Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Faithmouse Florida Republican Primary Cartoon / Mitt Or Newt? The Real Question Is "Why In The Ass?"

A new Christian Faithmouse cartoon just in time for today's Florida Republican primary and which I call Mitt or Newt? The real question is.. WHY IN THE ASS? the rectum contains sensitive tissues'-

mitt newt primary cartoon

Click cartoon above for larger image.  Largest.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Christian Cartoon Called Faithmouse / If You Keep Shoving Things Up Your Ass, What Room Does That Leave For God?

My long-running Christian Faithmouse cartoon, on-and-offline since 2000, returns. This first cartoon is called 'If You Keep Shoving Things Up Your Ass, What Room Does That Leave For God?'

faithmouse returns

Click cartoon above for larger image.  Largest.

This is the first new Faithmouse cartoon I've drawn in a number of years and marks the relaunch of the feature, which I'll update every few days.  I'm making both prints of selected cartoons and the original artwork for the cartoon available on Ebay. If can't find a specific cartoon or painting there you are welcome to order it from me directly.  All 8 by 10 prints are $20, and include free shipping and a complimentary refrigerator magnet featuring a past painting.

faithmouse original artwork

Faithmouse Original Art - Ebay Art Auction

Large Black and White Portrait Of Barack Obama

A large stretched black and white acrylic painting of Barack Obama-

a large stretched canvas painting of Barack Obama

I've been painting a number of larger canvases in a more expressive drawing style, which feels pretty comfortable. One of my goals has always been to paint faster while still producing interesting work so we'll see how far this progresses. A second Joe Paterno painting is also posted to Ebay; I'm offering each at a set price of $100, which is a pretty good deal for a 2 by 3 foot canvas. Each painting comes well-packaged in a hand made foamboard mailer.

I've also received a few inquiries regarding new Obama unicorn paintings, which I'd like to try in this style as well. Not sure if I'll offer those at a set price or auction but I'm leaning towards the latter.

A Large Black And White Obama Portrait - Ebay

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seven Paintings Revised

I probably shouldn't be left alone too long with my paintings because I'll rework them until the cows come home. Here are seven paintings which had issues no one else seemed to notice.  More than anything, they just needed another hour or two of work to create better overall integrity.

Kim Jong Il revised 1

The late Kim Jong Il now has fancier pancake hair.

david prairie dog 1 revised

A more dramatic dramatic prairie dog. The burst of blue behind the head is now the source of the blue at the bottom of the painting.

bachmann corndog painting revised

More detail for Michele Bachmann's pancake corndog.  Need to add this to the Art Of Bachmann blog.  This may be the final painting in that series.

kim jong 2 revised

Second of three revised Kim Jong Il pancake hair paintings. I painted all four Kim's on an all night post-death mourning freak.

pope john paul revised

More detail for my Pope John Paul II pancake.  Consider this a color sketch for a future much-more-developed John Paul pancake portrait, similar to my Mother Teresa pancake painting from a few years ago.

kim jong 3 glorious pancake hair painting

Kim #3.

I like turtles zombie kid painting revised

This recent I Like Turtles zombie kid painting made its way around Tumblr before I had the chance to thin the left side of Jason's face.  I'll probably exchange the turtles print currently on Ebay for this version, which has more energy.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hard Times Obama Pancake Painting, in progress

A new painting of Barack Obama with a pancake on his head, started while acting as my wife's harp roadie  while she presented a series of concerts in Northern Minnesota.  I call this painting 'Hard Times Obama'-

Basic color areas, not much specific detail although it looks fine in the photo. I'm not even sure how big this painting is in the canvas pad-it was a size I could comfortably paint while riding in a car.  Happy to be back in the Twin Cities where it is a comfortable -1.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Obama 'Quarterback Sneak' Unicorn Painting Begun

Using the image addresses from the uploaded Facebook for these photos, something I haven't tried before, so if they fall off the edge of the world in time that would be why-

http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/401664_10150532496488258_505478257_8731788_1852334005_n.jpg">http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s320x320/401664_10150532496488258_505478257_8731788_1852334005_n.jpg" border="/a">

All oil for this painting with no underpainting, which is how I've painted almost of the previous Obama unicorns. Pictured from top left are Mitt Romney, Penelope the unicorn, Naked Batman Obama, and Madonna.  Superbowl themed, although hard to tell at this point. Mitt is standing on a goalpost, and Obama is attempting a quarterback sneak.

If you'd like to follow the progress of this painting I'll update it regularly on Facebook-easier to do so when you don't have to code.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Three New Male Nude Paintings, Two Revised

Three new male nude paintings.  Two were painted a few days ago and recently revised-

male nude legs

A painting of a nude with legs in the air.  Sort of an oil wash feel to this one.

Male Nudes Legs Air - Ebay Art Auction

male nude weight abstract

With weights.

Male Nude Weight Abstract - Ebay Art Auction

nude gold copper sock

A little hard to photograph the painting above because of the iridescence-

male nude painting in window

A little better view. All of the paintings above are 8 by 10 oil and/or acrylics on a sheet of canvas.  They can be easily framed in any photo ready frame, only with the glass removed and perhaps an extra piece of backing cardboard to keep the painting held firmly in place.

Nude Gold Copper Sock - Ebay Art Auction

What IS Pornography?

