Monday, June 30, 2008

A Few Recent Commissions

Philip Jose Farmer Riders Of The Purple Wage

Chib takes his art project to the exhibition in this scene from Philip José Farmer's Hugo Award winning novella Riders Of The Purple Wage from the 1967 Science Fiction Harlan Ellison edited compilation Dangerous Visions. He walks up a disorienting mirrored hallway designed by Grandpa Winnegan; at the triangular door is a hook near a sign which reads 'hang your head here.'

Philip Jose Farmer Riders Of The Purple Wage

A painting of a scientist with dragonfly wings and pinned to a specimen card. Artwork for a CD cover for an album entitled The Scientist. Commissioned by the scientist, pictured.

picture of a mother

A painting of the mother of a client.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Oil Portrait Of Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain With Pancakes On His Head

a miniature oil portrait of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain with a pancake on his head

A miniature oil portrait of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain with a pancake on his head.

John McCain political bunny rabbit pancake art portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Wouldn't have happened if he had worn a pancake on his head-

McCain gets scrape after run-in with auto rooftop - Contra Costa Times

An incomplete collection of recent links to Faithmouse and posts of my paintings and cartoons by fans on various blogs and sites-

Gigposters - Portrait of John McCain with a pancake on his head

The Den of Ridiculousness - Republican candidate with flapjack on noggin (registration required)

Refugee Camp - Oolong pancake bunny (registration required)

Gaming Gutter - Neverborn St. Patricks' Day 'Snakes' cartoon

The Vote Nation - Blessed Mother Teresa painting - 'Long Live Albania' thread

Crumbalina1000 YouTube page - 'Gangsters For Life' used as background image

Sodahead poll - John McCain Muppet

Aaronbook - Pope John Paul II Artwork

Kreuzgang - Pope Benedict II Italy World Cup celebration cartoon

Slappyto - Image of hare with breakfast items perched on cranium

Grey Horizon - Rabbit balances flapjacks on browline (registration required)

I phone in Canada - Bugs Bunny sports fancy syrup-vehicle headpiece

Net Warriors - Jonathan the zombie kid 'I like turtles'

bRi MySpace page (private) - Joy

Tivo Community - I like turtles

Phantom Babies - Power of Christ

Perfspot Christina Smith - Neverborn Bad Ass For Life

Gopachy - Faithmouse Anti-Gay Marriage cartoon

Qube TV - Faithmouse Anti-Gay Marriage cartoon

Ar15 - Barack Obama Muppet fine art

Corvette Forum - James Cameron / Dude cartoon

Doggy Dog 76 YouTube - Bad Ass For Life cartoon, used as background

Where's George - Faithmouse at Culver's restaurant sketch

Infusion Mafia - Ganstas For Lyfe

Audi World - Neverborn 'Squirrels Gone Wild'

sarahSPACEFACE MySpace - Faithmouse 'Mitt Romney is a Mormon, Mormon, Mormon!'

Corvette Forum - Democrat Barack Obama painting

Digg Pet Animals thread - I like turtles (linked by 'Religion Is Bad')

HTGC2 - Coney Dons Griddlecakes image (registration required)

Interesantes pensamientos de Heidi (Chaotic Mum)- thanks to this local Minnesota blogger for the add

Hu and Jinyan' spirit page - Beijing Olymics Logo protest cartoon

Trapped Within - Baby In Womb picture

TV Tropes - 'I am not making this up' add to webcomics listing

Yahoo Blog 360 - 2008 Summer Olympics Logo

Underground Gamer - ACLU 'You Are Not My Father' Darth Vader George Washington toon

imdb - John McMuppet painting

The Writing On The Wall - Faithmouse, Vatican Kitty, George Bush, Pope Benedict XVI 'Popester' cartoon

Yahoo Answers - Mother Teresa painting chosen as Happiest Image On Earth

Legend Mag - John McCain POW picture

Starr Ann Chronicles - Eight Belles Horse Art

Shadows And Dust - 'I have found the greatest art...'

Gopachy - 'Liberals Are Made Of Cancer' cartoon

Sodahead - Poot spot

Miguel Diocuore's Cerrco Townhall blog - Mitt Romney cartoon

Sassy Chic - link to Pyscheout's 'Faithmouse Friday' thread

DeBlondePerle Jappy - Neverborn 'Personhood' pro-life cartoon

Guest_Special Girl Love - 'Hoodlums For Living' cartoon

Atomic Kim - Pope Benedict XVI

Watt Flyer - long eared rodent loves slapjacks hat

Danny 24 MySpace - Barack Obama painting posted alongside John Lennon photos

rafay khan Tagged page - mature fetus in vitro picture

goozen-no-goo - China Games picture

Wide Awakes - The Doors 'The End' Hillary Clinton cartoon

wee teeth MySpace - Happy Birthday

and others.....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eight Belles Last Run Racehorse Art

Eight Belle Art, Kentucky Derby

A miniature oil portrait of racehorse Eight Belles, running her last race.

