Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Repainted Fabric Cat Pancake, Revised Marco Cat Pancake, and A Revised John Boehner Meat Suit Portrait

My wife who is a professional harpist played a few library concerts in upstate Minnesota last week.  Acting as her roadie gave me the excuse to stay offline for a few days and concentrate on finishing a few projects.

A month or so ago I mailed Fabric the Cat's pancake portrait to the wrong address and it disappeared into the ether.  Here's the repainted portrait- 

Fabric the cat with a pancake on his head repainted

I'm sorry to say that my own cat Marco has gotten into some very bad habits lately.  Here he is hiding behind the bathroom door.  He should.  Here's his revised pancake painting-

Marco the cat with a pancake on his head revised

The John Boehner meat suit portait from a few weeks ago, with additional detail- 

John Boehner wearing a suit made out of meat revised