Thursday, July 19, 2018

Jason Lewis Pancake Slut

Minnesota district 2 MN-2 GOP congressional representative Jason Lewis portrait painting

A portrait of my Minnesota District 2 MN-2 GOP congressional representative Jason Lewis as a pancake slut.

As I've painted many pancake portraits in the past, I hope that Jason will not take this painting out of context. 

It was recently revealed that Mr. Lewis referred to young women as sluts on his radio program a few years ago. I regularly listened to Jason's show at that time..I have no doubt he did so, but I'm certain it was within context of whatever point he happened to be making at the time. My paintings are art, so this pancake painting is within that context. Enjoy!

I look forward to painting Jason as a Beatle, something I've always wanted to do.  He's quite the fan!

My previous painting of my congressional conservative representative was featured on Gawker, a number of years ago.  So, this is my second painting of Jason. In my previous painting, Jason was attending the wedding of a S&M goat and a pancake.

This original painting is available on Etsy.