Monday, February 26, 2018

Hope Hicks / Rob Porter Accidental Shiner Pancake Portrait

Hope Hicks Rob Porter Black Eye Trump Dark Pancake

My portrait of US White House communications director Hope Hicks, wearing a dark pancake and a tiny red MAGA ( Make America Great Again ) baseball hat, and also sporting a current boyfriend / former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter spouse-style shiner. In keeping with the spirit of Rob's denial of spousal abuse, the black eye in this portrait is completely accidental.

This is an 18 by 24 inch acrylic portrait on canvas board.  Thanks to local photographer Billy Briggs for salvaging these canvases previously used for community school use for my reuse. He dumpster dived them. I am grateful. I still owe him at least 2 paintings for the 40 or so free canvases. They were covered in tempera paint but washed off easily.

I started this painting a few months ago but knew it hadn't arrived so sat on it, figure of speech. Recent events brought it out again.  My hope was that this would be a funny painting. It is just a painting.

Hope Hicks Rob Porter Accidental Shiner Pancake Portrait - Etsy

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