Friday, June 29, 2007


Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican Kitty, blessing
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Pro-Life Generation

To those who have witnessed a March For Life anywhere this isn't much of a surprise, except perhaps to certain pollsters from the New York Times, CBS News and MTV. Welcome to the future; we've been waiting for you!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sam Brownback and Neverborn / All Wet

Senator Sam Brownback switches vote on cloture immigration amnesty bill to 'no' after defeat is assured

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I've been unable during the past few days to use the Edit Html command in blogger. The result is that I can't add alt tags and my index page images are a little smaller than usual, and of course it just takes longer to put it all together. I wonder if any other blogger user might be having the same problem?
I try not to explain my own cartoons (boring) but I wouldn't mind expelling a little hot air regarding the Senator Sam Brownback / neverborn cartoon above. I think the Senator has damaged himself as a spokesman for pro-life causes as a result of both his wishy-washedness on the cloture/amnesty vote and his subsequent explanation of his vote-switch, which I incline to view as fibbing.
Part of the Senator's problem might be some honest, down-to-earth confusion regarding his position, perhaps as a result of trying to synapse his pro-life idealism (respect all life and show mercy to the helpless) with the anarchistic political positioning of a U.S. Catholic church which isn't exactly leading morally on this question by both tactically and blatantly disregarding the law, which is meant to protect everyone, including those who risk their own lives and others by coming here illegally. Politicians such as Senator Brownback may site a deep respect for standards of theology when defending the unborn, the disabled and the old, but then develop a huge blind spot when it comes to recognizing that widely unenforced law against illegal immigration attempts to serve the same purpose; to protect life.
It cruel to enable a system wherein people are robbed, raped and killed in transit, exploited while living in 'the shadows', and live perpetually in fear of being blackmailed or deported. Family don't deserve to be separated and destroyed by illegal immigration. Police officers and border guards don't deserve to be injured and murdered. Children don't deserve to be born with parents who may be deported at any time back to their home nation. Citizens who could best spend resources helping their own families don't deserve to be coerced into supporting those who chose purposefully to break the law. Perhaps most importantly, those who come here legally don't deserve to have their patient respect for order and justice thrown back into their faces by politicians who refuse to enforce existing laws because, according to current convoluted logic, that application would be cruel.
Illegal immigration is a victim creator, just like abortion. I believe we can have both mercy and respect for our laws without allowing untenable good intentions to undermine both.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Obese Cuttlefish Dictator

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Worked on three cartoons on Wednesday but completed none, hit my head on the wall a little, and then drew the above pencil drawing in a few hours early Thursday morning. Right now I like the POV, but I'm not certain how I'll feel later in the day.
One of the cartoons I'm working on is a new 'Paris Hilton', who in her recent interview with Larry King revealed that she's returned to attending Mass, and then Larry called her George. I guess Saint Gentian patron saint of hoteliers helped after all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Three Gay Bullets

Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco receives death threats following anti-gay marriage, pro-traditional marriage statements

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3 bullets and threat sent to head of Italy bishops' conference - International Herald Tribune

Italian terrorist probed in death threats against archbishop - Catholic World News

Blessing Panel

Pope Benedict XVI blessing

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A new Pope Benedict XVI cartoon in progress.

Jereme at What Would Jesus Download (which features our cartoon and also offers a free version of Christian Ubuntu for Linux) has a new toolbar available for Firefox and IE.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Queen Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret

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For Mayberry Pancakes at the faithmouse request thead at POE-

"I just got a part-time job at Victoria's Secret and my parents are afraid it's going to turn me into a terrible human being. Maybe you could draw them a cartoon to reassure them that I am still happy and Methodist? (There are some pictures of me here if you scroll down, but that's not necessary.) I think they would respect the word of a well-known Christian cartoonist." - Mayberry Pancakes
Can't log in at POE (Chet converged databases over the weekend) so as soon as I'm able to I'll post the above in addition to the next request in the thread proposed by thebaronsdoctor and Billings-a portly dictator cuttlefish.

Roy in his WHAT DO THE DRUMS SAY, RODNEY? post at alicublog says the following-

"I would advise you wash this garbage out of your brain with some hardcore pornography, but your work computer filters may not allow it, so use Faithmouse instead -- the guy is every bit as bigoted as Dreher, but clinically insane, which is much more entertaining."

