Monday, July 22, 2013

Geraldo Rivera Nude Selfie Painting / Remote Control Problems

Geraldo Rivera, who spends much of his time nude around the house when he isn't tweeting selfies, has been kind enough to send me a number of other untweeted casual photos of himself from which he would like me to create paintings (the 'photo' thing is over he tells me and he would prefer artistic depictions from this point out). Geraldo would like to assure his fan base that he doesn't spend all of him time taking cellphone pics in front of the bathroom mirror-

Geraldo Rivera nude tweet selfie

Larger Geraldo Rivera Naked Selfie painting.

The above painting is of Geraldo having remote control problems. He knows that one of the controls is for the television but is beside himself trying to figure out which one. Boy, do I know what that's like.  Good luck with that!

I'm currently considering a number of other intriguing Geraldo pics for the next painting in the series. I prefer one of Mr. G. searching for change under the cushion of an arm chair and he discovers an old Coca-Cola bottle instead. Another for his collection!

This is an 8 by 10 inch acrylic painting on a sheet of canvas. It is mailed securely in a hand crafted foamboard mailer. Shipping is at cost.


A second painting of Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera naked and hanging around the house, this time lounging with his cat Florence-

 Fox News personality Geraldo naked with kitty cat

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