Wednesday, August 29, 2007

State Fair Miracle of Birth Center / It's Baby Human Day!

Miracle of Birth exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair

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A revised version of the cartoon posted on Thursday. Added a duck, altered a pig.  Etc.

Been negligent again posting link acknowledgement, but here's a few-
Thanks to Alan Keyes Renew America for posting a few recent cartoons.
Thanks to Leticia at her causa nostrae laetitiae (cause of our joy) for her Faithmouse's take on the Mother Teresa news post.

Thanks to Pookie18 who continues to add faithmouse cartoon to his regular Today's Toons thread at FreeRepublic, which are in turn re-posted on a number of fellow travelers such as this Yahoo CWF Conservative Womens Forum.

X Jorjé X posts the Faithmouse Family cartoon on her The Fragile2185 MySpace page.
Thanks to thanks Abbo McCracken on Grayson's MySpace page for posting the Ingmar Bergman memorial cartoon.
OnlyGodcanjudgeme at his hoopindogs17 MySpace page has the Neverborn / Bad Ass For Life toon.
Kaiserfam has the current Archbishop Nein cartoon on his Stumbleupon page.
Recent Stop The ACLU Ferret toons can be found on Browneyed_1984's LiveJournal via the Stop The ACLU feed.
The Otters Holding Hands For Christ toon can be found on Natasha's MySpace page.
Alex anthony posts the Gilberta O'StarMole spot illus on I'm Lisa!'s MySpace page.
The Buddy Democrat toon from last November resurfaces on this AZPunk 'Jesus Appreciation Thread'.
Thanks to Admiral Coeyman for adding the regularly updating cartoon to his my code page.
Seth Hoy Can't Lose has the Neverborn / Be My Valentine toon on his MySpace page.
Leo has this to say about faithmouse in a post regarding the Mininum Security cartoon-
"I have yet to find somebody acquainted with Stephanie McMillan's work, specifically her magnum opus comic strip, "Minimum Security", who doesn't hate her - most likely because no such person exists. She is the most easily despised figure in webcomics, with the possible exception of the guy who drew Faithmouse, but he's been cool since he snapped or something and started drawing half-aborted foetuses trailing by the umbilical cord out of the title-character's cooter".
No importa que se lleva, porque todo se quitara posts the Britney Spears / Faithmouse / GayBear toon to KLIC's MySpace page (adult content). Lots of MySpace posts lately.
A forum at the Spanish language has the Neverborn / Paris Hilton in Jail cartoon.
Rat****** (colorful adult descriptive) posts a link to a Ruby Jewels marquee toon in this Bannination forum.
Jeff Kouba includes faithmouse in his Around The MOB post at Truth Vs. The Machine.
Paul at Thoughts Of A Regular Guy links to an Alan Keyes toon in his Plan B post.
MN includes faithmouse in their list of conservative blogs.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jesus Handset

a Jesus telephone handset

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Timothy A. Bear Gets Vetted

Father AllDeer vets Timothy A. Bear at St. Aphid Catholic Church

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Watch Out For ACLU Ferrets

watch out for ACLU ferrets

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It took a few days, but the vast faithmouse conspiracy has returned. I was able to hook up my former hard drive (and all of my print files) to my new computer, but many of my older programs refused and still refuse to work in Windows Vista (my advice: stay with XP as long as you possibly can) and/or I had some major issues with missing critical files. A little sleep deprived, but happy to be back. What a hassle!

I have most of four or more cartoons drawn, which I'll begin to scan and post later today after Chris and I visit the A Rather Bad Day In Pompeii exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Hope they have that petrified dog.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Bulging, Leaking Capacitors

are a clear sign I have a dead computer. That's the diagnosis from the Geek Squad tech, who looked into my cat hair infested computer this morning at the Burnsville Best Buy. So, no new toons until I can get a new rig on the road.

It was a good puter; I just ran it into the ground. It gave up a small puff of gas and died content, gorged on a treasury of unpublished 450 pixel PSD files.

In the meantime, faithmouse comes to you from the neighborhood coffee shop. Hopefully we'll be back up and running in time for Sunday's Stop The ACLU toon.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Faith's Choice

Alan Keyes For President

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Only three cartoons posted since last Sunday (four if you count Saturday's Archbishop Nein) so I'm one or two behind schedule, not bad considering that all of these cartoons are somewhat detailed. I'll try to catch up to speed in the next day or three with a few quicker posts.

Been reading Thomas Sowell's Conflict of Visions, and also listening to Father Robert Altier's Fundamentals of Catholicism series via Catholic Audio while I sit at the computer hammering away at cartoons. House got hit by a small tree during the last weather blast, but the real damage happened during a hailstorm on Highway 13; my car looks like Al Capone gunned it down with hundreds of rubber bullets.

Have a pretty good idea for a toon having to do with that priest from the Netherlands who believes we should refer to God as Allah, incorportating the character of van der Smut from Goldmember. I'll finish and post that soon, or perhaps common sense will take over and I won't. Or, perhaps I will. Let's find out together.

