Monday, March 30, 2009

Octomom Invites Jolie And Madonna For Pancakes

'Where The Wild Things Are' Barack Obama Art

An 8 by 10 oil painting of the Octomom inviting Angelina Jolie and Madonna to pancakes. Second in the Gawker pancake painting series.

Ocotmom Jolie Madonna Pancakes - Ebay Art Auction

A few recent posts of my cartoons and paintings, culled from my referrer stats- Obama Victory unicorn Michelle Obama rush Madoff pancake Michelle Obama 'O' cover Camp Lei paintings painting links,4108.45.html link Obama Victory Unicorn Michelle Obama Shawn Hannity pancakes pancakes O.J. Simpson pancake disaster "Beliefnet is becoming FaithMouse, without the clever drawings or social relevance…" paintings Obama victory unicorn unicorns;pid=1321324;d=this pancake link Mother Teresa pancake Cartoons Mother Teresa pancake Masturbating bear bad Dan Lacey painting Obama unicorn cartoons paintings,438,60,-bilder-von-meryl-die-29.html Meryl Streep Doubt pancake Painter of Pancakes video Hudson River Miracle Camp Lei Bush Easter Bunny comments paintings I Like Turtles (turtle rapes shoe video),1584,546198 Kim Jong Il ill pancake John McCain pancake paintings Michelle Obama dolphin Michelle Obama pancake Sarah Palin pancake hunter Wall Street Obama Palin pancakes Madoff pancake Ingmar Bergman cartoon Gold Obamas paintings Obama Victory Unicorn pancake bunny Heath Ledger coloring page Michelle Obama Masturbating bear Oolong pancake bunny Masturbating bear Wall Street Obama Masturbating bear John McPancake Obama prays reference article reference Ugly Betty Pancake bunny Palin pancakes Hannity Pancakes Ugly Betty Conan O'Brien with painting Conan O'Brien with painting paintings Obama dripping pancake Father zorg cartoon Palin Pancakes banner masturbating bear Pope Benedict sketch Madoff pancake hand of God pancake bunny Joker pic link racehorse painting John Paul II pencil drawing McCain pancakes Oolong pancake bunny Obama painting Obama Victory Unicorn Palin pancakes Hand of God pancake bunny Madoff pancakes Palin pancakes Obama Victory Unicorn Neverborn stem cell cartoon Michelle Obama dolphin Obama pancake butter St. Francis of Assisi drawing article mention, use of Vault painting End of the world cartoon paintings Putin Tiger pancake Tom Cruise Valkyre pancake Obama art show John McCain pancakes I like turtles portrait Chicago Obama art show paintings Eviction notice Rush the hut Palin pancakes,-you-killed-all-the-abba-videos-you-fuck%C7%83%C7%83-t11222.html John McCain loves Abba Palin pancakes I like turtles Obama flag painting Obama buttery pancake Obama victory unicorn paintings Meta painting commentary pancake Obama Ledger Joker painting, reference Obama Victory Unicorn Palin pancakes banner Stop The Aclu cartoon Madoff pancakes Ann Rand pin-up censored Gary Gygax Blessed Mother Teresa paintings Joker painting Obama Victory Unicorn Joker painting Michelle Obama pancake Christopher Hitches spaghetti monster painting John mcCain pancake Rush the hut Oolong bunny wine label paintings reference;f=3;t=004402;p=1 Hand of God pancake bunny (get with it) John McPancake

Not Bad Paintings Of Barack Obama

Not bad paintings of Barack Obama, a not bad likness

The first of two not bad paintings of Barack Obama that I've posted for auction on Ebay. By the way, I'm not included in the infamous, although in discussions of the site someone will usually post or cite one of my paintings.

Not A Bad Likeness Of Barack Obama - Ebay Art Auction

Chris gave a concert over the weekend at Redeemer Lutheran Church in White Bear Lake, and her performance was taped by SCC Public Access On Location Channel 19. If you live in the North St. Paul area you may wish to check out her hour broadcast, which will be televised tonight though April 1st. I'll post a copy of the performance sometime after we receive a copy from the station.

