Friday, February 27, 2009

Secretary Of Space Hillary Clinton Pancake Head

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a pancake on her head

An 8 by 10 inch oil portrait on sheet canvas of Hillary Clinton in her new role as Secretary of Space.

Secretary of Space Hillary Clinton Pancake Head - Ebay Art Auction

Barack Obama Golden Closeup

Barack Obama closeup picture

A 5 by 7 inch oil portrait on sheet canvas of Barack Obama, close up and personal.

Before I began to paint unicorns, I produced a number of straightforward Obama portraits which still rank prominently in Google under related search terms. Today's portrait is painted over a gold metallic acrylic base, which gives the painting a golden glow.

Barack Obama Closeup Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michael Steele, Bling Bling Head

An oil portrait of Fox News personality Glenn Beck with a steaming cow pie on top of his head

An 8 by 10 inch oil portrait on sheet canvas of RNC Chairman Michael Steele with bling bling on top of his head.

Republicans go hip hop - Daily Vidette

Michael Steele, Bling Bing Head - Ebay Art Auction

A few recent posts of my cartoons and paintings, culled from my referrer stats. Thanks to all- link Obama pancake Dude cartoon Taint Valentines day toon Sarah Palin pancakes Sarah Palin pancakes Hensel twins Barack Obama painting Sarah Palin pancakes Obama Muppet Michelle Obama pancake Hand of God bunny pancake Snooty Bunny Valentine Day toon John McCain pancake head I Like Turtles painting Heath Ledger Dark Knight Oprah Winfrey pancake Wall Street Obama Faithmouse God Loves You cartoon I Like Turtles Oolong pancake bunny Blago pancake Obama Victory Unicorn Obama Victory Unicorn Pancake Pastoral Bernie Madoff pancake Pancakes Nancy Pelosi-ism cartoon Unicorns Unicorns paintings Paintings Wall Street Unicorn Oolong Bunny Paintings I Like Zombies Linsmore cross New England patriot cartoon Bernie Madoff pancake Pancake Pastoral Faithmouse Starbucks cartoon Madoff cartoon Masturbating bear Hudson River Obama Hudson River Miracle obama Sarah Palin pancakes (metaphor is subjective) Heath Ledger Joker Ledger Joker Obama Victory Pie Heath Ledger Joker The Final Battle paintings Palin pancake hunter Rahm Emmanuel lox and bagel Obama prays painting Oolong pancake pancakes I like turtles Joker art I Like Turtles Obama pancake pancakes I like turtles Bobby Jindahl painting Obama unicorn Obama unicorn The Final Battle Pancake bunny art Bobby Jindahl pancake Obama pancake plug The Final Battle Camp Lei Oolong pancake bunny Bobby Jindahl painting Bobby Jindahl pancake Sarah Palin pancakes Palin wink

Glenn Beck With A Steaming Cow Pie On Top Of His Head

An oil portrait of Fox News personality Glenn Beck with a steaming cow pie on top of his head

An 8 by 10 inch oil portrait on sheet canvas of Fox News personality Glenn Beck with a steaming cow pie on top of his head.

Glenn Beck Steaming Cow Pie Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Obama Unicorn Palin Moose 'The Final Battle' Painting Removed By Ebay

My 'The Final Battle' Painting was pulled yesterday by Ebay because cropped images are not allowed in the general interest category. My mistake. However, I suspect this was the result of having a number of conservative activists monitoring my auctions for violations than it being a case of Ebay coming across the listing and finding a problem.

Again, there are regularly a number of nudes violating category which are viewable on Ebay, but I've become a target of the Obama-haters who as a dumb reflex target any art which fails to depict Obama as a dead monkey.

The painting is available for direct purchase for $300; please contact me at faithmouse (at) yahoo [.] com.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Final Battle

nude Barack Obama on a unicorn battles nude Sarah Palin on a moose, 'the final battle'

An 8 by 10 inch oil painting of a nude Barack Obama on a unicorn battling a nude Sarah Palin on a moose. I call this painting 'The Final Battle.' The uncensored version of this painting will be viewable on Fleshbot or at the Faithmouse Forum at Portal Of Evil.