A post of a previous Neverborn & Swoopy / Blogs4Life toon can be found at the Korean cafe322.

Thanks to Alan Keyes Renew America for the post of the recent Godless Dollars cartoon.

Daniel posts the Devilcat with MadMax Tequita Bottle Sparklie on Ivón AnahÍ's MySpace page.

Thanks to Pookie18 for the recent post on his Today's Toons thread at Free Republic.

Nyla at the Spanish language Hey Britney forums says "Pues buscando fotos hoy me encontre con esta ....como se cachondean de ella... " and posts a link to a (relatively) recent Britney Spears No Underwear! cartoon featuring Faithmouse and GayBear.

Just discovered this post of the Steve Irwin / Crikey! and an older Chaplain Catodanno cartoon by MySpace's Pepper Ann.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stop The ACLU Ferret / The North American Ferret-Boy Love Association

Ohio ACLU asks to review abstinence programs for violations of 'separation of church and state' issues, the North American Man Boy Love Association

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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

Your bonus weekend Stop The ACLU Ferret cartoon, this time focusing on the ACLU's support of NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association. A link to a story regarding the ACLU of Ohio's intent to review all records of public school abstinence programs for violations of 'separation of Church and State' issues can be found in the previous post.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Stop The ACLU Ferret / Just Do Me In Ohio

Ohio ACLU asks to review abstinence programs for violations of 'separation of church and state' issues

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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

ACLU asks to review abstinence programs - The Plain Dealer
“Abstinence” or “Comprehensive” Sex Education?

Big headstart of this Sunday's Stop The ACLU toon. I've made a few revisions to the previous Walking Stick cartoon as well.

Thanks to Alan Keyes Renew America for posting the recent Godless Dollars cartoon.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Godless Dollars

Mint releases more 'Godless' dollar coins

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Mint releases more 'Godless' dollars -
(error during striking process)

The St. Augustine cartoon has been updated below, as has last Sunday's Stop The ACLU Ferret toon.

City Of Oh My God

St. Augustine gets his own MySpace page

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ms. StarMole Dreams of Number Six and Christgantor Freeing Faithmouse From Rover

Ms. StarMole Dreams of Number Six and Christgantor Freeing Faithmouse From Rover: The Prisoner television series and the Gigantor cartoon

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I'm a little artistically constipated today, so here's an image from the POE request thread until I can complete a few of the other items on backorder. I have what should be an entertaining Faithmouse / Queen Victoria's Secret cartoon in progress, also inspired by a POE request.

Thanks to Amergina for the post of the above at her Friends of Amergina LiveJournal.

Monday, June 18, 2007

St. Augustine Is In Your Extended Network

St. Augustine's MySpace page
Cartoon in progress. Should have this posted later tonight.

St. Augustine joins the ranks of MySpace users - CNS

Thanks to Al at Is Anybody There? for posting the recent Ruth Graham Bell Memorial cartoon.

Pookie18 has the recent Faithmouse / Neverborn Gimmie Some Skin! cartoon in his latest Today's Toons thread at Free Republic. Pookie also now posts his collection on, a site housing a number of refugees from the Free Republic / Rudy Giuliani supporter purge of a few months ago.

erika![thUGG] has a Faithmouse / Gaybear Britney Spears 'No Underwear' cartoon on her (ADULT CONTENT) ericableedsgreen MySpace page.

Synonymous Bengal posts the Stop The ACLU Ferret Comedy Night cartoon on this ACLU Ring Busted thread at the Cinncinati Bengals Engraged Fan Site.

Darren at 0ñL¥÷h¤þ€'s only86 MySpace page posts a variation of our current banner and suggest 'faithmouse' as the blog operator's new nickname.

Jason posts the Faithmouse Salute Sparklie on this MySpace bulletin board (ADULT CONTENT).

Staggman posts an isolated panel from an older POot Toon to this Guitar forum.

Ccnuggie posts a recent Stop The ACLU Ferret cartoon to this conservatism LiveJournal.

2T posts the Jerry Falwell Memorial cartoon on this Jerry Falwell.... DEAD! District Soul page (NOT NICE).