Chris Ward harp performance, channel 19

Minnesota harpist Chris Ward performs in concert, as captured by a Channel 19 camera person.

Completed a new Gawker request painting, but decided to do a last minute touch-up tomorrow morning before posting.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where The Wild Obama Are

'Where The Wild Things Are' Barack Obama Art

An 8 by 10 oil painting of Barack Obama as Max from 'Where The Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak.

Where The Wild Obama Are- Ebay Art Auction

Barack Obama states that one of his favorite books is 'Where The Wild Things Are' and that his wife Michelle still thinks of him as Max-

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn Spanks Greg Gutfeld While Many Canadian And American Mothers Look On Approvingly, In Progress

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn Spanks Greg Gutfeld While Many Canadian And American Mothers Look On Approvingly, in progress

An 8 by 10 oil painting in progress of Barack Obama nude on a unicorn spanking Fox News RedEye program host Greg Gulfeld while many Canadian and American mothers look on approvingly.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Officially Unofficial Obama Art Show

I'm included in the 'Officially Unofficial: Inspired Art For Obama' show at the Chicago Tourist Center in Chicago later this month. Hat tip to Ken Harmon at the Obama Art Report.

CRO's Officially Unofficial: Inspired Art for Obama - Design (Shannon) Moore

OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL - INSPIRED ART FOR OBAMA EXHIBITION - Explore Chicago / City of Chicago's Official Tourism Site

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Self Portrait With Pancake And Faithmouse

Self Portrait with pancake and Faithmouse

A combination oil painting and cartoon which may be used in an upcoming Twin Cities CityPages interview. I've included a number of Faithmouse characters in this piece, along with Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn.

Self Portrait With Faithmouse - Ebay Art Auction

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama, With And Without Pancakes

Six new Obama portraits, three sans pancakes.

Barack Obama Abraham Lincoln

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of Barack Obama with a view from over his shoulder and behind. The color shadows in the background are meant to evoke Abraham Lincoln's stovepipe hat and beard.

Obama Lincoln- Ebay Art Auction

Barack Obama saucy

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of Barack Obama with a sort of saucy expression and a pancake on his head.

Saucy Pancake Obama - Ebay Art Auction

Barack Obama raw umber

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of President Obama with a raw umber color scheme.

Raw Umber Obama - Ebay Art Auction

President Obama's thumb

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting of Barack Obama with a pancake on his head and a drip of syrup on his nose.

Obama Syrupy Pancake- Ebay Art Auction

President Obama's teeth

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting of Barack Obama with a few of his teeth showing.

Obama Teeth Portrait- Ebay Art Auction

President pouty lips pancake

A 5 by 7 inch oil portrait of President Obama with pouty lips and a pancake on his head.

Obama Pouty Lips Pancake- Ebay Art Auction

Friday, March 20, 2009

Self Portrait Pancake Platter, In Progress

self portrait pancake platter in progress

The start of a self-portrait oil painting and drawn cartoon collage which may be used in an upcoming newspaper interview.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Conan With A Conan

Very cool thing-

Conan O'Brien with painting of Conan O'Brien with a carrot on top of his head

Conan O'Brien at a Kansas City KSHB Tonight Show promo meet-and-greet with one of my miniature oils.

Conan O'Brien in town, NOT to lead the St. Patrick's Day Parade - TV Barn

Gallery Of Unfinished Paintings

Thanks to Gawker for posting the recent Rush The Hut painting.

I'm having a problem finishing things lately.

Started this a few hours to ago to replace the first Angelina Jolie/Octomom, which was meant to be the next painting in the Gawker series. That painting is unfinished, probably permanently so. This much better reboot just isn't done yet.

A Star Wars themed Rush/Palin/Steele in the style of Renoir. It just got too wet to work with.

Unfinished Fleshbot painting NSFW

This is all about circles. Taint is blowing a smoke shaped pancake.

A new adoration chapel painting. I need to reconcile the more expressionist painting of the robe with the softer portrait.

Adoration Chapel Mary. Also painted from a statue. Good start.

I tried two St. Patrick's Day paintings, but they both floundered. Here's a St. Patrick in the style of a recent Padre Pio. Save-able, but I need to let it dry first and lay a wash over the entire painting. Let's call this a developed underpainting.

