Monday, July 31, 2006

Right To Exist

Israel and children have a right to exist
Click to view larger cartoon. Largest.

A Pro-Life, Pro-Israel Neverborn cartoon. By request of Stacy Harp of Active Christian Media. A translation into Hebrew is in progress.
I've taken the liberty of posting today's cartoon on both Pro-Life Blogs and in Pookie18's Today's Toons forum at Free Republic.

This cartoon also features Chaim, a character who like Fraud Fits in yesterday's Stop The ACLU Sunday Funnies makes a return appearance after a long absence.

Chaim, pro-life pro-Israel faithmouse cartoon

The recent Eviction Notice cartoon continues to appear in Pro-Life forums, Pro-Choice forums, and places in-between. The most recent posts include this in-depth but highly critical analysis at Pandagon (adult language), which is in turn linked by this 'interesting fetus cartoon' post at Pseudo-Adrienne's Liberal-Feminist Bias. Thanks as well to Takara for linking to the Eviction toon on her Tulip Field Of Dreams. Limbo at Koala Wallop has posted the cartoon in this Let's Talk About Web Comics thread.
Just noticed that End The Christian Right has become Shawn I'll fix the broken link to the Bring Me The Head Of Faithmouse article the next time I update the 'Snark' page.
I've been working on a new three column version of this blog to both facilitate international visitors and to bring a little additional traffic to sites which go through the trouble of posting faithmouse cartoons in languages other than English. These sites will be given a link by name at the top of this site for their good efforts. If you would like to participate in this project, all you need to do is to occasionally post a faithmouse cartoon with a translation beneath the cartoon. Please leave a comment if you would like to be included, or email me at faithmouse (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

An Older Mel Gibson Cartoon, Updated

Mel Gibson cartoon

Click to view larger image.

Mel Gibson Was 'Really On The Verge Of Suicide' Before His DUI Arrest -Deadline Hollywood Daily

An older Mel Gibson cartoon from March of 2004, drawn long before his recent drunk driving arrest and now notorious anti-semitic statements. I've updated the first panel with a more current version of Faith. In the second panel you can see what Faith looked like before the addition of her oversized hair bow and with her much heavier prehensile tail.

After reading about Mr. Gibson's arrest, I remembered that I had Mel calling Faith 'cat-sugar' in this cartoon, which I thought was curious considering that Mel referred to a Los Angeles Police woman as 'sugar xxx's' during his arrest.

Not in anyway to excuse Mel Gibson's behavior, but as a person who grew up in an alcoholic household I fully comprehend the twisted harm that alcohol (in this case, tequila) can do to a person's soul. I have to wonder if The Christ of Mel Gibson's very intense and intimate The Passion Of The Christ was in part inspired by the director's private battle with his own inner demons.

Like to draw a new Mel Gibson toon but I'm not exactly sure what it should be, which must be comparable to Mel's fans no longer knowing what to think of their hero. Perhaps updating and posting this older toon will give me an idea.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Fraud Fits, In Progress

faithmouse fraud fits stop the ACLU cartoon

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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU

ACLU Teams Up With Westboro Baptist Hate Cult -
The Dread Pundit Bluto

Short but clear post by Bluto linked above which explains the subject of this weekend's Stop The ACLU toon. I also believe it's a basic human right to be able to lay loved ones to rest without harassment. Grieving families are denied their full right to free expression as long as the necessary activity of holding a funeral is allowed to become an invasive and disruptive public nightmare.
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. - Matthew 5:5 Douay Rheims
There's a difference between protesting a funeral, where the state of the subject is absolute and cannot be influenced, and a counselor for life approaching a mother on a sidewalk outside of an abortion clinic, where the subject is still very much alive and the responsible party can be influenced to mercy, as many regularly are. Can the Westboro Baptists produce any post-protest grateful family members of the fallen?

As you can see from the date on the older cartoon posted below, Fraud Fits and his Boptist Church of Bunnies haven't been seen on this site since last November. Nice to have the opportunity to pay them a return visit.

Fraud Fits

Friday, July 28, 2006

Spiritual Shield

spiritual shield

Click above for larger cartoon.

New site logo I'm developing. A shield of spirit rather than of metal, which is my mood as of late.

