Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Large Blue Michael Jackson Eyes Painting

A large 'blue' painting of Michael Jackson's eyes with reference to show the scale of the painting.

Again, not the best pic; not showing small detail and somewhat color corrected to counteract the yellow interior light..I'll try another photo later today in natural sunlight-

Large blue Michael Jackson eyes painting

Monday, December 26, 2011

Two Cats With Pancakes

"The painting was a giant hit! Everyone loved it. I cannot believe how beautiful it is. Thank you for the magnets and prints as well. I absolutely LOVE the Paula Dean portrait!! I totally forgot to remind you to post to your blog but if it's not too much trouble, can you post it to your blog anyway? My 16 year old son wants to show his friends at school and the easiest way would be for him to forward your blog web address to his friends to let them see the masterpiece there." - Michaele

Unfortunately, I was so focused on getting the finished commission to Michaele in time for Christmas that I neglected to take a final photo. This is what the painting looked like in progress.  Imagine with additional color, detail, and whiskers-

cats with pancakes painting

A 'blue' painting of Tim Tebow

A large 24 by 36 inch 2 by 3 foot 'blue' painting of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. By commission.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jonathan Davis KoRn Pancakes

A painting of Jonathan Davis of the musical group KoRn with corn covered pancakes on his head. On one of the pancakes, the word 'KORN' is written.  It is written in kernels of corn.

Jonathan Davis KORN Pancakes

Mr. Davis recently expressed the opinion that Barack Obama is of the Illuminati.  That has nothing to do with anything.

By commission.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong Il With Glorious Pancake Hair Painting #1

One of a set of four paintings of late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il with glorious pancake hair.  You can find all four portraits listed under my items on Ebay.  I'm making each painting available for $75, which includes a print of my Kim Jong Il Ill Pancake Poultice print, and a matching refrigerator magnet.  Shipping is free...
kim jong il glorious pancake hair art

Kim Jong Il Glorious Pancake Hair Portrait - Ebay

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kim Jong Il Is Dead. Therefore, A Portrait of Kim Jong Ill, ill, and With Pancake Poultice Upon His Head.

NOTE - I'll have four new Kim Jong-Il pancake paintings available as buy-it-now art items on Ebay later today.

A portrait of Kim Jong Il, Ill, with a pancake poutice upon his head.

Kim Jong Il Ill with pancake poultice portrait

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christopher Hitchens Flying Spaghetti Monster Portrait

A portrait of late author Christopher Hitchens with the flying spaghetti monster on top of his head-

'God Is Not Great' author Christopher Hitchens with the flying spaghetti monster on his head

A miniature oil portrait of 'God Is Not Great' author Christopher Hitchens with The Flying Spaghetti Monster on his head.

This portrait is from 2008; prints are available on Ebay.

Christopher Hitchens Portrait Print- Ebay

Pancakes For Christmas

There's still time to order a print or even to commission a pancake portrait in time for Christmas-for those within the U.S.  Packages mailed late in the day Monday will still get to you by Friday the 23rd.

A number of specific prints are available on Ebay.

A print of any previous painting can be ordered here.

All prints are $20 on canvas, include free shipping and a complimentary refrigerator magnet.

A custom standard 8 by 10 inch portrait with or without pancake would be $150, and can be commissioned by emailing a  photo to faithmouse (@) yahoo {.} com. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obama Christmas Pancake Portrait Art Auction

A portrait of President Barack Obama with a winterish Christmas pancake on his head-

Obama Christmas pancake portrait

Obama Christmas Pancake - Ebay Art Auction

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chris Chan Pancake Portrait Art Auction

A portrait of internet legend Christian Weston Chandler, also known as Chris Chan, Chris-Chan, or simply CWC, with a pancake on his head-

Chris Chan with a pancake on his head

The oncoming demise of the forums at POE set me thinking about Chris and the fact that I had always intended to paint his portrait.

This portrait is for auction on Ebay.

Christian Weston Chandler Chris Chan Pancake Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Doctor Ron Paul Golden Pancake Portrait

Just discovered that the display image, originally posted using bloggeroid, came up AWOL on my Ron Paul Golden Pancake portrait post from earlier this year. It was one of my better pancakes, and not just that but I also neglected to include the painting in my 2011- The Year In Pancakes compilation, an oversight since corrected. With the addition of 'The Paul' and the recent painting of Claire Smyth's taxidermy fox pancake, the 2011 year in review now totals 64 paintings. Mostly of these paintings are of news figures, but a few are of not-quite-as-famous friends and commissions, a handful are cats with pancakes on their heads, and some do not feature pancakes at all but other food products.  Let's say I'm not always in a pancake mood.  A rework of Kenny Hotz's pancake portrait from a few months ago will be included shortly.

Ron Paul Golden Pancake portrait

The original portrait was spoken for, but I've placed a print of 'The Paul' up on Ebay for anyone who may be interested in a last-moment Christmas present.  The prints are $20 on canvas and include a handsome refrigerator magnet of a past painting.  I have a number of select prints listed on Ebay ( and a few originals as well ) but any of my former paintings are available as a canvas art print.

Ron Paul Golden Pancake Portrait - Ebay Art Print

Monday, December 05, 2011

Obama Unicorn Nativity Painting

A new Barack Obama & Penelope the Unicorn painting, celebrating this most special season. This unique piece of art also features Baby Jesus in a manger, who is visibly overwhelmed by the unexpected display of reverence.

This original painting is certain to become a family heirloom for the lucky bidder; unpacked with reverence each holiday season and displayed in a position of honor.

The original of this painting was recently auctioned on Ebay; however-I've made the image available as $20 canvas art print.  Free shipping and a matching refrigerator magnet are included in your order-

Obama Unicorn Nativity Print - Ebay Art Buy-It-Now

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn Christmas Unicorn painting #1

This is my second painting in as many years in the theme of Barack Obama, unicorns, and Christmas.  Last year I posted this painting, which was based upon a childhood memory of when my father, drunk on PM brand liquor and having trouble untangling the Christmas tree lights, decided to stomp them to death instead.

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn Christmas Unicorn painting

The painting above was purchased by a fellow in Argentina.
This painting is in Argentina.

Betty White Christmas Mistletoe Pancake Portrait Art Auction

A portrait of Betty White sporting a mistletoe pancake for Christmas-

Betty White mistletoe pancake portrait

I'll try to add this in the next few days to my 2011- The Year In Pancakes compilation, along with Claire Smyth's portrait from yesterday.

Betty White Mistletoe Pancake Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Claire Smyth Fox Taxidermy Pancake

A portrait of facebook friend Claire Smyth of World Of Kitsch with a fox taxidermy pancake on top of her head-

Claire Smyth fox taxidermy pancake