Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tall Pancake Landscape

I painted this as a gift for a follower on Flickr who had purchased a smaller painting of a pancake with a beard.  Perhaps if I mail this by noon today he'll see the painting(s) by Saturday. 

Taylor Swift Pancakes

A portrait of Taylor Swift with pancakes on top of her head. Painted last weekend.

The stumps in the background are of pop stars past or becoming.  I may revise one stump to demonstrate that it is in the process of forming.

The double pancakes represent Taylor's two album of the year Grammy awards.

It seems as if I am cleaning my coffee maker every two weeks now.

I very much doubt that Hitler had a micropenis. 

My ideal weight is supposed to be 165 pounds so I would like to lose at least another three pounds by Saturday.  That would put me only five pounds above my goal weight.

I worked on this painting for about an hour at a McDonalds in Inver Grove Heights. 

I would like to start a painting called Infant Of Pancakes for Lent, but I need a photo of an infant to look at.  That, or an infant.

Death Of Justice Scalia Unicorn Pancakes

Just remembered that I have a blogger app on my tablet; I should get into the habit of using it.  Many of my newer paintings are posted first to
twitter or flickr, most directly to Etsy.

My Justice Antonin Scalia memorial painting is from a week ago.

Monday, February 22, 2016

US President Barack Obama Historic Cuba Trip Unicorn

a painting of US President Barack Obama on his historic February trip to the island nation of Cuba- obama cuba trip unicorn no pancakes