Monday, September 12, 2011

Drew & Mike & Chaz Bono DWTS Unicorn Painting

A painting of Drew and Mike from WRIF in Detroit, along with Chaz Bono and a unicorn. This is the replacement for the Drew / Mike / Casey Anthony painting I tried to get to a few weeks ago but couldn't -

Drew Mike Chaz Bono on an easel

Drew Mike Chaz Bono unicorn painting

Needs a little detailing here and there.  Also not the best studio pic (large painting + studio lights at night) - I'll try to take a better one in sunlight later today.

Thanks to the five people following the painting and bidding before I even had an image in place...

Mike & Drew WRIF Chaz Bono Dancing With The Stars Unicorn Painting - Ebay Art Auction

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