Nude baby Obama on a baby unicorn.

I was about to post this on Ebay but realized after scanning the painting that I had gotten one eye too close to the nose, a bad habit I've become more aware of. Fixable. I think I'll add more detail to the skin tone when doing so.

Madchen the cat, who appears in my video.

An avatar in progress for a fellow Goon at SA named Dixie Cretin Seaman.

I started this as a commission for someone about a month ago, but after he realized he couldn't afford it I decided to do it for him at a better price. I think I could finish this in a half a day, if I could find one!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama Art / Gold Obamas

Thanks to The Art Of Obama for featuring a number of recent paintings.

Three new Obama portraits. All are painted over a background of gold metallic acrylic.

Gold Barack Obama eyes art

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of Obama's Eyes.

Obama Gold Eyes - Ebay Art Auction

Barack Obama greenish background painting

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of President Obama with a greenish background.

Obama Art - Ebay Art Auction

President Obama's thumb

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of Barack Obama with his hand on his chin.

Obama With Thumb- Ebay Art Auction

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rush The Hut

Rush The Hut painting

An 8 by 10 oil painting of the winning selection in the Gawker Bring Your Crazy Pancake Painting To Life contest.

Rush The Hut - Ebay Art Auction

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rush Two Pre

Rush the hut

Let's reboot that Gawker Rush The Hut painting. The first one was looking too much like a slick 70's movie poster.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama: The Roaring Sea, Restored

By request of the purchaser, I've restored my painting titled Obama: The Roaring Sea to its original glory.

Barack Obama, no underwear

The auctioned version featured Obama wearing a pair of underwear, in addition to original campaign logos over his nipples. The restored version is a combination of newer painting by necessity and newly visible underpainting.

Obama: The Roaring Sea, Restored

Overland Unicornroad

Obama overland unicornroad

I'm taking a great liberty in posting this here, but it's too nice of a painting not to share. It was created for a noteable private client. The identity of the person riding on Penelope can not be revealed.

Overland Unicornroad

Thank You, Onideus Mad Matter

If you have some time check out the works of Dan Lacey. His recent works include political pancake nudity! LOL

He's also the author of the comic Faithmouse and came up with the character Neverborn. Once a die hard right winger he's since moved more toward the middle after being turned off by the stupidity and ignorance of those he had aligned himself with. In doing so he gained immense popularity in some communities whilst others turned on him. But whatever your political position is you can't ignore great art and that's what Dan is all about.

I appreciate this, especially as I have a nemesis cartoonist (even though I've pretty much stopped drawing cartoons) from the Twin Cities area, who is repeatedly posting threads on boards claiming that I am a secret Theocrat, which is about as true as my being a Monarcist.

Politics repel me. I can only handle the subject as absurdist fantasy, so perhaps that's why some people enjoy my paintings.

The first of the Gawker paintings, in progress. I'm calling this one 'Rush The Hut.'

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paintings, Paintings

paintings, paintings

The first two Gawker request thread paintings in progress. It helps to start them as acrylics. I've taken the liberty of having Octomom crucified on the State Of California instead of a cross.

Anyway, painting. Maybe I'll have these both done tonight.

Gawker Contest Finalists

The selections are in on the Gawker Vote on Your Pancake Painting of the Future! contest. I've decided to just go ahead and paint all of them, starting at the top of the list and working my way down. Purim will come around again.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Purim O Corn, In Progress


A new painting in progress of Barack Obama nude on a unicorn in celebration of Purim. Should have this completed late this evening, along with a few new Barack Obama portrait paintings.

The doorbell which is very loud wakes me up this morning, but my wife who is in the laundry room doesn't hear it. At the door is a roly-poly older Jehovah's Witness in a suit, and I very politely accept a copy of 'WHAT DOES THE BIBLE Really TEACH?' which doesn't bother me because I'm sort of interested. I feel a little bad about not letting him in, but I don't know him.