Bill Hayes has included faithmouse as a link of interest. Thanks to N.I. for the translation of a recent toon into Esperanto on her Kajlahundo.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Global Warming

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A B16 and Vatican Kitty cartoon, in progress.
Pope Hoping Rome Meeting Would Be Fruitful - Zenit News

Notre Dame de la Guerison (Our Lady of recovery) is the same chapel Pope John Paul II the Great prayed at during a trip to the Alps in 1999. Ex-voto covers the walls, left by grateful petitioners as testimony to answered prayers.

Here's a link to a wonderful interactive panorama of the inside of the chapel of Notre Dame de la Guerison.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Janet Parshall's America / Neverborn Revision

Janet Parshall's America radio show / Neverborn

Click to view larger image. Largest.

Revision of a cartoon drawn in 2004.

Weekly Christian Conservative Logo

Logo for Angel D. and Faith at their Weekly Christian Conservative.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lines Of Duty / Pasadena, California Police Officer Kyle R. Ballard Memorial Illustration, Updated

Click to view larger image. Largest .

I have the very bad habit of loading too many things on my plate, and then finding myself boxed in by current commitments. Part of my problem is that faithmouse is a full time hobby, and not my full time job. One day perhaps this will be all that I do, and I won't find myself leaving so many important projects hanging on the line to dry.
I need to add Officer Ballard's call number to the back of his shirt in the memorial illustration above. His wife has been good enough to supply the information, and I haven't been good enough to finish the drawing and mail her a few copies, or to mail other promised portraits and cartoons to a host of other very patient souls over the course of a long period of time. So, faithmouse is on hold for a few days while I take care of some much delayed business....

Repomancer's Cartoon

prayers for Repomancer's liver transplant cartoon

Completed toon. Click above for larger image. Largest.

prayers for Repomancer's liver transplant cartoon

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Latest version, in progress.

Click above for larger image.

I recieved the following request from committed Christian and active Marine Sedna-

Could you make a prayer request cartoon for Repomancer? He's a regular at the Portal of Evil, and he's hanging on to days so he can get a much-needed transplant. He's been a helluva brave soul about it too, he's a good-natured guy, and I'll be praying for him myself tonight. I know this sounds like an odd request, but the guy really is battling it out, and I think that any sort of support we can give him can help. I hate to burden you with this request, but you have a decent audience. He's currently fifth on the waiting list, and he's being a very brave soul about the thing. The fellows at PoE are being very supportive of him, and it's that quality of people that makes me enjoy that forum.

Repomancer's User Forum - Portal Of Evil

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stop The ACLU / United Nations Omissions On Human Rights

The ACLU and the UN International Human Rights Commission
Click to view larger image. Largest.

For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU

U.N. Investigative Body Lacks Credibility to Judge U.S. Human Rights Record- Church and State

I've updated the above image this Monday morning and have one more revision in progress. More than likely, next Sunday's Stop The ACLU toon will be on the subject of the ACLU taking on the defense of Fred Phelps. A discussion defending the ACLU and mentioning this cartoon can be found on this Straight Dope forum.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pearl Necklace

The Spanish Prime Minister's office thanks the Pope for the gift of a pearl necklace

Click cartoon above for larger. El Grande.

Thanks to Christine at Ramblings Of A GOP Soccer Mom for posting today's cartoon. Ed Stoffil has added faithmouse to his humor blogroll. Grats to Alexa at Birth Story for posting the recent 'Eviction Notice' cartoon. Arm-chair philosopher, theologian, husband and father Garvis has a kind post regarding the same at his With Eternity In Mind.

Hope 4 America

Hope 4 America, Mary's patriotic yahoo group

Click for larger image. Largest.

One more variation. The image of Swoopy was pilfered and tweaked from this Joy cartoon, as my scanner still isn't working. Sort of interesting to see how the characters have re-designed themselves in just one year's time. The original version of this toon was originally intended for Mary's Hope4America Yahoo group. Glad to finally getting around to finishing it. Now, about that scanner....

God Bless America

God Bless America

Click cartoon above for larger image. Largest.

I'm having dreaded 'scanner issues' (groan) so today's image is a Photoshop completed version of a pre-scanned toon begun a few months back. The background is a photo I took during an anniversary trip with the original faithmouse to Niagara Falls. Yesterday's B16/Vatican Kitty cartoon, which relies upon good old-fashioned drawing (and scanning) waits in limbo. Hopefully for not too long.

