Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Faithmouse Pro-Life News article

A hat tip to Pro-Life News for posting an article about the cartoon-

Yesterday afternoon before learning of the story I suddenly felt very strongly that I should update my earlier 'Neverstamp' toon, the same image featured in the article, with a variation I had discussed with Stacy Harp of E-Involved at the beginning of the year. When I saw that Pro-Life had picked up on the same image, I recognized it as a sign of confirmation', an 'all system go' signal following a period of searching. I'd shelved the cartoon originally slated for the day (a stinkaroonie, although my heart was in the right place) so although there's a smorgasbord subject matter to choose from, I was still sincerely looking for an image.
Thanks, God! And thanks Pro-Life Blogs.

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