Thursday, July 31, 2008

Joker Ledger

Joker Ledger comic book character

Saint Batman? - Catholic Media Review

A few of the sites and forums recently displaying my paintings and cartoons-

Michi MySpace - Heath Ledger (private)

Mafiacrime - postumous actor painting

Woot - poster claims to be me, is not

South Hills Music - Grimm post-thespian

Roid Free Sim Baseball

Modifikasi - Foreign fans of he who wore clown makeup

Friendster - friend of the Ledger

Capitol Grilling - Pepe McCain cartoon

Playteq - Heath as avatar

thizzmac12's Gaia page - Ganstas For Lyfe

Stiles Forum - Barack Omuppet

xx-Forever-Sleeping-xx Gaia - claims to be me, is not, erases my comment

Crown Commission - Neverborn Return To Sender


Playfire - Gaybear watches Fox News

Destructoid - Former Casanova


Okay Player - Avatar use

Politico - Obama Muppet

MacRumors - post your IPhone wallpaper/i like turtles

QZone - Angel / Amy Winehouse cartoon

Foro de Costa Rica - John McPew

My Space Truth Box

Nasioc - I Like Turtles

Fark - Britney Spears No Underwear, Hillary Clinton Muppet

Low-Bee - Green-haired bat nemesis art

Sodahead - Comic book villian

Brazil360 - evil lipstick lover

SceneTorrents - He who searches for Harvey Dent

Bambini - Purple suited one

Godfather 1 fan

Prefect Josh - Hillary Clinton muppet

Columbus, Ohio racing - Likes turtle painting

Lorain Xanga - Cowboy Joker cartoon

Jappy Lottie82 - Amy Winehouse admonition

Chile Warez - Aussie actor

Metal Gear Solid - Not Caesar Romero

Winniepeg Heights - Also admires turtles

The Furry Monster - Turtlefan

Fbody - Oolong, pancake bunny

Smart Brotha - Barack Obama portrait painting

Something Awful - kitty toon posted in FYAD

Forum-n - Ganstas

Oh No, Ingrid - added link, thanks!

MySpace profile - Cowboy Joker

Sole Collector - That zombie kid


Jeff Jenkins - China Bible/Harry Potter cartoon

Rajah - Oolong

Cafe Mom - Rainbow Neverborn - John McCain / Pepe LePew

Kobason - Barack Muppet

Chosen For Grace - Obama Prays

The Hatch - local forum, joined and then banned

Rock - Pope Benedict XVI German Suplex toon

Wishi - Mitt

Everything Is Better On Fire - Neverborn / Please Be My Valentine

Facebook - Blessed Mother Teresa painting

MySpace Carl FISTorino

Angel City Derby Girls - Faithmouse / Sinners Aren't Winners

Campdoc Invision board - Democratic felt puppet

Best Message Board Ever - Also likes reptiles in shells

MySpace Dicapria - Toy from Illinois

The Delver's Dungeon - Gary Gygax

Ed Schultz - John McPancake

...and fifty others

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