Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 London Summer Olympics Nude British Athletes Paintings, Set #1

I've been painting a new series featuring nude British athletes who are competing in the 2012 London summer Olympics.  Four paintings have been completed so far, one already auctioned.  I added revisions for a few of these pretty late into the auction, so the preview image on their individual ebay page is actually the first draft-

Chris Hoy / Cycling ( Chris is admiring his previous gold medals )-

2012 UK British London Olympics cycling Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy / Cycling - Ebay 2012 Summer Olympics Art Auction


Andy Murray / Tennis ( a few issues identifying with the British versus Scotland)-

2012 UK Scottish Olympics tennis Andy Murray

Andy Murray / Tennis - Ebay 2012 Summer Olympics Art Auction

 Alison Williamson / Archery ( Veteran female Olympian in Madonna -esque accoutrement )-

2012 UK British London Olympics archery Alison Williamson

Alison Williams / Archery - Ebay 2012 Olympics Art Auction


 Phillips Idowu / Archery - ( the athlete embodying corporate sponsorship, in this instance McDonald's ) -

2012 UK British London Olympics triple jumper Phillips Idowu

Phillips Idowu / Triple Jumper - Ebay 2012 London Olympics Painting Auction

I have two new athletes posted, Luke Campbell ( Boxing ) and David Florence ( Canoe Slalom ) to ebay with images to add later today. I'm planning on expanding my UK roster right up until the opening ceremony, and will compliment with additional British and/or notable athletes following.

Thanks to Antebellum Gallery in Los Angeles for adding my Michele Bachmann / John Wayne Gacy painting to their blog.

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