Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton With A Pancake On Her Head

Hillary Clinton with a strawberry pancake on her head

A 5 by 7 inch miniature oil painting of Hillary Clinton with a pancake on her head.

Hillary Clinton With A Pancake On Her Head- Ebay Auction

A few recently discovered plugs, links and posts which I've discovered on various sites-

ViceRoy suggests "sounds like a job for Dan Lacey" in this Digg comment section on the Sarah Palin's Dead Lake article from Salon.

Thanks to Rumproast for the Pancakes! post.

Forums Of Loathing has some nice things to say regarding the paintings. Thanks!

Image posts-

Friendster - Heath Ledger as The Joker

MySpace Emily - John McPancake

Mass Driven - Turtles

David Phelps - God Loves You

Really Off Topic - John McPancake

Milowissig - Added link, thanks!

Fark - Oolong

30 Plus - Pray Continuously

Yay Hooray - Dramatic Prarie Dog

Path Of Destruction - Turtles

MySpace 2PsychoTheSnowClown - Heath Ledger

Tetrabinary LJ - Oprah

Image Comics - Barrack Muppet

Ilxor - Oprah

MySpace - John McPancake

Brewboard - John McPancake

Cloverfield Movie Forum - Heath Ledger

Dr_Thunder_MD - McPancake

BF2S - Obama unicorn

Australiens - Putin pancake

CVO Harley - Obama unicorn

XMike - Obama unicorn

PB Nation - Turtles

Spoony Experiment - Oolong

Journalight - Heath Ledger

International Academy - Cuttlefish cartoon

Filmwelt - Ledger

Stewsday - Obama easel portrait

Anabolic Minds - Turtles

Thoroughbred Chat - John McPancake

Howrse - Eight Belles smiles

-and 24 more

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