Thursday, July 31, 2008

Joker Ledger

Joker Ledger comic book character

Saint Batman? - Catholic Media Review

A few of the sites and forums recently displaying my paintings and cartoons-

Michi MySpace - Heath Ledger (private)

Mafiacrime - postumous actor painting

Woot - poster claims to be me, is not

South Hills Music - Grimm post-thespian

Roid Free Sim Baseball

Modifikasi - Foreign fans of he who wore clown makeup

Friendster - friend of the Ledger

Capitol Grilling - Pepe McCain cartoon

Playteq - Heath as avatar

thizzmac12's Gaia page - Ganstas For Lyfe

Stiles Forum - Barack Omuppet

xx-Forever-Sleeping-xx Gaia - claims to be me, is not, erases my comment

Crown Commission - Neverborn Return To Sender


Playfire - Gaybear watches Fox News

Destructoid - Former Casanova


Okay Player - Avatar use

Politico - Obama Muppet

MacRumors - post your IPhone wallpaper/i like turtles

QZone - Angel / Amy Winehouse cartoon

Foro de Costa Rica - John McPew

My Space Truth Box

Nasioc - I Like Turtles

Fark - Britney Spears No Underwear, Hillary Clinton Muppet

Low-Bee - Green-haired bat nemesis art

Sodahead - Comic book villian

Brazil360 - evil lipstick lover

SceneTorrents - He who searches for Harvey Dent

Bambini - Purple suited one

Godfather 1 fan

Prefect Josh - Hillary Clinton muppet

Columbus, Ohio racing - Likes turtle painting

Lorain Xanga - Cowboy Joker cartoon

Jappy Lottie82 - Amy Winehouse admonition

Chile Warez - Aussie actor

Metal Gear Solid - Not Caesar Romero

Winniepeg Heights - Also admires turtles

The Furry Monster - Turtlefan

Fbody - Oolong, pancake bunny

Smart Brotha - Barack Obama portrait painting

Something Awful - kitty toon posted in FYAD

Forum-n - Ganstas

Oh No, Ingrid - added link, thanks!

MySpace profile - Cowboy Joker

Sole Collector - That zombie kid


Jeff Jenkins - China Bible/Harry Potter cartoon

Rajah - Oolong

Cafe Mom - Rainbow Neverborn - John McCain / Pepe LePew

Kobason - Barack Muppet

Chosen For Grace - Obama Prays

The Hatch - local forum, joined and then banned

Rock - Pope Benedict XVI German Suplex toon

Wishi - Mitt

Everything Is Better On Fire - Neverborn / Please Be My Valentine

Facebook - Blessed Mother Teresa painting

MySpace Carl FISTorino

Angel City Derby Girls - Faithmouse / Sinners Aren't Winners

Campdoc Invision board - Democratic felt puppet

Best Message Board Ever - Also likes reptiles in shells

MySpace Dicapria - Toy from Illinois

The Delver's Dungeon - Gary Gygax

Ed Schultz - John McPancake

...and fifty others

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Happy And Adorable Baby

a happy and adorable baby

Click above to view larger oil painting of a happy and adorable baby.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eight Belles

Eight Belles Art, Dean Kutz Memorial Chapel

Click above to view larger Eight Belles artwork.

I had previously painted a 4 by 6 inch miniature of Eight Belles, which acted as study for this larger 18 by 24 inch painting.

Putin Swirl

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin art

Click above to view larger Vladimir Putin artwork.

A new painting of Russian Federation Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. By request.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Surviving Conjoined Twin Bird Doesn't Need Your 'Help'

surviving conjoined bird twin from Arkansas is euthanized

A rare pair of conjoined barn swallows were discovered in Arkansas. A veterinarian euthanized the surviving twin.

Conjoined birds found in Arkansas - Chicago Tribune

Brett Fauve

Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre Farve Fauve

Green Bay Packer's quarterback Brett Favre painted in the style of the Fauvists.

I call this 'Brett Fauve.'

Vikings' Brad Childress on alleged calls to Brett Favre: 'You can't believe everything you read' -

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty / Good It's Pawlenty

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty for Vice President

Speculating that John McCain will pick Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty as Vice Presidential candidate and running mate on the 2008 Republican Presidential ticket.

It would be an excellent choice. Pawlenty is well respected by liberals in MN; even if he can't help McCain pick up Minnesota he would impress the mass of undecideds throughout the midwest.

Geraghty: Source says it’s Pawlenty for VP - Free Republic thread

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chase The Cat

Chase the cat, the kitty without a face

An acrylic painting on 16 by 20 inch canvas of Chase the cat, the kitty without a face. By request.

Daily Tales Of Chase Blog

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Nice John McCain Presidential Portrait

John McCain Presidential portrait oil painting

A very nice portrait of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain. 16 by 20 inch oil on stretched canvas.

This painting is for sale and can be purchased via Paypal-

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sin Controls Desire Using Fantasy

sin controls desire using fantasy

Sin controls desire using fantasy. This is an edited version of a mature-themed painting; you can view and purchase the original painting at the link below.

purchase original artwork

This painting has been sold. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bobby Jindal Painting

Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal

A Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal painting (in acrylic) by request.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The 'Official' Barack Obama White House Portrait

the official Barack Obama White House portrait, with pancake and butter

My most recent 'official' Barack Obama White House portrait, this time with a slice of coconut cream pie on his head.

This portrait, along with a number of my other Barack Obama paintings are currently for bid on Ebay.

Official President Barack Obama White House Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Catholic Icon Festival Express

Catholic Icon Festival Express across Canada

A request sketch, inspired by the Festival Express rockumentary which tells the tale of a group of 1960's rock icons traveling by train across Canada as part of a post Woodstock concert tour in the summer of 1970. In one scene, the train stops makes an unscheduled stop near a liquor store in Saskatoon. The film is worth seeing if only for the rediscovered footage of Janis Joplin, who died a few months later.

Jerry Garcia sings 'Better Take Jesus' Hand' in Festival Express.