Friday, March 10, 2006

Communion With Ted

Ted Kennedy Catholic cartoon

Click cartoon for larger image. Largest.

This is a revision of the sketch posted yesterday morning, which I rediscovered in an older graph paper pad while searching for a blank sheet to draw on. It was only a sketch, so I threw two hours of detail at it during the day using some of the newer nifty drawing implements I recently purchased at our wonderful Wet Paint.

Take it as a commentary on the recent Catholic House Democrat's 'Statement of Principles.'

Been awfully busy (which includes finally printing and mailing those Pro-Life Blogs and other cartoons I've promised to people over the course of the past, oh, twenty years) so I haven't taken the time to scour my list of referrers for new posts and links.

Here, though, are acknowlegement of some of the un-profane-

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