Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Father Robert Altier Preaching At St. Agnes Drawing

Father Robert Altier preaches at St. Agnes Catholic Church in St. Paul, Minnesota

A drawing of Father Robert Altier, formerly of St. Agnes Catholic Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, and creator of The Fundamentals Of Catholicism series. The drawing was done from a photo, which shows Father Altier preaching at St. Agnes.

Father Robert Altier Drawing- Ebay Auction

Fundamentals Of Catholicism Audio Series - Sonitus Sanctus

I expect our former coadjutor and new Bishop John Nienstedt is waiting until after former Archbishop Harry Flynn, who retired last week, completes the remaining appointments on his official calendar before fully restoring Father Altier to the equivalent or better of his former duties.

I expect that is what he will do. Not a few of us also expect that's what he should.

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