The Final Battle - Ebay Art Auction

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Masturbating Bear, In Oil

The much beloved 'masturbating bear' from the late 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' program

An 8 by 10 inch oil painting of the much beloved masturbating bear, from the late 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' program.

An Oil Painting Of The Masturbating Bear - Ebay Art Auction

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Final Battle, In Progress

The Final Battle

An 8 by 10 oil painting in progress of a nude Barack Obama on a unicorn battling a nude Sarah Palin on a moose. I'm calling this painting The Final Battle.

Sleepy Lenin

Sleepy Lenin

An 8 by 10 inch portrait of Lenin with his eyes closed.

Sleepy Lenin - Ebay Art Auction

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Warren Zevon With A Sandwich On His Head

Warren Zevon with a pancake on his head

By commission; a portrait of musician Warren Zevon with a sandwich on his head.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rahm Emanuel With A Bagel, Cream Cheese, And Lox On His Head

Rahm Emanuel with a bagel with cream cheese and lox on his head

An 8 by 10 inch oil portait on sheet canvas of Rahm Emanuel with a bagel, lox, and cream cheese on his head, painted for a client. This is my second Rahm Emanuel painting.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Most of my newer Obama Unicorn paintings are commissions, which has left less time to paint and post newer paintings for auction on Ebay. I'm currently asking $300 for a three figure/situational 8 by 10 inch oil similar to the painting I'm previewing below. A 4 by 6 inch portrait is still $50, and an 8 by 10 is $100 (with or without pancake.) Knowing these two price points should help you to step prices for anything between.

Here are two preliminary sketches for a client who wishes to remain private; one of these I may complete for auction later.

I'm currently being interviewed by a writer for a major media print article. I'll let you know if and when it sees publication.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pancake Pastoral

Pancake Pastoral

Obama, Penelope the unicorn, and a pancake. I call this painting 'Pancake Pastoral.'

Pancake Pastoral - Ebay Art Auction

A few recent posts of my paintings and cartoons, culled from my referrer stats- Dramatic Prairie Dog Please Be My Valentine cartoon Obama Victory Unicorn Please Be My Valentine Heath Ledger Joker painting Brett Favre painting Obama portrait;topicseen Ugly Betty painting Please be my valentine Ginsburg Obama Paintings Obama Unicorn Heath Ledger Joker painting Camp Lei gansta for lyfe cartoon Obama Victory Unicorn Be My Valentine Obama unicorn Alamo City Pundit story Alamo City Pundit story Happy Valentines' Day Taint Paintings Obama unicorns Taint Valentine's Day Taint Valentines' Day toon Victory Obama unicorn Taint Valentine's day toon Please Be My Valentine cartoon Taint Valentine's Day toon Barack Obama pancake Please Be My Valentine Taint Valentine's Day Taint Valentine's Day toon Victory Unicorn Taint Valentine's Day cartoon Taint Valentine's Day cartoon

Universal Health Care

universal health care

Obama and Penelope the unicorn in 'Universal Heath Care.' Also featuring Stalin and Hugh Laurie as 'House.' For a private collector.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Universal Health Care, In Progress

Barack Obama, Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care, in progress and by request.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mrs. S Portrait, Completed

a painting

The completed portrait.

a painting

Detail. The colors appear much rawer here than in the completed painting.

Back to unicorns.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blessed Mother Teresa Painting

A painting of Blessed Mother Teresa

A 20 by 24 inch oil and acrylic painting on stretched canvas of Blessed Mother Teresa, which has been on display in the Church Supply area for the past year at Leaflet Missal Catholic Supply in St. Paul, Minnesota. This painting is the top image search result in Google under the term 'Blessed Mother Teresa' and appears as a spot illustration on many sites and blogs.

