presence in the cartoon. POWER OF CHRIST looks like this, and this, and this. Most recently, this.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Devilcat Thanks Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Passion Of The Christ alcohol cartoon

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

Revised version of a cartoon posted this morning.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Right To Exist Cartoon, In Hebrew

right to exist pro-Israel cartoon in Hebrew

Click to view larger image. Largest.

I'd like to thank Eytan for his hand written translation of this cartoon into Hebrew.

The 'choose life' on Neverborn's sign is my own creation; my apologies if I've flubbed the translation.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's Draw Mel Gibson Cartoons

This is a Mel Gibson / The Passion Of The Christ cartoon, in progress

Cartoon in progress...

Faithmouse is #1 with a bullet on Google under the searchs term 'Mel Gibson Cartoons' and 'Mel Gibson cartoon' let's draw more Mel Gibson cartoons.

The recent Eviction Notice cartoon has landed on the Poor Mojo Newswire as a post titled Charge the little ******* rent - Women are Housing Projects for Fetuses (If only all abortion foes were as dumb as this one).

I recently learned that faithmouse was listed on page fifteen in the 2006 Guide to Christian Comics, edited by Richard Flores and presented by the CCAS: Christian Comics Arts Society. The compilation debuted at Comic Con International: San Diego in July.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Christ With Dead Children

Christ with dead children

Click image for larger. Largest.

Thanks to Stacy Harp for posting yesterday's Right To Exist toon on Active Christian Media, as well as to Timothy for doing the same at his TruthSeeker24's anti-N.W.O. corner. Mary has posted the recent Hope4America toon as the splash image on her Hope4America Yahoo group. Alan Keyes' Renew America has also posted yesterday's Right To Exist cartoon. Trinny84 at the multi-lingual John Paul II Beatification board Totus Tuus has posted the John Paul II Pieta illustration. Carolina Cannonball of The Crescat gave the site an acknowledgement in her post promoting the Catacombers site.

Reagan In Hell, Revised

Fraud Fits Protests Ronald Reagan's funeral

Click above for larger image.

Revision of a cartoon (redrawn Faith and assorted small details) originally posted two years ago.