Sunday, October 31, 2010

Obama 2010 Midterm Election Tear

A painting of Barack Obama shedding 2010 midterm election tears-

Obama 2010 election tear

Obama 2010 Midterm Election Tears - Ebay Art Auction

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Reverend Billy Graham and Rio Rita are Art Studio Besties

Billy Graham and Rio Rita, chillin behind an easel in the studio.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meg Whitman Is A Dirty Pancake Whore Painting

An oil painting of California GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman as a dirty pancake whore-

Meg Whitman, dirty pancake whore

Thanks to The Village Voice for posting my 'Rush The Hut' painting and linking to a collection of past Rush Limbaugh art.

Meg Whitman Pancake Whore - Ebay Art Auction

Friday, October 15, 2010

Christine O'donnell Halloween Tea Party Witch Painting

An oil painting of Christine O'Donnell as a Halloween Tea Party witch.


This is a rework of a painting which I had briefly posted here a few weeks ago.

Christine O'donnell Halloween Witch - Ebay Art Auction

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn / Rescue Of The Chilean Miners

An oil painting of Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn rescuing the trapped Chilean miners-

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn / Rescue Of The Chilean Miners

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn - Rescue Of The Chilean Miners

Monday, October 11, 2010

This and that

I spent some time on Sunday painting in the cafe at the Minnesota Historical Society. Here's a bad Netbook photo of a portrait of Archbishop Nienstedt, in progress-

-and scanned later at home-

That's the now infamous 'Preserving Marriage In Minnesota' DVD above his head. I've started this portrait by painting mostly just the midtones.  Now that the general impression of the portrait is established I can work on the details.

I have a number of commissions lately that I'm having a difficult time finishing.  Sometimes you just get into a funk and nothing looks right.  I dislike sending out paintings I know could be better, if I could only wait for that period of time when I felt rested and positive.

I recently finished this portrait of Farrah Fawcett which I originally auctioned a while back on Ebay.  I knew the bidder was a regular collector who wouldn't be too concerned if I tried to work this into something better, so I took advantage of his friendship, but I think he ended up with a better painting-

It finally has that painfully vibrant '70's technicolor TV look which I was originally trying for.

Candysilk on Ebay is another regular collector who received two portraits of Michael Jackson after a long delay at British Customs.  I suspect the customs agents took the paintings out of their package and displayed them in their offices for a few weeks before finally passing them along. I started this replacement portrait of MJ before her paintings finally arrived, but she's been such a patient fan I'm finishing the painting and sending it to her as a gift anyway-

-almost completed....

Little Miz Mixi is a professional lyricist who discovered my portrait of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur online and asked for a larger copy.  Completed, but it needs that few more hours to make it something special....

Harley's portrait, still sitting on my drawing board.  So sorry, Diane!-

Even though I have all of these unresolved projects, I've begun a new Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn painting which I call 'The Rescue Of The Chilean Miners.'  Here's a sketch-

I'm trying for something comparable to my 'Wall Street Obama' painting from last year-

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Martyrdom Of Glenn Beck Painting Auction

Revised from a few days ago, a painting which I call 'The Martyrdom Of Glenn Beck.'  I made so many changes to the image I decided to pull the auction and relist it on Ebay as a completely new painting.

The Martyrdom Of Glenn Beck Ebay art auction painting

This painting features Glenn Beck autographing Jesus Christ's lioncloth at a Washington D.C. anti Obama Tea Party rally. This is the same Christ that appeared in my 'You Are Not Alone' Michael Jackson painting from last year. Glenn wears a crown of dripping teabags on his head beneath a fake halo. 'Cigar Guy' and a few additional personages appear in the background as well.

The Martyrdom Of Glenn Beck - Ebay Art Auction

Friday, October 01, 2010

Two New Obama Unicorn Paintings, In Progress

I usually begin a new Obama Unicorn painting by applying an oil wash directly onto the canvas without any sort of acrylic underpainting. The washes themselves become layers of underpainting.  This particular technique requires a solid block of time to finish the painting from beginning to end.

The first new 'Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn' painting is a commission featuring Justin Bieber, Obama, the patron, Penelope the Unicorn, and House. The first wash is painted very roughly, but I usually won't deviate too much from the initial design as the painting progresses. From this point forward its just a matter of refinement.

Obama unicorn painting in progress

The second painting is inspired by Ke$ha's Tik Tok.

Obama unicorn painting in progress

Thanks to The New Yorker news blog for the include.

Here's a selection of recent posts and references of my paintings which I've discovered in my referrer stats-!/posted.php?id=285066400359&share_id=113381032051626&comments=1#s113381032051626!/posted.php?id=285066400359&share_id=145950115440662&comments=1#s145950115440662 (not my drawing),9654123,1!!/permalink.php?story_fbid=141500002559820&id=100001180772681!/permalink.php?story_fbid=159295924083376&id=510534312

My Rahm Emanuel Paintings

Considering the imminent departure from Washington by White House Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel, it seems an appropriate time to post a collection of my varied portraits of the same.

My first portrait of Rahm, with bagel and lox poised upon his silvery head-

a portrait of Rahm Emanuel with bagel and lox upon his head

After posting and auctioning this portrait on Ebay I received two requests for commissions of Rahm in a similar pose.

Rahm with lox on the bagel...and cream cheese!

another portrait of Rahm Emanuel with bagel and lox upon his head

Subsequently framed-

Rahm Emanuel framed

-and posted by proud art collecter and blogger The White Sade.

Soon after followed a request for a portrait of Rahm with a small loaf of challah bread balanced on top of his head.  This is the first time I've posted this particular painting online-

a portrait of Rahm Emanuel with challah bread on his head

This portrait now resides somewhere in Australia.

Not everyone recognized my portrayal of Rahm in this Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn painting-

Rahm Emanuel with Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn

-but many did, including the posters from this message board from earlier today-


Finally and also by request was born this painting of the three Emanuel brothers in the form of a pancake laden, Christmas greeting-

The Rahm brothers Christmas Card / Oh come ye, Emanuels

'Oh Come Ye, Emanuels.'

Rahm Out, Rouse In On Friday - Politico