This original piece of equine racehorse art is 4 by 6 inches in size, painted in oil on a canvas sheet. Inspired by a photo taken during the Kentucky Derby.

Eight Belles Last Run Art- Ebay Auction

A previous Eight Belles painting can be found at my Eight Belles Kentucky Derby post.

White Arabian Horse Equine Art

white Arabian horse equine art and artwork painting

A miniature oil portrait of a white Arabian horse.

This original piece of equine art is 4 by 6 inches in size, painted in oil on a canvas sheet.

White Arabian Horse Art - Ebay Auction

Gus The 2008 Ugliest Dog Contest Winner

Gus the world's ugliest dog contest winner at the 2008 Sonoma-Marin Fair

A miniature oil portrait of Gus, current winner of the World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the 2008 Sonoma-Marin Fair.

Gus has lost one leg so far to skin cancer and an eye to a tomcat. Otherwise, he's feeling fine.

World's Ugliest Dog Winner 2008 Gus-Ebay art auction

Ugliest dog: 3 legs, 1 eye, no hair, all winner-Baltimore Sun

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wally's Choice, Completed

Painting of Wally's Choice racehorse, owned by Wally the Beerman and Randy Sampson

A painting of Canterbury Park champion and 2004 Oklahoma Derby winner Wally's Choice, riden here by Luis Quinonez and owned by Wally the Beerman and Curtis Sampson. Click image above to view larger Wally's Choice painting.

Canterbury Park Racino, Minnesota turf horseracing track and card room

CHARLEY WALTERS: Joe Nathan remains confident about Minnesota Twins' chances to contend (with blurb regarding the return of Wally's Choice following 2007 season ending injury) -

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stillborn Indian Baby Comes Back To Life At Cemetary - Fox News Story

Neverborn in a Fox News story 'stillborn baby comes back to life at cemetary' cartoon

Click for larger Fox News cartoon.

Neverborn in a Fox News story 'stillborn baby comes back to life at cemetary' cartoon.

Baby Girl Awakens One Day After Being Declared Stillborn - FoxNews

Baby Comes ‘Back From the Dead’ - Fox

Barack Obama Just Wants The Aborted To Truly Live For Once, In Progress

Barack Obama wants the aborted to truly live for once

Just a new 'Barack Obama just wants the aborted to truly live for once' cartoon, on the subject of abortion, featuring Timothy A. Bear and Neverborn, the aborted baby turned angel.

Just one more panel...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Faithmouse Happening

A parody video I made of the current M. Night Shyamalan eco-horror film The Happening, which features hapless human beings committing mass suicide as a result of vengeful plant farts.


An Anti Gay Marriage Cartoon, Gone Awry

an anti California Gay marriage cartoon gone awry

An anti California Gay marriage cartoon....gone awry.

Group loses court appeal to stop gay marriage -

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wally's Choice Painting Update

David Evert of the Alley Art puzzle mural project in Wadena, Minnnesota

The Wally's Choice oil continues. I'll post a pic of the completed canvas by Monday.

Had a chance while I was painting to meet David Evert, organizer of the ongoing '1,000 years of Minnesota History' mural project in Wadena, Minnesota. Each mural is painted in the shape of a puzzle piece and then installed on various buildings throughout Wadena; when completed the project will constitute the world's largest picture puzzle. Perhaps when David's project is completed we can coax the talking Paul Bunyan at the nearby Brainerd This Old Farm to amble over and terrorize the picturesque town of Wadena in a misguided although hilarious attempt to reconstruct the entire puzzle in the local Wal-Mart Supercenter parking lot. Watch Paul lose his patience and use his mighty axe to make the &%$# puzzle fit together.

You can help fund the mural project by taking a tour of the Alley Arts studio the next time you pass through Wadena.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wally's Choice, In Progress

Wally's Choice Canterbury park racehorse, Oklahoma Derby 2004

An oil painting in progress at Minnesota's Canterbury Park of racehorse Wally's Choice for Wally the beer man. This painting is further along than pictured, with more than half of the acrylic underpainting completed. Should have this completed by Father's Day on Sunday.

art studio

My art studio in the front lobby.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bill Murray Tries To Warn Barack Obama About Scarlett Johansson

Bill Murray tries to warn Barack Obama about Scarlett Johansson emails

Click above to view larger Barack Obama Scarlett Johansson Bill Murray cartoon.

