Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Portrait Of Justin Bieber With Bacon For Hair

An acrylic and oil portrait of Justin Bieber with bacon for hair-

a portrait of Justin Bieber with bacon for hair

There are three levels of bacon in this portrait; Canadian Bacon-the leanist and therefore healthiest meat representing the original Justin and in a style most evocative of his original haircut; raw slab bacon-representing the processed, Americanized Justin presented 'for sale' but also in a controlled state: and finally-crispy fried bacon, which evokes the chaos inherent in his most recent haircut and perhaps a harbinger of unhealthy but delicious things to come. The scene behind Justin is meant to represent a typical Canadian small town rural factory landscape; the smoke changes from pure white to a dirty grey. Justin's clothing looks more like an Islamic hijab than a hoodie; this is contrasted against the wealth of forbidden meat upon his forehead.  It will be very difficult for Justin as a Christian to continue in his career without succumbing to secular temptations.

Justin Beiber Bacon Hair Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

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