Thanks to sunnyday at This is NOT a job for superheroes for her Meet Neverborn post. I came across sunnyday's post while working on the above Neverborn toon and nationalized a copy for her own use, and for the use of any other pro-life blogger or visitor from the Philippines as well-

God Bless America

Click cartoon above for larger image. Largest.

God bless everyone.

Ann's Catacombers site, which has hosted faithmouse on the front page for the past few years, has received an endorsement of 'Excellent' via a review by Catholic (formerly Peter's Net)-

Catacombers describes itself as "an online Catholic apostolate supporting Catholic artists in the creation of works that enhance faithfulness to the Church, its teachings and leadership, and reverence in Catholic liturgical worship." To this end, the site accepts written works, poetry and art to display or publish online. They also have several forums for artist to share ideas. This is a well nice site that contains wonderful resources not only for Catholic artists of all kinds, but also for Catholics who want to appreciate the beauty of our culture and take advantage of the many graces of our Catholic heritage.


Thanks to Pookie18 at his Free Republic Today's Toons thread for posting last Sunday's Stop The ACLU parking ticket cartoon.

The cardinal saga is over. The players, it seems, have flown the coop.

A happy ending.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pearl Necklace, In Progress

A new B16/Vatican Kitty cartoon, in progress. Should have the first draft posted later this evening.

I'm also working on a new version of the Neverborn Janet Parsall's America cartoon from 2004. Janet has allowed me to sell a few items with the design to her fans, and, as she told me last year at an event here in the Twin Cities, she herself uses the mug in the studio while she's on the air, which is beyond cool. I haven't advertised that I have the design for sale; I have too much respect for Janet to try to make money off her good name. I also haven't done so because I'm just lousy at trying to make money.
Anyway, Neverborn doesn't look like that anymore, and I haven't posted the link to my Cafe Press store because ...Neverborn doesn't look like that anymore. JPA/Neverborn fan Zanese would like to buy a few mugs, which is a great excuse to re-do the design.

Thanks to Spero News for posting the recent Stop The ACLU Parking Ticket cartoon. Much obliged to N. I. Annakindt at his multilingual moreover the dog went with them... for posting the recent B16/Vatican Kitty cartoon in Esperanto and German.

Neighborhood Siren, Revised

neighborhood warning siren

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Revised version of yesterday's toon.

neighborhood warning siren

Click above for larger image.

Photograph of the baby cardinals from last Saturday. I'll get the ladder out later today (Tuesday) to see what might be new in Birdland.

In the meantime, please enjoy this pic I took yesterday morn of a baby bunny in our backyard.

neighborhood warning siren

Click above for larger image.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Neighborhood Siren

neighborhood warning siren

Click above for larger image. Cartoon inspired by a request by CCW at his new Christian Conservative Weekly blog. I'll add a few more details to this cartoon (not everyone can hear the siren) and work it into a logo design for his site in a day or two.

Tailrank is one of the sites displaying the most recent Stop The ACLU cartoon via the latter's well distributed syndication feed. Kevin Keith at his Sufficient Scruples 'bioethics, healthcare policy and related issues' blog has posted a lengthy criticism of the recent Eviction Notice cartoon entitled You Are A Housing Project For Fetuses. Thanks to Ray at our local
Minnesotan Stella Borealis/Northland Catholic Roundtable for posting the same, as well as to Cathworld, which has included the cartoon as a recent Catholic blog highlight. Jean has posted the cartoon at her Catholic Fire.

I've posted a new page of Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican Kitty cartoons. A new cartoon for the collection called Pearl Necklace is in progress.

Between the single subject and issues cartoons, faithmouse has a timeline. I've gathered those cartoons together and posted them on a new faithmouse continuing storyline 2006 page.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Parking Ticket

Click cartoon for larger image. Grande.

For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

ACLU Gets It Right For Once - Tongue Tied

Haven't used Woody Duck in a cartoon for at least the past three years or so. Glad to show him a little daylight.

