Monday, October 10, 2011

Primo Levi Twittering With Nixon In Ear Tribute Painting

A portrait of Italian chemist and Auschwitz survivor Primo Levi twittering with Richard Nixon in his ear-

Primo Levi tribute painting

Primo Levi is pictured against a red and gold background; the gold behind representing the sepia-toned idyllic youth of his Italian childhood with the red representing both the vitality of his coming accomplishments and the conflict of a world at war. Richard Nixon, emerging from his thoughts, is symbolic of the fact that Primo, like Nixon, was haunted by memory and sought to come to terms with his earlier political trauma with globally achieved personal narrative authorship.

The 21,668 number is a reference to great American League baseball player Jimmy Foxx, who also fought personal challenges and adversity during World War II. Jimmy Foxx was portrayed by Tom Hanks in the 1992 film A League Of Their Own. Jimmy Foxx was born in Sudlersville, Maryland, which has the zip code of 21668. It is also an allusion to the fact that Primo Levi continued to speak proliferously regarding his loss of freedom ( as seen in the mangled 'Twitter' bird icons) and makes the statement that Mr. Levi would make good use of that form of communication today.

Primo Levi Nixon Twitter Tribute Painting - Ebay Art Auction

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