Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 12 12 Painting / Dr. Orly Taitz Oral Twinkie Birth Ice-T Obama Unicorn Coco Painting, Ebay Art Sponsored by George Soros

UPDATE - The new Orly has been pulled by Ebay because of what they claim is a  overly suggestive Twinkie. They inform me that I am welcome to repost the painting in the adult-only category, but I am undecided. Most people aren't aware that when you sell things in the 'adults only' category on Ebay, it prohibits ( from where I am, in the US ) anyone from outside of the US and Canada from bidding, so if I was to do so it would prevent many of the people who collect my paintings from bidding. I'm taking the opportunity in the meantime to do some revisions on the painting; just color areas I'm not completely happy with and not any self-censoring.  
I've spoken to George regarding this matter, and he informs me that he would be happy to purchase the painting outright ( he had originally sponsored the original listing, covering the 10 cent listing fee ) but it is the principal of the thing which most concerns me.  Ebay won't say if a complaint led to the removal, but considering the fact that Orly continues to cite me in her anti-Obama legal filings, I suspect that this may indeed be the case.  

Thanks so much to Greek billionaire and continuing Democratic party shadow master George Soros who recently personally sponsored this new portrayal of famed 'Birther Queen' Dr. Orly Taitz, which I have titled
12 12 12.

  George Soros sponsored Dr. Orly Taitz 12 12 12 art painting

In my painting, the winged head of Dr. Taitz gives oral birth to a Hostess Twinkie, which in turn births a nude President Barack Obama as Ice-T who strides his model wife Coco who is anthropomorphically presented as a pretty unicorn.  The T's have pancakes.

As with my previous Orly's, this painting is currently available for auction on Ebay.

Thanks to the Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Committee, which cites me as point III in their recent 'Responsive Brief Supporting Motion For Judgment On The Pleadings.'

I may still do a little more work on the above.  I had originally intended this as an online decoration for the coming Mayan apocalypse, before George suggested that it would make a swell 12 12 12 painting ( note the Mayan style hairdo.)  I may add a flaming meteoric pancake or two, possibly.

Orly Taitz Ice-T Obama Coco Unicorn Twinkie 12 12 12 Painting - Ebay Art Auction

For those not aware of the backstory-Dr. Orly Taitz is a major Tea Party figure who is primarily known as 'The Birther Queen' and has for years attempted to harass President Barack Obama via legal filings challenging his citizenship status. She believes he was born in Kenya.  A few years ago I began to paint a series of what I call my Orlys which I have periodically auctioned on Ebay. Dr. Taitz continues to threaten me with subpoena and/or include me in her legal filings (she believes Greek billionaire and Democratic party supporter George Soros secretly funds my artwork, in order to embarrass her and cause her to lose elections, for example, her failed attempt to capture the position of California Secretary of State.) George says I should keep the nature of our secret relationship to myself, but sometimes the truth just sort of slips out.



  1. Brilliant!
    Orly’s going to hate it! LOL

  2. Is that a tear rolling down Orly's cheek?

  3. She has got my vote.

  4. That is just a brilliant painting :)