I go into the kitchen still naked with my new book and my wife says she'd like to do something for St. Patrick's Day this year. I'm immediately struck with an image of a nude leprechaun Obama on a unicorn, and check the calender. I could paint something this afternoon or tomorrow and have the auction end in seven days on St. Patrick's Day itself, but then I recall having seen a few plays on the term 'Barack O'Bama' online, decide the idea is too cutesy and lose interest. Then I notice from the calendar that tomorrow is Purim.

So I sit in front of the computer with my coffee and cranberry juice and draw Obama on a unicorn on an 8 by 10 inch sheet of canvas celebrating Purim. It will be rad. Then I realize that many people are anti-semetic, and perhaps they would view Obama's naked butt being in the same painting as the Star Of David as an obtuse slur upon the proud nation of Israel. Perhaps they will come to the conclusion that I am a supporter of Hamas, which I am not. So I erase the Star Of David and sketch the Obama cereal box logo on there instead, but the grogger in Obama's hand isn't enough to create an association with the Jewish Holy Day, so I replace the Star and draw Obama with a 'King David' style skirt. This seems good.

I scan the drawing and post it to my blog, and then I take the canvas down to my studio to paint, and decide that I can't do this right now; I need to mail off a number of these finished paintings laying all over the floor before people start to get mad at me. Also, my Sear's bill is due.

Three Obama Paintings

Managed to finish three new Obama portraits on Sunday, posted early Monday morning.

Barack Obama giving a speech picture

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of President Barack Obama speaking.

Obama Speaks Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Barack Obama giving a speech picture

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of President Barack Obama, happy.

Happybama - Ebay Art Auction

President Obama looks hopeful painting

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of President Barack Obama looking determined and hopeful.

Obama Hopeful and Determined Painting- Ebay Art Auction

While at the Minneapolis Institute of Art a few weeks ago I took a very long look at Rembrandt's 1666 Lucretia. I wish I had done that earlier. Up close the painting surface is dismayingly ugly. It looks like a house painter's rag.

I've always had the idea that the surface of a canvas must be beautiful at any distance. I've tried since then to convince myself that Rembrandt's surface was attractive, and I just wasn't appreciating it. But it wasn't, and I haven't. From a foot away Lucretia looks like crap. Step back, and it's an amazing painting. The place where this transition happens is when the painting ceases to be seen as a physical object and instead implants itself as an idea.

Thinking about this saved the middle painting of the three posted above. I was very close to thrashing it when I thought of Lucretia (1666) and guessed I was being too precious with my lovely paint surface. So I forced the paint to do what I wanted, not caring about it's own integrity, and the painting became an image.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Christ Statue

Jesus Christ statue

An 8 by 10 inch of statue of Jesus Christ, painted mostly on-site at a local Catholic Perpetual Adoration chapel.

Christ Statue - Ebay Art Auction

A few recent posts of my cartoons and paintings, culled from my referrer stats- Palin pancakes Oprah Winfrey portrait Hand of God bunny pancake The Final Battle Paintings Amy Winehouse cartoon Bob Ross cartoon included in listings Bobby Jindal painting Obama victory unicorn Oprah Winfrey pancake Unicorns Miley Cyrus cartoon Palin pancakes Hudson River Miracle Obama I like turtles Heath Ledger Joker Sarah Palin pancakes Victory Unicorn Bobby Jindal pancake Palin pancakes Obama pancake Chase the cat painting Pancakes Obama Victory Unicorn paintings Bush sad pancake Wall Street Obama Obama pancake Obama Victory Unicorn paintings bad paintings Palin pancake Victory Unicorn Obama pancake Universal Health Care Obama David Foster Wallace Painting references Obama Hudson River Miracle Obama Victory Unicorn paintings Heath Ledger Joker Obama Victory Unicorn Obama Wall Street David Foster Wallace tweeted Palin pancakes Limbaugh Obama painting ? Brett Favre painting Limbaugh Obama painting Laughing Bush Sean Hannity pancakes Unicorns Michelle Obama pink dolphin Oolong pancake bunny Fallout Obama Gary Gygax portrait paintings paintings porn and pancakes Palin breakfast obamicon Warren Zevon painting paintings The Final Battle The Final Battle Gawker contest Gawker contest Michelle Obama painting Michelle Obama painting,com_fireboard/Itemid,35/func,view/catid,28/id,193343/ George Bush portrait Palin pancakes,163385660.0.html Oolong pancake bunny pancake painting parodies Ledger Michelle Obama dolphin Obama Unicorn Palin Moose unicorns paintings paintings Sarah Palin pancakes Michelle Obama and video Michelle Obama dolphin paintings link Camp Lei paintings

