Thursday, June 14, 2012

Male Nude On Bed With Black Cat Art Painting Auction

A painting of a male nude laying on a bed in the company of a black cat-

male nude cat black bed

Painted completely in oil, which I haven't done very much of for the past few years, having turned almost completely to oil. I primed the canvas first in black and then removed some of the flesh color with a dry brush, which helped especially with the modeling of the back muscles.

Four out of my last five paintings have featured a male nude with a black cat; I only deviated for the last painting which ebay pulled because they decided it was either too sexy or too explicit.  This painting should pass the family friendly test just fine since it is only a picture of an ass. And a cat. Madchen has been waking my up every morning for the past week, so perhaps that's where all of this is coming from.

Painting Of A Male Nude Laying On A Bed With A Black Cat- Ebay Art Auction

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