Thursday, May 03, 2007

Neverborn / Bumpa Yo Rumpa 4 Lyfe!

Neverborn pro-life cartoon, bumpa yo rumpa 4 lyfe!

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

Revised version of this morning's cartoon.

Intended as a second President Bush / Neverborn cartoon playing off the same theme as yesterday's Bump Your Rump For Life!, but Neverborn seems to get the point across just fine here on his own.

Minnesota Monitor posts regarding our current Ebay auction of the City Pages award in their Some gratitude post.

Thanks to Swiftee at Pair o' Dice (also known as Restraining Order) for his post titled Best use of a worthless accolade from a two bit lefty rag. Swiftee has some nice words to say as well in the comments section of City Pages own competing auction at The Blotter: Putting a Price on Best of. All the best to City Pages; they've actually got the original award up for bid, but bidders please bear in mind that I'm offering for sale the commission of original artwork, as the category of my Ebay auction clearly states. Also, I could really, really use the $666 dollars. Hey, liberals; support the arts! While we're on the subject of art, City Pages commentor Avidor who also posts at Dump Michelle Bachmann creates the following image from my artwork-

image created by Avidor at Dump Michelle

-and posts it at this Comics Journal thread. Don't think I've had any exposure at CJ, so thanks for the post. Planet Preterist had some comments in 2005 regarding that John Paul II / Terry Schiavo toon. By the way, here's the finished Corpus Christi cartoon.

Spot at the cucking stool posts secular scripture referencing the stealing/selling of a 'good name' and adds 'Faith Mouse' as a technorati tagword. Didn't want to appear rude but I should mention that the name of my cartoon as it appears in the City Pages print article and web site is incorrect; it's always been faithmouse. I recommend adding the single word usage to your dogtags, Spot-it's more widely linked.

Thanks to St. Paul at Fraters Libertas for his Love For Sale post.

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