Saturday, March 31, 2007

Border Security

Democrat and Republican position on border security

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

I'll have the completed cartoon posted in the morning, along with a sketch for an additional dialogue-less version of this Sunday's Stop The ACLU toon. I'll decided later in the day on Saturday which cartoon to complete and post.

I haven't been feeling very appreciative of the Republican party for the past few years. The closer we move towards Giuliani becoming a lock as the nominee, the more social conservatives should consider jumping ship to the Constitution Party or elsewhere.

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The Republican Party is a lighthouse leading the way towards disaster. It may be able to hold onto the Presidency by benefit of Hillary's huge negatives, but by electing Giuliani it will forfeit whatever is left of its soul, and sell out every interest of social conservatives in the process.

A strong Constitution Party may be able to field decisive swing votes in the stalemate between left and 'Faux-Right,' and gain much more for conservatives than an allotted pittance in their current role as elephant stable boy of the Republican Party.

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