Catholic painting on easel

Blessed Mother Teresa - Ebay Art Auction

Pajamas TV

Afterburner Pajamas TV

Two of my paintings appear in this 'Afterburner with Bill Whittle' President Obama's Unicorn Problem Pajamas TV video. Can't embed, so please click the image to view the video on the Pajamas TV site.

The artist who created the paintings used in this video is a long-time Freeper, signed autographs once at Gary Bauer's The Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., and was drawing pro-conservative cartoons which appeared widely across the conservative blogosphere before the startup of Pajamas TV. I remember being on top of the Rathergate story moment by moment as it happened, and very quickly spun out this cartoon to celebrate the victory of the 'bloggers in pajamas' or as I referred to them at the time, the 'pajamahadeen.'

Dan Rather cartoon

A selection of Dan Rather cartoons

To encapsulate, Bill, just in case you ever happen to run into him, here's what the person who would paint these images might look like, one day-

Afterburner Pajamas TV

Faithmouse Self-Syndication Promotional Postcard

Faithmouse self syndication promotional postcard

Faithmouse self syndication postcard, front-larger image.

Faithmouse self syndication promotional postcard

Faithmouse self syndication postcard, back-larger image.

Back when Faithmouse was a pro-Christian and pro-conservative apologetic, after the first time the cartoon was rejected by the newspaper syndicates, I decided to take the initiative and syndicate the cartoon myself. I printed and mailed more than two thousand of the above postcards promoting my services to every newspaper in the United States and a few in Canada. I thought I had come up with a pretty clever format in offering a template which would turn any part of a newspaper into a mini-Christian section which could support local advertising. For all my effort I received one positive response, but it was too depressing to syndicate to just one newspaper. I tried the syndicates a few additional times during the course of the next few years before finally throwing in the towel.

I was reflecting back on the many, many efforts I made to see Faithmouse in print, and remembered these cancelled and postmarked cards which were sitting in a cardboard box in my basement.

Faithmouse Self-Syndication Postcard- Ebay Art Auction

Thanks to Fleshbot for displaying two recent paintings in their It's A Super-Funpacked Double Edition Of Faithmouse This Week! post.

A few recent posts of my paintings and cartoons, culled from my referrer stats- It's Not Lupus video Obama Porn Ahmadinejad pancake Camp Lei Paintings Paintings Father Altier drawing Mother Teresa Smiles painting Camp Lei Camp Lei Fairness Doctrine unicorn "I NEED THIS PAINTING!" Camp Lei paintings Obama Vibrant painting Oolong pancake bunny Ebay controversy post reference to Camp Lei painting Paintings Camp Lei Obama New Year posted by Shari Elliker Oprah Winfrey pancake Evidence of Hell a few words Putin Painting Camp Lei Bruce Springsteen cartoon Bush and the Easter Bunny painting Camp Lei Dan Lacey Paintings Sarah Palin pancakes It's Not Lupus Dick Cheney Paintings Get Religion post Ferret pancake Father Altier drawing It's Not Lupus video

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Healing Touch

An oil painting of Barack Obama and his unicorn Penelope administering 'the healing touch' to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

An oil painting over acrylic of Barack Obama and his unicorn Penelope administering 'the healing touch' to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Healing Touch- Ebay Art Auction

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fleshbot 'Missile Defense' Cartoon, Preview

You can view the sketch for my next Fleshbot cartoon at the Faithmouse Forum at Portal Of Evil.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Obama Unicorn Ginsburg Surgery, In Progress

Barack Obama nude on a unicorn Ruth Bader Ginsburg surgery painting, in progress

I should have this if not a second Obama Unicorn painting completed and posted by later this evening. I also have a nice headstart on Monday's new Fleshbot feature, which may consist of two sequential paintings.

Two recent postings regarding my paintings-

The first is from Israel. The tagline under the painting translates as 'evidence of hell'-

The second is from LiveJournal, where I occasionally post new work.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Portrait of Mrs. S., First Application Of Oil

I've been working on a few commissions between new Barack Obama On A Unicorn paintings, including this portrait of Mrs. S. which I began a few weeks ago.