Thanks to N. I. Annakindt at the multilingual moreover the dog went with them... for posting the recent B16-Vatican Kitty World Cup toon.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Faithmouse on Spero News

Faithmouse now appears on Spero News, a religious news and analysis site created last year by veteran journalist Robert Duncan, an ombudsman for foreign press in Spain and vice president for the Press Organization of Ibero-American Journalists. Spero also has a spanish language site, which can be found here. Spero is part of the Google News aggregator, and contributes content to many Christian and Catholic sites, including Crosswalk, LifeSite, and Spirit Daily.
Very happy to be on Spero. Thanks kindly.

Thanks to Alan Keyes' Renew America for posting the recent Eviction Notice cartoon. A hat tip to Chris at The World...IMHO for doing the same.

Spiritual Skating, In Progress

Click image for larger. Largest.

Skate Time 209 Changes ‘Christian Skate Time’ To Spiritual Skate! - Traditional Values Coalition

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Eviction Notice

Click to view larger image. Largest.

Neverborn toon. In progress.

Cartoons are delayed again, as I've had to deal with a health problem which emerged over the course of the past twentyfour hours and required a CT scan. I'm home now and on antibiotics, which has earned me the luxury of being able to hammer away at cartoons throughout the day on Thursday.
I was able to work on the inked version of today's Neverborn cartoon in both an emergency clinic and a hospital. Don't know if that might give the image more impact, but at least I've tried to keep things rolling. I may be able to post a finished version tonight.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World Cup Celebrazione, Vatican Kitty Style, 2

Revised and colored version of the previous toon. Click for larger image. Largest.


This is a rather long post, so I'm completing it a bit at a time. First off, a baby cardinal pic-

baby cardinals in the nest

Can't get the camera too close to these guys now as I'm afraid of spooking them out of the nest. What's cool about this pic is that you can clearly atop their heads the ligher tuffs of feathers which will eventually become the cardinal's signature sailboat shaped crown. Hard to see all the birds at one time, but I think I can count seven tuffs in the pic above, a number which matches the number of the original eggs in the nest. So, they've all made it. No one's turned red here as of yet. Female cardinals are a much lighter shade of red than the male, so perhaps these are all female.

Thanks to Pillars Magazine for posting a cartoon on their news page. A hat tip to Adam and Andrea of posting the Neverborn 'What About My Rights?' cartoon on their Adams Web. The Phantom Bounced at Lord Of The Dark Side had added faithmouse to the blogroll. Denny Hartford has given the cartoon a nice plug on his Vital Signs Blog. Thanks to Alexa at Birth Story for a few recent cartoon posts, including this post of the 'priceless' cartoon. Poster Nuala at Taylor Hicks Fan has posted both the Discovery space shuttle toon and a recently revised faithmouse prayer toon.

Ray at our local Catholic blogsite Stella Borealis has also posted the Discovery toon. Thanks to west rhino for the plug on Shadow Of Diogenes. Link trade forthcoming on Kevin's Jarabina conservative/Christian bumpersticker site. Cyber Congregation has a link somewhere to a recent ACLU toon, and Chris at The World...IMHO has also posted a recent ACLU ferret. Thanks to Peter at Pro-Life Blogs for posting a Neverborn toon. A hat tip to Morpheus at Winners Never Quit for adding faithmouse to his blogroll.

Revisions to recent toons are still in progress; in the meantime, here's a few spot illustrations-

Drawing intended for the World Cup toon showing a group of Vatican Kitties watching the match on Papal T.V.

The second panel in the Stop The ACLU Roberta Mapleduck toon was originally meant to be read 90 degrees clockwise. Here's a detail, showing some impatient ferrets-

Detail from the same cartoon of Cuban, the stinkbug, Roberta Mapleduck's assistant. Cuban is actually quite an excellent artist, and bears more than a little resentment towards his employer.

Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup Celebrazione, Vatican Kitty Style

World Cup Italy Italian cartoon, World Cup Calcio Celebrazione, Vatican Kitty Style

World Cup cartoon. Click to view larger cartoon. Largest.

Been short of time lately, so I've had to rush-draw the last few cartoons-I'll post an updated and color version of today's B16 and Vatican Kitty cartoon along with a few other recent cartoons later this evening/Tuesday morning. I also owe hat tips to a number of sites for posting individual cartoons and/or links to faithmouse; I'll get around to those as well. Grazie!