Friday, May 31, 2013

Jodi Arias Art Not For Sale

By request from a collector and therefore not available for sale, my Jodi Arias art.  Murder defendant, fellow amateur artist, and HLN network star Jodi is pictured upside down in a courtroom in the company of a pancake. The pancake is innocent; I can't stress this point enough.

Because this is a family friendly blog, Jodi's bits have been covered even though they promote recycling.  You will need to click through to see the uncensored artwork-

Jodi Arias art artwork

Larger NSFW version - Jodi Arias Art

I've hesitated, after painting a number of morally questionable women such as Meg Whitman and Casey Anthony, to continue to depict additional 'bad girls' with delicious pancakes.  Pancakes have enough on their plate to have to counter the additional burden of unfair association.  The magnanimity of the amazing pancake can of course shirk off such branding without any overt effort, and you would think that the public as primary collector of truth would readily buy the willingness of the pancake to casually refute such disassociation as merit of a naturally innocent nature.  But no.  Therefore I've made the conscious decision to step back and allow the classic moll pancake meme to chill out for a bit. The request above breaks that peace.

I'm planning additional Jodi art, now that her public trial and travail has been granted a second life These pieces will be posted for auction and/or for direct purchase on Ebay.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Male Nude Art Painting

A new male nude art painting. In this painting, a male nude considers another male nude who lays on his back inside of a bell jar-

male nude art painting

This painting has gone through a number of evolutions, the most recent when a collector requested the removal of the genitals. As with all of my male nudes, this is a self-portrait except for the removal of the genitals. Snow falls, or perhaps stars.

Male Nude Art Painting - Ebay

Monday, May 27, 2013

Barbara Eden 'I Dream Of Obama' Jeannie Costume Painting / Ebay Art Auction

A painting of President Barack Obama as the lovely Barbara Eden and still looking fabulous in his retro TV I Dream Of Jeannie harem pants and fez costume. This painting was inspired by Mrs. Eden's recent appearance with former President Bill Clinton at the Aids charity Life Ball in Vienna, Austria.

Barbara Eden I Dream Of Jeannie costume

Barbara Eden Obama Jeannie Costume Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Princess Kate Pregnant Pancake Painting, Ebay Art Auction

A painting of expectant royal mother to be pregnant Princess Kate Middleton contemplating the wonder and eventual arrival of her blessed pancake-

Lady Princess Kate Middleton pregnant pancake painting

Princess Kate Pregnant Pancake Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bea Arthur Nude Painting Art Auction

My painting of the late Maude and Golden Girls star Bea Arthur suggestively naked and sheltering two pancakes in the general vicinity of her breasts. This  painting makes reference to the LGBT Ali Forney youth residency shelter to which Bea regularly donated.  The center was destroyed last year by Hurricane Sandy and is currently located in Harlem.  In the original publicity photo of Bea which I referenced for this painting she wore a blouse with white and blue featherish trim; in this image the feathers could be water, or energy, or angel wings. Or perhaps they are feathers.

Bea Arthur nude painting art auction

I understand that a similarly nude painting of Bea Arthur recently auctioned for 2 million dollars, but that portrayal was inferior to my version as it did not have pancakes. As a courtesy, I would be happy to paint pancakes into the 2 million dollar topless Christie's auction Bea for the benefit of the anonymous purchaser.

Bea Arthur Nude Painting Art Auction - Ebay

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama Unicorn Secret Coca Cola Recipe Painting, Ebay Art Auction

A new painting in my continuing President Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn series; a painting of President Obama nude and asleep on Penelope The Unicorn who attempts to flee with a copy of the secret Coca Cola recipe currently up for auction on Ebay while pursued by classic representatives of the Coca Cola company-

  ebay secret coca cola recipe auction painting

This portrayal of President Barack Obama, the most recent image in my continuing series of paintings of the United States Democratic Party President riding nude upon a unicorn, utilizes a current Ebay auction of a previously secret Coca-Cola soft drink recipe to reference his current investigative tribulations.  Obama rides nude and asleep, clutching close to his face ( his persona ) an original bottle of Coca-Cola ( his integrity ) which is open but not consumed.  Obama is both upon and within Penelope, his body doubling for the digestive track of the transparent unicorn. At the mouth of the beast there is a suggested but surreal means of the scandal having initiated into The Presidential System; this track of entrance must be imagined. The Unknown Resolution ( evacuation) is represented by one of Obama's thighs extending off of the edge of the canvas as a convulsed spastic colon.    Penelope The Unicorn holds the questioned truth in her teeth and flees in over reactive panic from the very presence of classic advertising representations of the Coca-Cola company.  Santa is distinguished and wears a hat which is long and probing. He is being trampled.  The Polar Bear gains first taste with his smooty black tongue.  The face of Penelope is raw and anatomical, as if in the process of dissection.  Rush Limbaugh is the face of a jowled and smoldering moon.

Secret Coca Cola Recipe Obama Nude Unicorn Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Minecraft Ferret Pancake Painting, Ebay Art Auction

My Minecraft fan art - a painting of a ferret with a pixelated pancake on its head and holding a Minecraft style torch-

Minecraft game fan art

Minecraft Ferret Pancake Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Minnesota Gay Marriage Mature Moose Squirrel Couple Painting, Ebay Art Auction

A painting of a mature moose and squirrel couple celebrating impending Minnesota Gay marriage in a converted circus acrobatic dive tub-

Minnesota Gay Marriage moose and squirrel painting

Minnesota Gay Marriage Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Ferret Head Pancake Painting

A painting of a ferret with a pancake on its head.

ferret head pancake painting

A painting of the head of ferret with a pancake on it.


A New Painting Of Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey, Free McDonald's French Fries For Life, Ebay Art Auction

A third painting of Mr. Ramsey, this time with a hamburger on top of his head-

Charles Ramsey hamburger painting

The fact that Charles has a hamburger on top of his head should not be taken as an acknowledgement that he endorses the hamburger being up there.

Charles Ramsey Hamburger Painting - Ebay Art Auction

A previous portrait of Cleveland Ohio hero Charles Ramsey, advocating that he should ( at the least ) receive free McDonalds french fries for life.

Charles Ramsey McDonalds french fries

I will continue to paint portraits of Mr. Ramsey until McDonald's has indeed 'gotten back to him' as they had tweet-promised a few weeks ago.
This is a 16 by 20 inch acrylic painting on a stretched canvas.

Charles Ramsey The Hero McDonald's French Fries Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

My painting of Mr. Ramsey from the previous week-

Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey

You can still view the concluded auction of my first 'Ramsey'-

Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey McDonalds Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Friday, May 03, 2013

Kanye West 6 18 Nude Unicorn & Pancakes Ebay Art Painting Auction

A painting of rap artist Kanye West nude on a unicorn and referencing his mysterious 6 18 tweet. With unicorn and pancakes.

Kanye West 6 18

This painting contains 3 symbolic references to 6 18.  Can you find them all?

Kanye West 6 18 Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Jason Collins Gay NBA Player Obama Unicorn Painting, Ebay Art Auction

A painting of newly uncloseted Gay NBA player Jason Collins nude and scoring a spiritually symbolic basket with the assistance of President Barack Obama who is also nude and riding on a unicorn named Penelope.

Because this is a family friendly blog, a censored version is posted.  You will need to click through to see the original image-

Jason Collins is Gay

Larger Jason Collins Gay NBA painting image.

This is the latest painting my continuing Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn series, started in 2008.

Jason Collins Gay NBA Obama Unicorn Painting - Ebay Art Auction