Sunday, September 07, 2014

Mike McFadden Asks Me To Debate Him, And I Accept

Fellow Minnesotan Mike McFadden, who is challenging incumbent Al Franken for his seat in the US Senate, has invited me to debate. I accept.

Mike McFadden debate offer tweet

No, Mike, that isn't how I feel.  Al may ignore you, but I won't.  I refuse to tune you out.

As an announced candidate since last October, I proudly accept your offer.

Earlier this year, Politico declared that I was poised to become the Internet's favorite politician. As a web-savy candidate, I wish to compliment you for tweeting your offer and in this way fully embracing the medium.

For a US Senatorial candidate to make an offer to debate a candidate for the US House is unprecedented, and I would say, on your part, brilliant. You have leaped far above the cavernous partisan divide. May your gesture be an example to the rest of the nation that Minnesotans aren't bound by party or precedent.

As a candidate from the Pancake Independence Party, I look forward to discussing with you in the public forum the state of breakfast and what we as concerned citizens may do to better support morning's most satisfying food.

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