Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lord How Time Flies

Click for larger image. Largest.

I may do some revisions on this page in the future, but for now let's call this completed.

The 'Phat' poll results, with just under 100 votes, are as follows-
It's inappropriate. Please put some underwear on that mouse! 43.2%
I hope future cartoons have even stronger adult themes. 15.9%
I thought it was perfect. Don't change a thing! 40.9%

How I would read this poll is that more than half are in favor of the same or stronger content. I purposefully didn't define 'adult' content, just to see how many voters would be willing to allow me every inch of rope necessary to either hang myself or produce better work.
I believe the above full page cartoon is indicative of where I'd like to go with the strip. I've been commenting in secular, sometimes hostile forums as of late, and I know some people feel I'm doing so as a way of reaching out to the unsaved. I'm not. I'm not on a secret mission to convert the unwashed; as a matter of fact, these former critics of my work are helping me much more than I could ever help them. I've come to the conclusion there's a great disparity between what I believe, as an ideal, and the person I actually am. I haven't lost any of my conservative, Christian principles-I've just faced the reality that I'm a much bigger sinner than any of my critics.
The material which I believe some people may now find unacceptable in this cartoon is meant to display and explore the flaws of my characters. This is what I mean by 'honesty'. The by-product of this might turn out to be humor. Faithmouse the cartoon would benefit from a lot more humor.
In related news, I've decided the 'Da Vinci Code' cartoon would benefit from an appearance by both Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican Kitty. God willing, I'll have that posted by early Friday morning, sometime just before sunrise.

We have tulips!

We also have cardinals, nesting right outside our front door. Here's a peek inside their nest-

I dutifully removed their first nest (we also have cats, right inside our front door.) The nest reappeared a few days later, complete with the three eggs you see above. So, we're resigned to cardinals. A blessing really, provided we can keep them out of the cats.

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