Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Democratic Christian web site for 'faithful democrats',

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A Howard Donkey toon on the subject of the new 'Faithful Democrats' site. 'FD' was launched by former chairman of the Democratic party David Wilhelm, an action which pretty much goes against Democratic think-tank suggestions earlier in the year that when it comes to matters of faith, Dems would be better off just changing the subject.
I've been experimenting with a little different layout for the blog- just two main posts with a larger main image and less graphic links on the sidebar. Upload time is probably similar to before, but hopefully it makes the site a little more graphically engaging.

Thanks to Nico del Fuego for posting a Chaplain Capodanno toon on ta2dmomma's MySpace page. Abyo at her aLife Xanga site has posted a prayer cartoon from the archives. The Labor Day toon has been posted somewhere in the forum of the oldest school in Poland-Marshal Stanisław Małachowski High School, otherwise known as Małachowianka. Thanks to joncha who in the Eventis forum states that 'faithmouse has got to be the greatest web cartoon in the history of forever'.

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