Thanks to cartoonist Iron Spike who draws Iron Circus for this post in her Iron Sideshow Christianity and Atheism forum-

"This is how small the minds of some people are. They are completely incapable of comprehension. They can't understand that a person might come to a logic conclusion based of the evidence presented.

On the other hand, though, y'know who's basically OK with nonbelievers? This dude. We've linked each other. Do I agree with him on anything at all? Nope. Not a single thing. But can we have a civil conversation? Yoobetcha. Because he's not interested in saving me from myself. Maybe he recognizes it for the brainless condescension it is, or maybe I'm not worth the bother. Who knows. Point is, I'm not evangelized at."

That's true. I don't preach to anyone, other than just drawing and presenting the cartoons. Faithmouse is art which parallels my own personal convictions, but not necessarily so.

The ILXOR Come with me, come to the land of batsh*t rightwing cartoonist thread features a number of my recent cartoons and (following my diddling with their topmost faithmouse cartoon post) subsequent pro and con commentary, including -

"I dunno if faithmouse guy actually qualifies as right-wing anymore, he just seems to be a Big-Time Believer and doesn't participate as much in the incredibly knee-jerk authoritarian partisanship you see in the other strips. Compared to mallard etc. he's a breath of fresh air. "

"I dunno; the FM guy has his moments where there are weekly cartoons attacking the ACLU, showing them cavorting with terrists, or when the site reps for Alan Keyes or Sam Brownback."

" ..I didn't read the whole thread but I came here to say that FaithMouse doesn't deserve to be lumped in with the rest of this garbage. For one, instead of being nauseatingly simplistic it's often refreshingly inscrutable."

afp3683 post the Otters Holding Hands For Christ toon on his blurf LiveJournal.

The Great Faithmouse Request Thread continues at Portal Of Evil (ADULT CONTENT). Paypal donations appreciated!

Finally, I'm especially proud that Francisan Brother O.F.M. Cap has the Neverborn / Bad Ass For Life toon posted on his True Preacher MySpace page. If you're a MySpace user you'll need to request that he add you as a friend to see his page (many traditional religious images and Catholic rap music) but it's a total gas and worth the effort. Please tell him 'faithmouse' sent you!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stop The ACLU Ferret / Not My Father

ACLU, Star Wars cartoon: You're Not My Father!

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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

Thanks to Al at Is Anybody There? for posting the recent Ruth Bell Graham Memorial cartoon.

Thanks to both BlessedHUIE and Sweetpea90 for posting the Ruth Bell Graham Memorial cartoon at MSN's God's Embrace. Visitors are welcome to post faithmouse cartoons on their own sites, but remember to always use the specific address (cartoon123.jpg, for example) and not any of the regularly updating 'toon' 'Jesus' or 'catholic' URL's.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ruth Bell Graham Memorial Cartoon

Ruth Bell Graham, wife of evangelist Billy Graham, memorial cartoon

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A cartoon for Ruth Graham, wife of evangelist Billy Graham, who passed away on Thursday.

Ruth Bell Graham Obituary - The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Thanks to Frank Trainor for linking to faithmouse at his new In Touch With The Mystery.

A Thorn In The Pew gives us a nice post or two, and suggested Faith's mantilla in the recent Latin Mass cartoon.

Janesasa on this Chinese GodBlog site posts the Autumn Leaves image from a few years ago.

Thanks to Jeffrey at BlendedFolk for adding faithmouse to his Catholics links page.

Edwin posts a few toons promoting faithmouse on this Ben Folds webcomic forum. Thanks!

Barbara posts a Neverborn / Blogs4Life promo toon on her MySpace Barbara's Blog.

Thanks to Pookie18 for a number of recent posts at his Today's Toons threads at Free Republic.

Jayne at So Many Devotions adds faithmouse to her links.

Darren at I Give You My Heart's only86 MySpace page posts a variation of our banner.

Janice posted the These Colors Don't Run cartoon to a thread at SitComs Online.

