Friday, August 29, 2014

Joan Rivers / Robin Williams Memorial Pancakes Painting

A double memorial pancakes portrait painting of comedians Robin Williams and Joan Rivers choking each other in heaven.  Robin is wearing his 'Patch Adams' nose and wings.

Joan Rivers Robin Williams memorial pancakes painting

Joan Rivers / Robin Williams Memorial Pancakes Painting - Etsy

Thanks to Erica for including this painting in her recent 'Stay With Us, Joan Rivers' Treasury.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Feminist Beyonce 2014 VMA Pancakes Painting

A painting of the feminist Beyonce posing at the 2014 VMA Video Music Awards on stage and backlit in front of a giant PANCAKES.

  Beyonce feminist 2014 VMAS Pancakes painting

Larger Beyonce 2014 VMAS Pancakes painting.

Beyonce 'Feminist' VMAS Pancakes Painting - Etsy

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dr Who / Are These Good Or Bad Pancakes?

A portrait painting of the 12th Dr.Who Peter Capaldi wondering if he is looking at a stack of good or bad pancakes. I call this portrait Are These Good Or Bad Pancakes? after a line of dialogue in the Season 8 'Deep Breath' episode.

Dr Who Peter Capaldi Pancakes painting

Dr. Who / Are These Good Or Bad Pancakes? painting - Etsy

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mike Obermueller Nude Cornfield Pancake Painting

A painting of Minnesota District 2 Democratic Party candidate and incumbent GOP John Kline challenger Mike Obermueller standing nude in a cornfield while contemplating a strategy to counter the rising candidacy of Pancake Independent Party candidate Dan Lacey, The Painter Of Pancakes in the upcoming November Congressional US House election.

  Mike Obermueller nude cornfield pancake portrait

I would like to thank Mike for being sport enough to personally pose for the above portrait.
I apologize for the mosquitoes.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rick Perry Pancake Tears Mugshot painting

A painting of Texas Governor and probably 2018 GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry posing for his mug shot with pancake syrup tears, which follow the well-traveled lines of his face.

Rick Perry mugshot

Larger Rick Perry Mugshot painting.

Thanks to the following for the reposts-

Rick Perry Mug Shot Meme's Are Just What America Needs Right Now - PopSugar

Rick Perry's Mugshot Was Just Asking to Be Photoshopped. Luckily, the Internet Answered -

'The meme then moved from Photoshop to artistic renditions — Artist Dan Lacey stayed up all night to paint pancakes on Perry's head.' - Austin Culturemap

17 Must-See Rick Perry Memes On Social Media - Cox Media / Storify

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'll Be At The 3rd Annual Internet Cat Video Festival In Minneapolis Today

I'll be at the 3rd annual Internet Cat Video Festival in Minneapolis today, talking to fellow Minnesotan's about pancakes and my run for US Congress, Minnesota District 2.

In related activities, here's two recent additions to my continuing series of paintings of cats with pancakes on their heads-

I've added these two paintings to my cat pancake art gallery, which brings the current total to 50 images.

Paintings Of Cats With Pancakes On Their Heads

I've just discovered a painting from last year on The Cats Mewseum that I neglected to add to the collection-my 'Nurse Kitty Pancake' which I painted in the hospital during the time of the Huffington Post interview-which would bring the total to 51 paintings. I imagine I overlooked the post because the scan didn't seem the best. The original painting is long gone, but perhaps I can find a better image.

I Re-Enter The Race For US Congress, Minnesota District 2

After much soul  and cupboard searching, I've decided to re-enter the race for US Congress, Minnesota District 2.  I'm challenging incumbent GOP Representative John Kline and Democrat Mike Obermueller. Over the course of the next few months, I'll be challenging them both to discuss how the pancake is a vital but yet neglected aspect of our shared experience.

I've filed this form with Minnesota Secretary Of State Mark Ritchie, requesting that my write-in votes be counted in the general election-