Starting with the hair I apply the first application of oil over the previously completed acrylic sketch. When working from a photo I find that it helps to paint upsidedown, as that forces me to drop my assumptions and only paint actual colors and shapes.

oil painting on easel
If you think this is messy, you should see what's behind me.

painting upsidedown
Portrait of an Australian.

oil paint on canvas
Many times I'll just squeeze paint directly onto the canvas.

an unfinished portrait
The unfinished portrait.

I'll let this dry as much as it will overnight (I paint with quick drying, water based oils) and apply a second application tomorrow.

Now, back to unicorns.

Alamo City Pundit, 1

First Fleshbot Cartoon Removed By Ebay

The New Media Alliance (we CAN take America back!) posted this article on Tuesday, which may have actually been the first article questioning the legality of my auctions-

Obama Porn Arrives On Ebay - Warner Todd Huston

As I explained in my earlier post, I had to make a judgment call on whether the Taint auction violated any Ebay TOS, and I still think it doesn't, but Ebay has apparently responded to Alamo City Pundits actions.

Ebay has been very good to me. I'm not having a problem with Ebay, but with drives to manipulate the free market based upon political motivation. If you search 'nudes' at Ebay, you'll see a number of examples on the very first page of listings which display both frontal nudity and genitalia. My Fleshbot listing would be there today, except for the action of conservative activists.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Alamo City Pundit Leads Drive To Have Paintings Removed From Ebay

“Obama Porn” Artist Shifts From Obama PornTo Implied Child Porn and Full Frontal Nudity on Ebay - Alamo City Pundit

I'd like to respond to a few points here. The first is that Faithmouse's sister Taint is an adult. Taint drinks, smokes, curses, drives a car, and has an ongoing battle with a character named Fetus, who is in fact her fetus. A number of Taint cartoons demonstrating her adulthood can be found on the Faithmouse Forum at Portal Of Evil. Faith is very close in age to Taint and is married to BlackBear; together they have a family of six children. So, the blogger 'Your Humble Servant' is pulling this charge out of the air. It's untrue. Also, the painting is a parody of the Madonna photo up for auction at Christie's, which was taken when she was an adult. I'm guessing that the blogger, unfamiliar with the world of adult cartoons and illustrations which is especially popular right now in the low-brow art community, did his math like this: cartoon+nudity=child porn. I'll return to the subject of cultural misunderstanding in a moment.

The second point-Ebay allows nude artwork; there's a specific category for this, which all of these paintings are listed under. I know it doesn't allow 'insertion' or any other form of sexual activity, and none of these paintings violate that rule. I imagine the Taint painting might be categorized as adult only, although I sort of debated that when I posted it. Maybe, maybe not. I've seen many fine art pieces using exactly the same pose (including the Madonna photograph) from Classical artwork to the paintings of Courbet to Lucian Freud, but trouble is in the eye of the beholder, so Ebay might remove or re-categorize that one piece of artwork to the 'adult' section. Whatever they do is fine with me.

Point three, regarding cultural misunderstandings. This is pretty much why I grew tired of the ugliness and partisanship and got out of the Christian/Catholic conservative business (Faithmouse has been featured positively in the past on 'Your Humble Servant's' own blogroll.) The pointless World War I style trench fighting just wore me out.


The above, posted earlier this morning, was what I had hoped was a reasoned and restrained defense of my work in response to what I had at first assumed was an uninformed charge leveled at my Taint character. My mind had refused to grasp the reality of the actual complaint.

Ugly Betty Implied Child Porn

Update #2

What the's the full response I left on Alamo Pundit's blog, which he won't post but claims I deleted (!)

I appreciate the defense, guys.