Black Faith, from a new Famila Feliz cartoon, in progress.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Familia Feliz / Kite

familia feliz, happy family, Sao Paulo, Brazil, kite

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A new Familia Feliz cartoon.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Archbishop Nein

Archbishop Nein

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Familia Feliz / First Aid

familia feliz, happy family, first aid

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A new Familia Feliz cartoon.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Archbishop Nein, In Progress

Archbishop Nein

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Introducing a new character, alluded to in this Ms. StarMole / Minnesota Loon cartoon from June.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

St. Aphid, And A Nice Email

The Church of St. Agnes in St. Paul, Minnesota / St. Aphid

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Faith and children in front of the shrine to St. Aphid, at the church of the same name (after the Church of St. Agnes in St. Paul, where Chris and I were married 12 years ago next month by officiant Father Robert Altier).

Thanks to Karen at Karen's Korner for including the Love Power cartoon in her 'The Collapse Over The Mississippi UPDATED' post.

Got a nice email-

This is kind of a pointless email, but I just wanted to send off a short little thank-you note for drawing some of your nicer cartoons. I have a pretty extreme case of chronic pain so I can't leave my house very often or do much of anything of worth, and some of your cartoons (like "Phat") or basically any of the ones that express love and tolerance and relief for the poor and needy (although not so much the ones bashing the ACLU and what-have) have really lifted my spirits on some of my housebound days. Normally I only see your comics from browsing through the Portal of Evil (I don't post there), and I'm always delighted to see Faithmouse bumped up to the top. I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work, and that some of your pencilworking is absolutely gorgeous. You are very talented!

Also, it doesn't mean so much, but your kinder, gentler cartoons are also a very good work of ministry. I am an atheist and grew up in a rather unforgiving Fundamentalist household, but some of your works make me smile and wish I was religious again. It's good to see a Christian that honestly loves his fellow man instead of just being snarky and combative towards the opposite side about the PERSECUTIONS or what-have. Just love, that's all you need.

Well, I'm going to cut this off now because the meds are making me rambly and gushy, so good luck and Godspeed, Dan Lacey, and may we see many more Faithmouse strips in the future!

(name withheld)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Request Thread, Character Galleries

faithmouse request thread


The faithmouse request thread is back and running at PoE. I try to turn out one to three requests a week on any subject; toking gratefully accepted but not required. Above is a toon I drew for PoEster NoCode featuring her husband and his beloved pet crab.

And now, a few post and link acknowledgements-

Yamo posts NoCode's crabtoon on oh yes. they. did. LiveJournal.

Thanks to Sonticus Santus / Catholic Audio for employing the Father Robert Altier sketch in their post of links to his Fundamentals of Catholicism audio series.

Rotten Tomatoes has the Greetings from Taji, Iraq toon from 2005 on a 'Soldier censored at YearlyKos convention' thread.

Thanks to meditations for adding our regularly updating cartoon as well as a number of previous cartoons on their toon page.

Iriss posts the Stop and Praise God toon to Christopher's MySpace page.

One Nation Under Blog picks up the picks up the most recent ACLU Ferret toon via the Stop The ACLU feed. Hollie's Hooligans and others (thanks to all) do the same.

Erica at her the calvaria sign MySpace page is using the neverborn / Eviction Notice cartoon as her background image.

Jampeejampa from brisbane, Australia has an older neverborn sketch as the background for her Thai hi5 page.

Yuki posts 2005's I'm Living It on's 'The Biggest Fundie' thread.

faithmouse cartoon characters, page one

faithmouse cartoon characters, page one

Hey, I finally found time to design character galleries! Eighteen characters are featured in the two pages above (click for larger). Taint & Fetus, Poot, Camy and Watchee, Garrison Squealor, The ACLU Ferret, Panda Rose, Dude, Hillary Chipmunk, Ruby Jewels and others refuse to sit together for a portrait, at least temporarily.

Lastly, Chris Ward (my wife, and the original faithmouse) will play her harp Tuesday afternoon at the private visitation of one of the victims of our local tragedy; the gal with the husband and young daughter, the one who normally didn't travel that way home from work.

Chris would rather I not mention this, but it's a blessing and a little awe-inspiring considering that Chris had planned to be on that road earlier in the day herself but decided to do something else.

Honey, forgive.

Stop The ACLU Ferret / Replacement Portrait

ACLU sues to have portrait of Jesus removed from Louisiana courtroom

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse / Love Power

Minneapolis Minnesota 1-35W bridge collapses into the Minnesota River

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Love Power Music and Miracle Ministries - West Bank, Minneapolis

Posted the following yesterday to this Phatmass Bridge Collapse In Mpls, please pray thread-

I actually logged on to Phatmass to post some of my recent faithmouse cartoons, and the first thing I saw was the headline about the bridge collapse. I told my wife, and then we turned on the television.

My wife has a sister who's family went camping north for the week, and my wife had debated earlier in the day whether or not to check on her sister's house today. If she had done so, she would have driven over that same bridge on the way back home, within a few hours window of the collapse.

We've both driven that stretch hundreds if not thousands of times. It's going to be really tough for years to get around Minneapolis and the rest of the twin cites after the loss of that main artery.

I don't know if you've seen this on television, but there's an apartment tower directly to the east of where the school bus stopped, not more than a few hundred yards away. Father John Zuhlsdorf lived there with his mother when he attended the U of M. My wife lived in a dorm not far away when she was a student at the university as well.

Very close by and overlooking the freeway is the Love Power mural-

Love Power Music and Miracle Ministries, west bank, Minneapolis Minnesota

Wednesday, August 01, 2007