Saturday, October 21, 2006


Internet Addiction, nothing is more important than you
Click above to view larger image. Largest.

Another pencil sketch cartoon, drawn on the back of a postcard.

A few months ago I posted that I was returning to the time period before Faith married Blackbear and started a family. These current cartoons cover more ground regarding Faith and Timothy's relationship, Augustine the Cat before he became Father Augustine, Gaybear before he became Francis, Ms. StarMole before she joined Saint Joan of Snark's Catholic Church.
These sketches aren't finished cartoons, but I think they can help me to produce more work.

The toon above was drawn whole on a 4x6" card, without any Photoshop manipulation. In the previous Thomas Sowell / John Cleese toon, I drew the lettering separately on graph paper and pasted it on top of the drawing.
The problem I've had with drawing this small is that when cheap automatic pencil leads wiggle, it matters. Therefore, I'm using a very hard wiggleproof HB graphite pencil. Also, it's difficult to erase very tiny lines without destroying the detail you'd like to keep. If a faint line isn't in the way, I just leave it.