JD, I want to thank you for the humor. Ebay may still drop my auctions, but I would recover just fine. I had originally assumed you were leveling an uniformed charge of ‘implied child porn’ against my Taint character, who is in fact of the age of consent; my mind refused to grasp the utter surreality that you were actually complaining about my ‘Ugly Betty’ painting. Just for the record, Betty is not nude from the waist down; she is clearly wearing her Guadalajara! Poncho. Barack and Penelope are indeed naked.

You may wish to Google the following search terms-

‘Faithmouse pro life’
‘pro Bush cartoons’
‘pro military cartoons’
‘Terry Schiavo cartoons’
‘Dan Lacey Faithmouse Alan Keyes Renew America’
‘Faithmouse Free Republic’

-or just search ‘Faithmouse’ in GIS to view my older cartoons. You’ll have to visit my fan forums or Fleshbot to see the newer ones.

There’s a reason I became disgusted by ‘my own side’ and bailed on my Christian/Conservative apologetic-it was because of asshats such as yourself who scream ‘liberty’ but strive to create less freedom in this country instead of more; it caused me to question who I was fighting for. You guys lost me big time. Yes, I paint and draw mouse porn, not to ‘push back the boundaries of what is acceptable in society’ but because it amuses the hell out of me. If you don’t like it, suck on it.

Anyway, I hope this is the last comment.

One more time...go away, you silly asshat.

Two Paintings In Progress

oil portrait

Portrait of Mrs. S. Acrylic sketch, pre oil. For a long-time client from Lubbock, Texas.

Barack Obama unicorn 'The Roaring Sea' painting, in progress

A new Obama unicorn painting, in progess. I'm calling this piece 'Obama: The Roaring Sea.'

A few recent posts and references to my painting and cartoons, culled from my referrer stats- Photoshop of Nick Denton painting Hudson River Obama Victory Unicorn Hudson River Obama Wall Street Obama Palin pancakes;pid=129843;d=this Hudson River Obama Joker painting Blessed Mother Teresa painting Palin pancakes Fallout Obama Hudson River Miracle Obama Prays painting Obama Victory Unicorn I like Obama I Like Turtles Fallout Obama Hudson River Miracle Obama I like turtles Hudson River Miracle Obama Obama Victory Unicorn Palin pancakes Obama Victory Unicorn Obama Victory Unicorn Eviction notice cartoon Palin Pancakes paintings Blessed Mother Teresa Palin pancakes John McPancake Limbaugh Unicorn Limbaugh Unicorn Wall Street Obama Top Obama collectible 'Can you love Obama and paint this image?" Wall Street Obama Wall Street Obama 'black man on a white horse' Unicorn paintings Obama prays painting Obama Victory Unicorn reference Obama paintings Paintings Fallout Obama Barack Obama portrait I Like Turtles painting Pope John Paul II drawing Miley Cyrus cartoon Ann Rand cartoon Barack Prays portrait Obama Victory Print creator of the It's Not Lupus video It's Not Lupus It's Not Lupus It's Not Lupus It's Not Lupus It's Not Lupus It's Not Lupus It's Not Lupus Obama New Year's Unicorn Palin Winking pancake Camp Lei Obama New Year Camp Lei Fairness Doctrine Camp Lei Camp Lei Paintings Camp Lei Camp Lei New Year Obama Fleshbot Nick Denton painting Nick Denton pancake painting Paintings Camp Lei Camp Lei Interview Paintings Camp Lei Paintings Fleshbot paintings Obama porn Hudson River Miracle Obama Limbaugh Unicorn

The Carl Interview

The Carl - Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota

Monday, February 02, 2009

Attack Of The Show

Obama Victory Unicorn painting at 2:30 or so.

Faithmouse Moves To Fleshbot

Faithmouse now appears as a weekly adult feature exclusively on Fleshbot. The original artwork for the first cartoon, which consists of two illustrations and an oil over acrylic painting on canvas, are up for auction on Ebay.

Faithmouse Madonna Fleshbot Cartoon - Ebay Auction

Sunday, February 01, 2009