Saturday, March 07, 2009

John Odom Baseball Card

Minor league pitcher John Odom baseball card painting, with ten bats and the inscription 'Poena Pax Sapientia'

An 8 by 10 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of John Odom, the minor league pitcher who was traded to another team in exchange for ten bats and who died of an accidental drug overdose six months later after an election night party with friends. The painting is in the form of a baseball card. John Odom had a tattoo on his arm which read 'Poena Par Sapientia' which translates from the latin as Pain Equals Wisdom ('poena' in the original latin definition of pain as divine retribution for ill behavior)-I've written this instead as Pain Peace (Pax) Wisdom. John played for a farm team belonging to the San Francisco Giants organization, so I've gone ahead and given him that cap.

A tragic end for minor leaguer traded for bats - Google News

John Odom Baseball Card Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Gawker Contest

Thanks to Gawker, which is conducting a suggestion contest for a new painting.

Bring Your Crazy Pancake Painting Idea to Life! - Gawker

What Gawker is doing here is presenting a version of the artist suggestion thread, a recurring and long-time bulletin board mainstay. I've contributed to a number of these threads in the past, but the exercise became more difficult when I moved full-time into painting. Faster when you're drawing with a tablet.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama Unicorn versus Palin Moose The Final Battle Painting Relisted

My recent The Final Battle painting is currently receiving a resurgence of interest, so I've decided to relist it on Ebay. The painting featured a nude Barack Obama on a unicorn battling a nude Sarah Palin on a moose. It is super rad.

The Final Battle - Ebay Mature Category Art Auction

Naked Obama On A Unicorn Vs. Naked Palin On A Moose (Bonus: Nude Michelle Obama) - Right Wing News

This is the place where I would normally repeat my ironic; do me a favor and Google 'fathmouse' postscript, but as the Right Wing blogosphere isn't interested in acknowledging that fact I'll just skip it forever.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Michelle Obama, La Pancake Baker

Michelle Obama performing in the nude with a pink dophin and while wearing a skirt made out of bananas, in homage to performing artist, civil rights icon and French resistance agent Josephine Baker

An 8 by 10 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of Michelle Obama performing in the nude with a pink dophin and while wearing a skirt made out of bananas, in homage to performing artist, civil rights icon and French resistance agent Josephine Baker, also remembered as 'La Baker.'

Nude Michelle Obama, La Pancake Baker-Ebay Art Auction

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blackbook Media Nick Denton Painting Charity Auction

Blackbook, which purchased last month's Nick Denton with pancakes (one for each blog in his Gawker media empire) has placed the painting up for auction to benefit the volunteer mobilization organization New York Cares.

Gawker founder Nick Denton pancake painting

I put a few more hours into this painting before sending it off to New York and neglected to make a new scan. Purchasing the painting will enable you to view the updated image.

Nick Denton Gawker Media Pancake Portrait - Ebay Charity Auction

Pancake Porn

Courtney Trouble nofauxxx pancake porn

An 8 by 10 inch oil portrait of Courtney Trouble of NoFauxxx and Real Queer Porn (adult content) with pancake. A second pancake in this series can be viewed at Fleshbot.

Xox Trouble NoFauxxx Pancake - Ebay Art Auction

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Five Golden Obamas

Barack Obama green

Barack Obama orange

Barack Obama three quarter view

Barack Obama pink

Barack Obama soft

I've been encouraged by the bids on my tight-frame portraits of Barack Obama, so I produced five additional today (Monday) with a sixth nearly ready for prime time but not quite. You can view the individual auctions by visiting the links on the top of this page. As long as people continue to bid on the paintings I'll keep creating them. There are worst ways to spend a day.

All of the images on my blog or in my fan forums are available for posting on individual blogs, forums and sites. Hotlinking is encouraged. A return link is appreciated, but isn't necessary.