Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy Day

Father Robert Altier, Archbishop Harry Flynn, and St. Agnes Catholic church in St. Paul, Minnesota cartoon series

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Roxanne Palmer, editorial cartoonist at The Brown Herald posted this comment a few weeks ago on this site, in response to my open query as to whether I should introduce a liberal perspective into the cartoon-

If you introduced a 'Christian progressive' character that represented thoughtful, intelligent rationale for a liberal mindset, that's fine and dandy. I also think it would make for an interesting dialogue.

And at this point in the story arc, it would probably be easy to add another cast member to the crew as we've met many new ones recently, and it's clear that many of the characters have changed. However, I hope it's not going to just be slapping a crucifix on Ms. Star-Mole.

If it's your own personal desire to explore other viewpoints, I heartily endorse it. You shouldn't feel obligated to assuage the hurt feelings of Internet trolls, though. It's not like there's a shortage of liberal cartoonists.

It'll be interesting to see how this turns out- this moves faithmouse away from the traditional 'political cartoon' format, which has always been rooted in propaganda and one-sidedness.

I say go for it, since you seem to like the idea. Then, if you find that it's not a useful concept, then drop it.

Roxanne's comment about not slapping a crucifix on Ms. StarMole sort of stuck on me. Even though I've never agreed with the character politically, I sort of like her. She has nerve. So many characters have changed since Timothy A. Bear fell asleep for two years-why not Ms. StarMole as well?

So I've slapped her not with a crucifix, but an ankh. Ms. StarMole the uber-atheist has done the unfathomable; she has found Christ, and is now a quite active lay member of the uber-liberal St. Jean of Snark. She has also, as you may notice from the small triangle pin on her vest, come quite boldly out of the closet.

Gaybear changed to Francis by way of personal religious revelation, not as the result of being prostelized by any of the other characters. I'll extend the same respect on this issue to Ms. StarMole as well.

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