The Scarlett (Johansson) Letter is "O" for Obama - Village Voice

Bill Murray tries to warn Barack Obama against exchanging emails with Scarlett Johansson, but his message gets Lost In Translation.

Worthy of a follow-up cartoon I may never get around to, which would feature John F. Kennedy stuck in a Groundhogs Day-like timewarp with Marilyn Monroe.

I'm a Bill Murray fan, so I hope his current divorce mess comes to some sort of amicable conclusion.

Michelle, take note.

Oolong Pancake Bunny Art

pancake bunny art

Oolong the pancake bunny - Ebay art auction

A new miniature oil of Oolong, the bunny who wears a pancake on its head (actually, he sports a double stack.) My third and most detailed painting in this continuing series.

A previous painting of Oolong is currently #1 in a Google image search of pancake bunny, bunny rabbit with a pancake on its head, and Oolong the bunny (all with 'safe search' on for some reason,) toping hundreds of copies of the original images which inspired the paintings. Many times these small oils end up ranking very high in Google image search categories. Your winning bid may truly become a collector's item.

'I have found the greatest art' - Shadows and Dust



A revision of my painting from last week, featuring Barack Obama riding a unicorn.

Unicorns Are Real!-

Barack Obama On A Unicorn - Ebay Art Auction

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paul Newman Portrait

Paul Newman battling cancer, portrait

Paul Newman Portrait -Ebay art auction

A miniature oil painting of Paul Newman, actor, director, former race car driver and founder of Newman's Own, as food company founded for the sole purpose of funding charities. One of these charities includes The Hole In The Wall Gang, a camp for children with cancer. The name is taken from the Paul Newman / Robert Redford film Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

Paul Newman IS Battling Cancer, Says the Actor's Friend - Cinematical

Paul Newman is a WWII veteran who served in the Pacific theater. Earlier this year, he celebrated his fiftieth wedding anniversary to wife Joan Woodward. They have three daughters.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bush Dance

George W. Bush dance

Bush Dance - Ebay Art Auction

A miniature oil painting of President George W. Bush dancing. Inspired very loosely by this video of President Bush dancing at the White House during Malaria Awareness Day.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Ted Kennedy's Tumor Proves My Point That Liberals Are Made Of Cancer

Ted Kennedy's tumor proves my point that liberals are made of cancer

That's to Scheherezade at Something Awful for inspiring this 'Ted Kennedy's tumor proves my point that liberals are made of cancer' cartoon.

A Big Brown Horse Art Painting

I have a new Big Brown painting currently on auction on Ebay.  The auction ends on Friday, April 10.

New Big Brown Painting - Ebay Art Auction.

Big Brown loses Belmont stakes

A miniature oil portrait of a big brown horse, similar to the one who recently lost his bid to become the first horse racing triple crown winner in thirty years. Better luck next time.

This painting was actually part of a previously posted larger canvas which also didn't turn out as planned. However, I was able to save this section of the painting, which in my biased opinion makes for a pretty nice miniature. The color and depth is more impressive than pictured here.

Yes, this is the Big Brown, but there are lots of big brown horses in this world. This could be almost any of them.

I have my hands full painting at Canterbury on the weekends, so my current modus is to post most of the miniatures on Sunday or Tuesday for either a five or seven day auction culminating on Sunday. Some of these paintings do end up selling for one dollar, which works out for me because I try to make a certain average for all paintings sold.

Happy bidding!

Big Brown racing horse artwork - Ebay Art Auction

Vladimir Putin With Shades

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with cool shades

A miniature oil portrait of a current Russian Federation Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Second painting I've done on this theme and incorporating a different pose. The skin tone isn't quite as green as it seems here; I'll try to post a better image.

Vladimir Putin wearing cool shades art - Ebay Art Auction

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Big Brown Horse Racing Artwork, In Progress

Big Brown equine horse racing artwork

The underdrawings for a matching set of Big Brown racehorse paintings, which are progressing swimmingly. In this photo you can make out the graph I sometimes draw on the canvas to plot out the dimensions of the subject.

Big Brown tries for the triple crown at Belmont today.

Big Brown is the color of choice - Chicago Tribune

Friday, June 06, 2008

Plaster Christ

plaster Christ

Click above to view larger.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jesus Found in Bushes in Detroit, Returned Home

Barack Obama, Faithmouse and Neverborn in a Messiah Episcopal church in Detroit, Michigan missing Jesus on the cross statue cartoon

Pencil sketch for a two part cartoon in progress featuring Barack Obama, Faithmouse and Neverborn, and using as a tableau the recent theft of a Jesus statue from Messiah Episcopal church in Detroit, Michigan.

