Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Paintings For Sale

I've returned to painting larger paintings on stretched canvas. Below are a number of mostly 8 by 10 inch recent paintings on canvas which have been sold-

Magic Hedgehog Pancake 

Sea Ferret Pancake 2 

Night Moon Pancake Duck

Dramatic Prairie Dog Cloud Pancakes 

Duck Back Pancakes

Dramatic Prairie Dog Surprised Pancakes

Pancake Fetching Duck 

Obama Pancake French Fry

Alex Jones Buttersignal Pancakes


I also have a number of prints of my paintings on canvas available.  The prints are of excellent quality and are $15 each.   

Here's a selection of paintings from the past year-

Domo Pancakes

Anthony Weiner Selfie Pancake

Bea Arthur Nude Pancakes

Concerned Ferret Pancake

George Bush Paints Barney Back To Life

Anthony Zimmerman Not Guilty Pancake 

Jason Collins Obama Unicorn

Kanye West Pancake Unicorn

Fox Pancakes

Obama Grumpy Cat Inauguration Unicorn Pancakes

Obama Bo Gay Rays Of Mercy

Obama With Dead Twinkie

Ron Jeremy Obama Hedgehog 4th Of July Pancake Boat

Russian Meteor Pancake

Space Ferret Pancake

Bob Ross Pancake

Happy Kitty Pancake

Sweet Cat Pancakes

Obama Spock Twinkies

Pancake Pope Abdication

I Like Turtles 

James Gandolfini Tony Soprano Portrait

Amy Winehouse Blue Portrait

Axolotl Pancake

Black Cat Pancake

Charles Ramsey Pancake Portrait

Handcuffed Ferret Painting

Gangnam Style Obama

Gay Marriage Pancakes

Hedgehog Pancake

Panda With Hostess Products

Michele Obama Hostess Cupcake Bra

Miley Cyrus Twerking Unicorn

Michael Jackson Hat Portrait

Pope Francis With Pancake Zucchetto 

Sea Ferret Pancake

Sergio Ramos Space Pancake

Simon Minecraft Yogscast Corgi Jaffa Cakes Pancake. Commissioned as a birthday present for Simon.

Original Star Trek Pancake Obstruction

Superman Kryptonite Pancake

I have a few paintings currently for sale on Etsy.  Facebook is a good place to keep up on recent paintings, sold or unsold.

Please email me at faithmouse (at) yahoo [.} com to inquire regarding unsold works; I'll be happy to forward a paypal invoice with shipping.