Thursday, September 01, 2005

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, New Orleans

Utterly Surreal: an assessment of Hurricane Katrina by a Baton Rouge Resident -Full Circle Blog at Early Church

The linked post is by faithmouse friend Bill who operates the Early Church Fathers site and who also happens to be a Louisiana resident. This cartoon is part two of two, following up on Monday's toon.

St. Joseph's is a few blocks away from the Dome in New Orleans. According to it's own web site (now offline) St. Joseph's is the largest Catholic Church in the South. The church was designed by Carl Kaiser of Vienna in the Romanesque style, and was built between 1869-1892. The towers were never completed.

My aim with the toon is to pay homage to the Catholic heritage of New Orleans and to show that the spirit of the Church remains a source of salvation. Even though the church itself is Catholic, the message of Christian spiritual refuge extends to all.

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