Found this older Faithmouse ' Christian pornography' cartoon embedded in an ersatz collected-content porn filler page from Swedish-

Fabulous John F. Kennedy Painting by the late Rua Longley

A fan in Australia (I have a number of fans in Australia, which is good) recently sent me this email after winning my Rick Santorum Pancakes painting on Ebay-

Hi, Dan - Just got back from Tasmania and was thrilled to see your Obama painting had arrived...it is taking pride-of-place next to my Weird Kennedy painting my mums friend knocked out in 1965.

-which made me curious. I remembered when I was interviewed by the New York Times a few years ago, I mentioned that I thought the Obama art explosion was a contemporary re-phenomena of the comparative Kennedy folk art boom of the 1960's, the latter being a natural extension of the Catholic predilection for iconic imagery.  The writer agreed with that and worked it into the story. So, I very much wanted to view this unknown Kennedy painted by an unknown Australian or New Zealand artist.

Hey Dan hope you like this pair...have to find an appropriate frame for Obama, can't wait to get some Santorum on my wall, I'm watching events develop here in Australia and get a good laugh every day from all the candidates.

Hope you dig the Kennedy, it's been in my family since 1965, I grew up in New Zealand with Jack on one wall, and on the other wall was a sinking ship painting called the Wahine.

Obama Kennedy paintings


After another request, my Australian friend was good enough to forward an even better photo-

Here it is Dan... the artist name is "Rua Longley" passed on about five years ago. You can notice a slight tinge in the right hand side that's where my drunk uncle tried to throw it into the fire-place...those Kennedy's are hard to burn.

Obama Kennedy paintings

Thank You, Rua Longley.

Large Michael Jackson Blue Eyes Painting

A large 'blue' 24 by 36 inch 2 by 3 foot painting of Michael Jackson. This same painting was bought but never purchased by a buyer in France a month and a half ago. Since then I've spent some additional time on the canvas, so at $100 it's an even nicer value-

Michael Jackson art painting 1

Michael Jackson art painting 2

You can see how large the painting actually is in the photo above by comparing it to the quart bottle of acrylic at the far left.

Michael Jackson art painting 3

The painting is mailed in a sturdy, handmade foamboard mailer.  Shipping is 20 US or 30 International, which is below my actual cost. The canvas is stapled on the back and painted black around the edge, so a frame isn't necessary.

Michael Jackson Blue Eyes Painting - Ebay Art Buy-It-Now

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Male Nude Muscle Bodybuilder Back Painting Art Auction

A painting of the back of a male nude in something of a body builder pose. As with all of my male nude art, this is a self portrait. 

male nude muscle bodybuilder art

Muscles courtesy of necessity.

A similar painting from a few years ago has landed on page 1 of GIS for male nude painting which I'm grateful for.  For the term male nude art I have a painting which comes up either 4 or 7 depending upon the safety seach setting. 

Usually when I'm feeling boxed in by committments I can quickly produce some better nudes, I think because of the psychological release within the realization that I can be more painterly when I feel I'm not trying to please anyone in particular. 

By far, most people discover my paintings by way of Google and Google Image Search. I recieve a good amount of international attention for my nudes, which I try to help people find by using translated terms such as Nudité Akt Nackt Nu Nudo Ню Desnuda Ню, etc.  Lately I've been forcing myself to post auction items on Ebay for at least 7 days to give more people a chance to stumble upon the originals. I'm particulary grateful for the many posts of my paintings by Russians, who have a continuing appreciation for the form.  Я особенно благодарен моим мужчина ню, которые были размещены в России, например, мой "на корточках обнаженной", которые можно увидеть в компиляции на ЖИВОПИСЬ О ЖИВОПИСИ ( Paintings on Painting). You can find a number of additional posts in Russian regarding my paintings by searching Dan Lacey художник in Google.ru.

The painting posted above is for auction on Ebay, with a starting bid of .99. 

Male Nude Body Builder Weight Lifter Painting

Monday, January 02, 2012

A Painting of Rick Santorum With Pancakes On His Head Art Auction

A portrait of Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum with a pair of pancakes on top of his head-

Rick Santorum gay pancakes

This is my second portrait of the former Pennsylvania Senator with delicious pancakes.  My Santorum Family Pancakes painting from a few years ago appears now and then on sites such as Fark.

This original painting is for auction on Ebay, listed at a starting price of .99 cents.

UPDATE Jan 6th - I revised the painting, adding more detail.

Thanks to the South Carolina Hotline for posting my Santorum art. Thanks also to the New World Order update.

Rick Santorum Pancakes Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Two Male Nude Paintings Art Auctions

Two new male nude portraits painted early this morning. As with all of my male nudes, these are self-portraits.

A male nude posing in front of a canvas-
male nude pose art

Male Nude Posing -Ebay Art Auction

A second male nude painting, this time squatting down while looking in a cabinet-
male nude back art painting

Male Nude Back Art -Ebay Art Auction

I painted both at the same time, but each has a different feel.  The 'bottom' painting is oil painted into a white white undercoat, while the first painting is a combination of acrylic and oil applied together.

I've been painting and selling larger discount canvases at a set price, which is allowing me post the auctions for a longer period of time.  As with many of the auctions, I'll go in and revise the paintings here and there in a few days, which is probably what I'll do with these two.