Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plans For 2010

painting preview for 2010

I've made a commitment to paint larger and more detailed work in 2010. The longest I've ever worked on a painting is a few days; I'm planning to produce at least one piece a month with a time investment of 1-2 weeks. I'll keep posting smaller paintings for Ebay, although I can't say if there will be more or less of those than in 2009. I would think less, but you never know. The larger pieces I won't be able to auction, but I can make high-quality and signed giclee prints available, similar to the work I did for PETA earlier in the year.

For the past few weeks I've tried to decide upon a theme for 2010. I've made a list of possible work, ranging from the pornographic to the political, and the religious, or a combination of the three. Undecided, I reviewed my list and realized I made a list. So I'll just continue as normal.

Singletree Productions has asked me to make a poster for their upcoming S&M Lawn Care. Thanks, Mark-I'll have that for you in a few weeks.

My first detailed large work for 2010 will actually be the Tinsley Mortimer pancake painting from a few months ago. I missed out on having the painting appear on her upcoming CW Network reality show because I couldn't stop working on it. I know Tinsley is dissapointed, but she's getting a three thousand dollar painting for $125. Once she receives the canvas all may be forgiven.

Again, smaller Ebay work will continue into 2010. For New Years Eve I would like to honor with a new pancake portrait WABC Right-Wing talk show host and Mark Levin fill-in Mark Simone, who recently emailed me to let me know that I am an idiot. Mark, it will be a fat pleasure.