Friday, May 11, 2007

I Am City Pages BESTEST Ingrate!

I may have lost my 'Best Right-Wing Blogger' award to The Cucking Stool (auctioned off to the highest bidder fair and square by City Pages for $22.50) but I doubt another fellow RWBlogger is going to be able to match my new Best Ingrate title, an award I'm much prouder of than the previous. Try that, Nihilist!

City Pages editors and readers shouldn't take my now closed Ebay auction personally. If you go through the archives of this blog, you'll see that as soon as I make some headway amongst my 'own' crowd, I'll go and post a cartoon which challenges (threatens to alienate) many of my own fans. More than one very conservative person who discovers faithmouse and thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread has returned here one morning and discovered a cartoon of naked mice and moles jumping into ice water holding hands. Faithmouse is art and I do whatever entertains me, on the assumption that might entertain others as well. I think that's one reason why CP originally chose my blog in the first place. I think.

I need to pick up another dozen copies of the latest CP just because they put into real printed words that I'm an outspoken moralist. Those tear sheets may help to get me invited to the RNC next year.

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