Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Male Nude With Pancake Applique

A painting of a male nude, with the addition of a removable pancake applique.

male nude reclining pancake painting

male nude pancake applique

After painting and auctioning many dozens of paintings of myself nude on Ebay, and selling these very personal works to collectors all around the world, I am still asked the question Dan, where is the pancake in this painting? In response to this query I have invented the Nude Pancake Painting Applique-a device which I expect may/could be assimilated by fellow artists who may also be haunted by the lack of breakfast items in similar semi-erotic presentations.

Even better yet, The Nude Pancake Painting Applique will enable holders of such representations to display their pieces with or without a pancake.  No more shall owners of such works wonder "will this nude look better with a pancake?" because the answer will be readily at hand-and, if by chance the answer is no, can rest at ease knowing that the addition of a pancake lies always at the ready.

The pancake applique resides in a handsome carrying case, which should be found convenient if the owner wishes to experiment with adding pancakes to paintings in galleries or museums.

The unpancaked version of this painting may be found on my photostream on Flickr.

Thanks to Male Art : Nude for the recent post of my Frontal Nude painting.

Male Nude With Pancake Applique Painting - Ebay Art Auction

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