President Bush, Pope Benedict XVI and Faithmouse / Walking Stick

President Bush gives Pope Benedict XVI a walking stick, calls him sir instead of your holiness

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

President Bush gives Pope walking stick made by former homeless man - CNA

Bush in holy gaffe (no news making news) - Free Republic

A President Bush / Pope Benedict XVI / Faithmouse cartoon. I'll backtrack and add Vatican Kitty to the scene as well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Christopher Hitchens, Author of 'God Is Not Great' And A Baby Panda With A Frog On It's Head

Atheist Christopher Hitches, Author of 'God is not great' and a baby panda with a frog on it's head

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Christopher Hitchens, author of 'God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything' (currently #3 on the New York Times bestseller list) and a baby panda with a frog on it's head.

Christopher Hitchens - Wikipedia

Hitchens Vs Hitchens - Daily Mail
Criticism of 'God Is Not Great' by the author's brother, journalist Peter Hitchens

Monday, June 11, 2007

Latin Mass

Traditional Latin Mass, Tridentine Mass, Motu Proprio
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A cartoon on the subject of the anticipation of the lifting of restrictions on the traditional Tridentine Mass, better known as the 'Latin' Mass. The Latin Mass wouldn't replace the post Vatican II Mass-it's just that the lifting of restrictions (this one would be by personal accord of the Pope himself; a Motu Proprio) would allow priests to hold the mass without the prior approval of their local bishop, which should widen its usage. The word in the 'street' is that Pope Benedict's papal rescript allowing the restoration of the Latin Mass is on the way, but we're all still waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

Timothy A. Bear = not the sharpest teddybear in town.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stop The ACLU Ferret / Bible Ballet

ACLU agrees with punishing students cheered at High School graduation ceremony

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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

This cartoon references two recent cases where Catholic parents are assisting the ACLU in separation cases. For those new to the cartoon-

Ms. StarMole - former atheist, now liberal Catholic deaconess at St. Joan of Snark's in Liberalopolis.

Faithmouse - Conservative Catholic mouse.

Mr. ACLU Ferret - an ACLU ferret.

Chauncey, World Scout - Ms. StarMole's nephew and charge, following the death of her sister.

ACLU Sues LA District for Bible Giveaway - CBN

ACLU, some parents sue over Bible classes in Ector County -

Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton in Jail with Saint Gentian, Patron Saint of Innkeepers

Paris Hilton cartoon
Click above for larger image. Largest.

This may be unpopular-but I have a lot of sympathy for Paris Hilton, influenced at least partially by her recent high-profile public appearances with a Bible and reports that she's praying while in jail. My previous Paris Hilton cartoon alluded to the fact that her great-grandfather Conrad, founder of Hilton Hotels, was a very committed Catholic.

Two previous Paris Hilton cartoons-

Paris Hilton in jail with a bible and Neverborn

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohand and Britney Spears cartoon

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Father AllDeer

Father Altier, Father AllDeer

Guess who! From a cartoon in progress...

A Voice In The Desert

I'm extremely negligent in acknowledging posts (just busy) but very quickly this morning here's a few. I'll update the list later this evening-

Thanks to Christine at Ramblings Of A GOP Soccer Mom for her Citius, Altius, Fortius post.

Thanks to Ma Beck at her WardWideWeb for also posting the Beijing Man toon.

He Is Risen Indeed has added faithmouse as a link.

Paul at Thoughts Of A Regular Guy has posted the most recent ACLU Ferret toon.

Beijing Man

China may ban Catholics from 2008 Olympics

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

I've taken a few liberties with the official Olympic logo for the 2008 Olymics in Beijing, China.

China May Ban Catholics From 2008 Olympics - Catholic Citizen

73-year-old Underground Bishop Arrested 10th Time in China - Status Of The Chinese People

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Message To You, Rudy

candidate Rudy Giuliani is interupted by lightning when answering question on abortion at Republican presidential debate

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

A new Ruby Jewels / Rudy Giuliani cartoon.

A Message To You, Rudy - The Specials

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Porn Vac

pornography vacuum bugcatcher
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Cartoon in progress.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Coadjutor Archbishop John Nienstedt

Minnesota Coadjutor Archbishop John Nienstedt

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

Ms. StarMole and Minnesota Loon in a Coadjutor Archbishop John Nienstedt cartoon. A new character named Father Foxy is introduced by way of the portrait in the last panel.

Stop The ACLU Ferret

ACLU agrees with punishing students cheered at High School graduation ceremony

Click above for larger image. Largest.

For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

Cheering ban costs five students their H.S. diplomas - CNN