Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Krazy Konvert

Click cartoon for larger image. Largest.
Group Says Rahman One of Thousands Awaiting Death Sentence for Accepting Christ - Agape Press

Had a lot of fun with this one. I saved the larger versions for the web with a purposefully lower resolution so they'd have a little of that older 'CMYK' newsprint look.

I've traded a few emails with Gail Nobles, who has a very creative and original collection of spiritual cartoons posted at her Little Benny site. Gail brings the world of Little Benny to life by way of illustration, animation and sound. Gail has created an engaging personal ministry, one which I think African American youth in particular may recognize themselves in and find inspirational.

This is one popular cartoon, judging from how regularly it shows up in adult oriented forums. The cartoon is a parody of the Hunter S. Thompson post suicide party, a highbrow private affair complete with champagne, fireworks and the graces of Johnny Depp, John Kerry and George McGovern. I've taken some time to revise the cartoon, which includes giving Faithmouse a new expression and making the McGovern/Eagleton button and John Paul II's The Place Within a little more readable. Well, perhaps not as readable here as it is in the forever hypothetical print version.

I've neglected my hat-tipping (trying to follow Salvage's advice and produce more toons and all that) but here are a few kudos-to SuaSponte for posting the recent Hillary cartoon in a forum at Debate Net as well as to Dog10025 for the post of same at our local Twin Cities forum. Thanks to Karen for her plug of faithmouse on Karen's Korner. New links include New Media Journal (under 'blogs and commentary sites,) Northland Catholic, Memphis, etc, Link Filter, The O! Antiphons, and The Earthen Vessel. Blogs for Terri has posted a Terri Schiavo toon from last year, which reminds me that the anniversary of Terri's murder is this Friday. A memorial illustration is in process.

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