Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Nude Shower Painting, Painted By His Eminence And Inspired By The Painterly Stylings Of George W. Bush

This is the auction of a painting entrusted to me by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, who, much influenced by the reflective canvas stylings of President George Bush II, decided to immediately embark upon the pleasures of his imminent abdication, and therefore in his weakness endured to put brush to canvas, capturing here a permanent acknowledgement of his humility but in the process of being cleansed of all impurity. Revenue raised from this auction will go to the Pope's private kitty to purchase canvas and paint for future artistic endeavors and also for arthritis medication and perhaps cat toys or to get his piano tuned.

  George Bush nude painting

Larger image - Pope Benedict Shower Painting, As Inspired By President George W. Bush

Thanks today to The Huffington Post for their Dan Lacey 'Pancake Painter' Explains Bizarre Obama Paintings And Conservative Roots.

Pope Benedict Shower Nude Painting - Ebay Art Auction

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