Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A Painting Of Bill Nye The Science Guy and Creationist Ken Ham Debating Pancakes Versus Bacon & Eggs For Breakfast

A painting of Bill Nye The Science Guy and creationist Ken Ham debating the merits of pancakes versus bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Ken Ham Bill Nye debate

Bill Nye / Ken Ham Pancakes Vs Bacon & Eggs Debate Painting - Etsy


Thanks to Romanian Ionut C. Puerava for the repost of my Bill Nye art.

Thanks as well to the Survivor Sucks forum for reposting my Creationist vs Atheism painting.

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  1. Of course, since I have only watched the Network News (a.k.a. Religious Authority approved Skippy Goebbels) report, I don't have that much info. I will not watch the entire debate until I'm gettin' as much money and/or publicity as Nye & Ham got.

    However, for Bill Nye to represent an Atheist POV...well.....I ain't viewed anything like that since Neville Chamberlin got back from Berlin.

    You don't get on PBS without being Religious Authority approved, TOO!

    BTW Blueberry pancakes, yum!