Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Protecting Your Right To Shut The #@* Up!

Stop The ACLU, Protecting Your Right To Shut The #@* Up!
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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

Thanks to las47032 for including the recent Stop The ACLU / Holes In The Argument toon in a thread at Fighting The Ben Hollingsworth posts our current regularly updating Jesus.jpg toon within a post regarding Christian Ubuntu ( on his Ben's Blogs. Pabloalphons posts a Faithmouse / Neverborn cartoon as his definition of soul. Ray at our own Stella Borealis: Northland Catholic Roundtable has included faithmouse in his list of Regional Bloggers who post frequently: Oct 27. Thanks to BiTTeR_IvY for adding our cartoon to her BiTTeR_IvY LiveJournal page. Somewhere in this Polish Fonda forum is a post of Thanks to Miguel Vaz for posting the Neverborn / Delivery Refused, Return To Sender cartoon on his Portugese Anti Aborto. Rachel Weaselbooger on LiveJournal posts Bat*** insane right-wing cartoonist Dan Lacey weighs in on the MJF stem cell controversy and links back to the faithmouse forum at Portal Of Evil. Derek Michael Lenz has the Vote Christ 2006 toon posted on his Ruckmanite777av.livejournal. Thanks to PUNKTUAXION superr in Luxembourg for using the Neverborn / Ave Domini 2006 toon as the background image on her PUNKTUAXION superr Friendster page.

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