Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Taylor Swift Pancakes

A portrait of Taylor Swift with pancakes on top of her head. Painted last weekend.

The stumps in the background are of pop stars past or becoming.  I may revise one stump to demonstrate that it is in the process of forming.

The double pancakes represent Taylor's two album of the year Grammy awards.

It seems as if I am cleaning my coffee maker every two weeks now.

I very much doubt that Hitler had a micropenis. 

My ideal weight is supposed to be 165 pounds so I would like to lose at least another three pounds by Saturday.  That would put me only five pounds above my goal weight.

I worked on this painting for about an hour at a McDonalds in Inver Grove Heights. 

I would like to start a painting called Infant Of Pancakes for Lent, but I need a photo of an infant to look at.  That, or an infant.

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