Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mädchen The Cat With A Stack Of Pancakes On Her Head

An oil portrait of Mädchen With A Stack Of Pancakes On Her Head

A miniature 4 by 6 inch oil painting of Mädchen the Cat with a stack of pancakes on her head. Not the best pic; the actual painting has much more detail.

This is the very dangerous cat who tries to burn down our home by chewing through electric cords. Mädchen also appears in my upcoming 'Painter of Pancakes' video, a role she acquired by not fleeing the shooting.

Mädchen The Cat With A Pancake On Her Head - Ebay Art Auction

Painter of pancakes

Much nicer kitties Marco and Lucia in a title graphic for the upcoming video.

As for myself, my moment of zen comes from contemplating the mind-stopping work that great American primitive, Faithmouse: - American Digest

Whatever I planned to accomplish this morning, it went right out the window once I found Dan Lacey's "Sarah Palin with a pancake on her head" - Productive Worker's Alternative Reality Blog

After extrapolating all available data and using sophisticated algorithms to process these arrays of data, I can reveal that Dan Lacey is a mother****** nutcase - LiveJournal

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