In this photo you can see my TinTin mousepad and Camp Snoopy mug. The sketch is being drawn with a Winnie The Pooh pencil, pictured. Drawn while wearing Spongebob boxing shorts. Photo unavailable.

Breaking news-

Stolen Jesus statue returned to Detroit church -AP

Big Brown Racehorse Artwork Paintings

Painting of Wally's Choice racehorse, owned by Wally the Beerman and Randy Sampson

A painting of Canterbury Park champion and 2004 Oklahoma Derby winner Wally's Choice, riden here by Louis Quinonez and owned by Wally the Beerman and Randy Sampson. Click image above to view larger Wally's Choice painting.

Canterbury Park Racino, Minnesota turf horseracing track and card room

My studio in the front lobby of Canterbury Park Racino in Shakopee, Minnesota.

racehorse race horse artwork painting

Miniature equine art of Big Brown.

potential Preakness and triple crown winner Big Brown walking

A recenty completed painting of probable Preakness and triple crown winner Big Brown.
Oil on canvas, 16 by 20 inches.

horse racing artwork featuring Big Brown, number twenty

A commissioned oil of jockey Kent Desormeaux riding number twenty postition Big Brown to victory in the Kentucky Derby. This piece of horse racing artwork is also sixteen by twenty inches, painted on canvas. Both were painted at Canterbury Park racetrack in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama Victory Unicorn

Barack Obama victory unicorn

The Barack Obama Victory Unicorn.

I'll be selling these to the crowd outside the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul Minnesota later tonight.

Fast Eight Belles Racehorse Acrylic Underpainting

A real-time video; I paint an acrylic underpainting for a new Eight Belles memorial portrait, similar to the miniature oil I auctioned on Ebay a few weeks ago.

Qu Appelle at Something Awful posts-

I'd also love to see the steps you use to paint a painting if feasable, from start to finish - the beginning drawing, the different layers, etc. Even though it's a different medium, it's still painting, and I think I'd learn a lot from looking at this.

Wish I'd wore a hat.

Similar equine paintings and portraiture can be seen at my front lobby studio at Canterbury Park racetrack and card room in Shakopee, Minnesota. I'm painting during race times.

equine art and oil portrait studio at Canterbury Park racetrack and card room in Shakopee, Minnesota

Art studio in the front lobby of Canterbury Park racetrack and card room in Shakopee, Minnesota. Behind the easel you can see two paintings in progress of probable future triple crown winner Big Brown.

Stop by, say hi!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Hillary Clinton, The End

Hillary Clinton, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Muppet Rats, and Neverborn-the end

Hillary Clinton, Jim Morrison of the Doors sitting in the bathtub, Puerto Rican Muppet Rats, and Parisian Neverborn-the end.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sydney Pollack Memorial Painting

Hollywood director Sydney Pollack memorial portrait painting

A miniature memorial oil portrait of Tootsie director Sydney Pollack.

Sydney Pollack: an actor's director - Baltimore Sun

Sydney Pollack Memorial Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Thanks to Simply Streisand for linking to the Sydney Pollack painting.

Heath Ledger as The Joker

The Joker takes a ride in a stolen police car

Joker Ledger comic book character

The Joker, Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight artwork

Heath Ledger, Joker

Joker Batman artwork

actor heath ledger played both a Gay cowboy and The Joker

Click above for larger image. Largest.

A cartoon of late actor Heath Ledger, who played both a Gay cowboy and The Joker.

Previous 'memorial coloring page' cartoon.
Please visit the Faithmouse Megathread at Something Awful to view similar past paintings.

A short list of some of the sites displaying my recent Heath Ledger as The Joker artwork-

Bambini!! MSN LiveSpace page - Heath Ledger as The Joker art.



blondie MySpace - who I'd like to meet

godfather1fan YouTube - as background image

Pursuit of Reality




Todos Querem Ser Heróis - Jokerizao

Joker vs. Joker: Who Played the Better Joker in the Batman Movies? - Sodahead


A few of the sites currently displaying my Dark Knight artwork-


HF Boards

&&& ReNaVaTioN &&&

Rotten Tomatoes (Cowboy/Joker cartoon)

Bandar Palma

Oh No They Didn't LV


Heath Ledger Is Not Dead

Smiling Palomino

smiling Palomino western cowboy paint horse art

A miniature oil portrait of a smiling Palomino paint horse.

Smiling Palomino Western Cowboy Art- Ebay Art Auction