Friday, September 30, 2011

Arthur's Nude

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Franky & Obama

A painting of Franky the chihuahua rubbing syrup on Obama's back-

-need to change the label on the bottle from 'Cocoa Butter' to 'Maple Syrup'. My Bad.
By commission.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photograph / Barack Obama Johanssoning Painting Art Auction

A painting of Barack Obama Scarlett Johanssoning in the White House bathroom as Bo the dog looks on. This painting is inspired by the now nortorious but I think quite beautiful Scarlett Johansson nude photograph-

Scarlett Johansson Barack Obama nude photo art painting

This is an 11 by 16 inch oil painting on sheet canvas. 

Scarlett Johansson Barack Obama Nude Bathroom Johanssoning Photo Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Monday, September 12, 2011

Drew & Mike & Chaz Bono DWTS Unicorn Painting

A painting of Drew and Mike from WRIF in Detroit, along with Chaz Bono and a unicorn. This is the replacement for the Drew / Mike / Casey Anthony painting I tried to get to a few weeks ago but couldn't -

Drew Mike Chaz Bono on an easel

Drew Mike Chaz Bono unicorn painting

Needs a little detailing here and there.  Also not the best studio pic (large painting + studio lights at night) - I'll try to take a better one in sunlight later today.

Thanks to the five people following the painting and bidding before I even had an image in place...

Mike & Drew WRIF Chaz Bono Dancing With The Stars Unicorn Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Robocop With Breasts 9-11 Anniversary Painting

A post 9-11 painting of Robocop with breasts-
Sexy Robocop security defends us from 911

Robocop with breasts represents our post-911 DOHS society; reanimated from our economically decimated national Detroit, an impersonal conglomeration of technological and human elements. When we scroll down the page we are confronted finally with the seductive aspect of our super-creation. Do we consider these unreal, artificial appearing breasts to be attractive? Robocop seems to be trying much too hard to convince us that he/she/it is more human than machine. Behind our highly desired security apparatus, 9-11 happens without end. Our defender does not look at the tragedy but at us. The promised sequel does not happen; the original feature is remarketed over and over again.

Robocop With Breasts 911 Anniversary Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rick Perry Violent Pancake Painting Art Auction

Final of three revised pancake paintings I completed earlier in the week and posted to Ebay-

A painting of Texas Governor Rick Perry with a violent pancake on his head. I call this painting 'Rick Perry's Violent Pancake' -

the violent pancake of Texas Governor Rick Perry

The thumbnail on the Ebay Auction page shows the portrait of Rick before he got all violent, so just ignore that.

Texas Governor Rick Perry Violent Pancake Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Barack Obama Unfinished Pancake Portrait

Second of three pancake paintings I completed earlier in the week and posted to Ebay but wasn't completely happy with, recently revised -

A painting of Barack Obama with an unfinished pancake on his head-

the uncompleted pancake

Obama Unfinished  Pancake Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Golden Pancake Butt

One of three paintings I completed earlier in the week and posted to Ebay but wasn't completely happy with, recently revised -

A painting of a pancake on a butt.  I call this painting 'Golden Pancake Butt' which is intentionally inconclusive -

a painting of a pancake on a butt, in case you might have been looking for such a thing

Golden Pancake Butt Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Michael J. Fox With Nike Back To The Future Marty McFly Shoes And A Pancake On His Head

Actor Michael J. Fox with Nike 'Back To the Future' Marty McFly shoes and a pancake on top of his head-


You hope for a painting like this now and then. 

Michael J. Fox Nike Marty McFly Shoe Pancake Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Male Nude Nackt Desnudo обнаженный Nudo Gay Erotic Art Painting Ebay Auction

A male nude nackt desnudo обнаженный nudo gay erotic art Ebay art auction painting-

crouching gay erotic nude painting

I've noticed that most of the bidders for my male nudes are from Europe, probably because I end up posting these paintings very early in the morning, which means they close at the middle to later in the day overseas when people are actually online to see them. 

Crouching Male Erotic Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Jerry Lewis MDA Suffering Christ Painting

A painting of Jesus Christ as Jerry Lewis hosting an MDA like telethon-

Jerry Lewis MDA Christ

Jerry Lewis MDA Suffering Jesus Christ Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Nude Male Art, Gold Back

nude male art gold back painting

Started out as an acrylic, but I wasn't happy with it so I overpainted it with oil.  Has a nice modeled look now...

Nude Male Gold Back Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Friday, September 02, 2011

Michele Bachmann Christian Breasts Ebay Art Auction Painting, Now With Laser Beams

My most recent portrait of Michele Bachmann. I call this painting 'Michele Bachmann Nude.'

Yesterday this painting was removed by Ebay following a complaint ( 'MC999 eBay Listing Removed: Violent Materials (502772535)) but Ebay then agreed that the removal was in error and I was welcome to repost it. So here it is, with the addition of laser beams shooting from Michele's nipples. The laser beams are purely ideological in nature and therefore harmless.

I cautioned Ebay that they would probably receive complaints anew once I reposted this piece, so in order to hopefully defuse any sort of misunderstanding regarding the nature of this work allow me to elucidate upon the intended meaning.

This painting features a realistic representation of Michele Bachmann's face contrasted against an unrealistic presentation of her breasts, which, as previously noted, have crosses for nipples and are shooting laser beams. This contrast represents the dichotomy between Mrs. Bachmann's private life as a Christian versus her own public presentation of her faith. The darker shadows on her face could be mistaken for a five o'clock shadow; this is to accentuate her gender-opposite and untraditional role in promoting the gospel. Her eyes which have been much in the news recently are neutralized in my painting; Michele is instead interacting with the world via the twin orbs of her faith. Her bosom represents the old and new testaments; the laser beams are Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. As you can see, the laser beams are just starting to fire; they are in the process of gaining in intensity.

Michele Bachmann Nude

Michele Bachmann Nude Painting - Ebay Art Auction