Thursday, July 28, 2011

Casey Anthony Nude Mask Disguise Painting

Ebay removed the listing for my surreal 'Casey Anthony Nude Mask Disguise' painting because in their own explanation Casey's legs are spread in the painting and the image could therefore be taken as salacious. I'm not surprised, as I did receive a number of complaints regarding the painting and I imagine these same people complained to Ebay as well. However, the painting wasn't removed because it was a nude of Casey Anthony, which I thought was pretty keen. Just before the painting was de-listed it was at a high bid of $270 with 76 watchers and four days in the auction to go.

Casey Anthony nude disguise

This is actually a pretty nifty painting.

I relisted the painting as per Ebay's suggestion in the Adult / Art / Paintings category.  You will need to be verified to view the listing, but here it is-

Casey Anthony Nude Mask Disguise Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Tempted to post originals in the adult category as since the last visit a few years ago I now notice they've seemed to have decided to accommodate entirely erotic subject matter judging from the Everything Else > Adult Only > Erotic Art & Nudes > Paintings > Special Interest sub-category which includes suggestions such as 'ass-to-mouth' 'cum-swap' and 'big pussy.'  You go, Ebay!

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