Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dirty Show 12 Angelina Jolie / Obama Unicorn Painting Study Version 2, In Progress 3

Second study of my Dirty Show / Angelina Jolie / Obama Unicorn painting, in progress. Right now my plan is to have both Jolie/Obama studies and one larger finished version of the same for the show. I've been concentrating so completely on these paintings, and also on completing a few commissions, that I haven't had time to post anything new for auction on Ebay.  Hopefully I'll have some new YouTube paintings before too long.

Found some time to respond to newer comments. Out of necessity I had to drop my Echo comment subscription, and by doing so it dropped a load of previous comments from this blog; however, I was able to save a chunk of comments without reference to the original blog posts as an xml file.

A few recent posts or links regarding my paintings which I've discovered in my referrer stats. Thanks to all-  Ugly Betty painting!/fadamariposa/status/19966938444734464!/allegedlysteve/status/10766490152206336  Obama victory unicorn!/teslac0ils/status/19134599032471552  Obama New Year's Unicorn!/KellyMertesdorf/status/22795280097218560!/darrenlund/status/22892268323078145!/TheChainsmokers/status/23062327205044224  Mj nude  Cat hugs teddy bear 1!/ebs231/status/24423458846806016 Hand Of God Baby Bunny Pancake!/iniikim/status/25963079506337792!/pimpiknows/status/25668277594230784!/YoMamaisGood/status/25616016503476224  snookie!/GregandFake/status/26406952686850048!/teslac0ils/status/26002926631653377 MJ umbrella!/catjungle/status/27608423126274048  Socks the cat painting  Palin pancakes!/NefertitiB/status/28084754972676097!/cattleprod/status/28070974532358144!/mikesplain/status/27464346590257152  Sarah Todd pancake portrait  Palin pancake hunter  sexy booty painting!/AngelEFbeliever/status/28965383281057792,mbl_sv:0,rtc_i:79fe982f1fea2d5a&source=og&sa=N&tab=bY&ech=1&psi=atk9Te6yEYH68AbCksnHCA129589911368011&fp=6f3702e5a0d43d66!/tarasyoung/status/29262761909288961!/page1513  Keyboard Cat  Obama Lohan  NSFW

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